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  1. I reckon we'll try, it's just whether there are any takers. Wonder if he'll also get the nickname Woey.
  2. Good to read that Lockhart might get another gig at GWS. https://www.sen.com.au/news/2021/10/27/delisted-demon-set-to-be-offered-afl-lifeline
  3. I guess the recent positive press is good news that we might get a decent player and bad news that we might need to use a higher pick/points on him. I wonder if his ranking is now in the 40-60 range.
  4. Thanks, I know you normally have good mail.
  5. Gus sounded like he'd had a few cigars 😁
  6. I was wondering myself so did a bit of googling. Looks like 42cm x 52cm https://www.theaflstore.com.au/products/melbourne-demons-2021-premiers
  7. He wasn't an NGA. Maybe you're thinking of Deakyn Smith who was an NGA? I only say that because for some stupid reason thought that Deakin Pereira had changed his name to become Deakyn Smith (they seemed to be at the club at similar times) and only just realised this reading this thread!
  8. If the AFL wanted to bring in NGA restrictions then the fairest thing to do would have been to not bring in the 'can't bid in the first 20 picks rule' but instead allow clubs to only be allowed to take advantage of the rule once. After about 5 years the draft would no longer be compromised. So for example Collingwood and the Bulldogs can't get another player this way because they've had their turn. Seems unfair that due to timing those clubs get to take advantage of the rule but others miss out.
  9. Thought this thread was going to be about Kozi...
  10. I think with all our recent re-signing, we're struggling for lift spots in the draft, let alone delisted free agents..
  11. Wonder how that compares with the hundreds of others that have broken the border rules. Not that I don't think they should be penalised but they're probably being made an example of...
  12. If Tassie come into the AFL it wouldn't be for at least 5 years...
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