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  1. This is surreal. I’m going to a GF in Perf that my beloved Demons are playing in. Giddy up!! 🔴🔵💪
  2. Humble comments by Goodwin that aren’t unexpected but I really think without Burgess, Choco and Ooze we’d not be where we are or Goodwin is today. The sum of all Parts indeed.
  3. Week long forecast showing next Saturday in the mid 20’s and barely a puff of wind. Ideal weather. 😎
  4. I heard he left Monday training hobbling and someone said it could be a knee. Didn’t want to say anything until the club did. Phew 😮‍💨
  5. I’m really sorry team. Not braving the weather today …..and work has got in the way.
  6. Which to be fair and pragmatic, a young bloke with a hot girl won’t even be thinking about his contract. If he splits with the girl he could be gone!
  7. I guess you don’t have to revisit this thread again until after the 26th of this month. Cheers
  8. I wouldn’t say that with such a definitive answer. The back line has been fine without him. Joel Smith has speed and other attributes Hunt does not. Bowey has buckets more footy nous and skills and will likely play a GF in his 7th game. I like Hunt but wouldn’t be against the trade value he offers to be packaged up in an attempt to bring in a silky player like Cerra.
  9. Ticketmaster stuck on loading WTF
  10. Hey peeps, if you still have a P1 barcode and don’t want to hand to any of the blow ins of late I’ll happily do it justice with a seat beside myself. PM if so. Cheers
  11. Sorry mate but I wasn’t focused on that. 😂
  12. We’re in a granny - in Perf. Please don’t wake me from this dream.
  13. Just home. smasjed holy shot great result. chicken noodles you are mine! 🔴🔵 love you peeps. 😘
  14. Well I don’t think there’s going to be 12000 members in WA or SA or even the NT combined that have a GFG membership hardtack. Bit I know I do and I’m relying on that to not only get me a seat but a bloody good one at that! All these vultures coming on the forum circling for a barcode is pissing me off. I don’t want to be competing with them when the Ticketmaster starters gun fires ‘should we make it’. The Prelim is a different story with ticketing but the GF is deserving of those that have paid many years of GFG membership - not to have it potentially diluted by others with no emotional attachment to the club. I say stick it to anyone who isn’t known to any member of this forum. Jog on.
  15. Scalping laws finally passed in WA today. Any on-selling of tickets will be capped at 10% margin or be liable for a fine of $20,000! If there is anyone in WA who trawls sites for profiteering of this type of scenario I hope you feel like the dhead you are. 🖕🏻
  16. How long can we wait? I’m so 50/50 on Weed particularly after Choco gave him a pump up. You’d have to take that alone as a very good reason to stick it out a bit longer. We’re not in contention draft wise to pluck a King twin like power forward any time soon. If he wants to play in a team that going to challenge for a few more years to come he stays and works harder than ever before. If he wants to walk into a middle to lowly ranked club and play games immediately he leaves.
  17. 18 in the bag for me all up Thanks to Uncle Bitter for half of those numbers. 🔴🔵💪
  18. Nah mate. I’m on their mailing list but don’t attend functions. Plus when I dance on tables I’m that drunk I’m usually in the nude.
  19. The greatest cover of this song ever and an apt tune for this time of our journey.
  20. He does other articles you know…
  21. It’ll be a challenge but not impossible. Dangerfield nominated Geelong in 2015 and was traded for the Cats picks 9 and 28 and got Dean Gore who has since moved on after hardly striking a blow. I’m not nominating any of our current listed players to form part of a package that bundled up with multiple draft picks over multiple years could amount to something of reasonable worth to the Dockers. But as with Crows, worth is calculated up front but value is only realised afterwards.
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