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  1. I think we'd find it tough to get over the line to Tiges or Port though. Still, could catch them on a bad day in a final....
  2. He must be happy he's not at Collingwood dealing with their mess.
  3. Not that it's a lot of money but as a matter of principle the $3.15 service fee isn't supposed to be charged (according to the Pies membership department anyway!)
  4. Ok I sent a cranky email (was going to cc Gary Pert guessing at his email address but I resisted) and it worked, as they just emailed me my barcode with an apology. Good stuff. Now just need a good match on Saturday!
  5. Thanks, I've logged into that page but it's just blank in the barcode section and says contact club. The issue is I have MCC as well and so paid the $220 to upgrade to dual Premium MCC/MelbFC membership so this year I can sit with friends who only have MFC membership (other years I could just walk from MCC to sit in general admin with friends but because of COVID you can't do that anymore). I should have just forked out the $239 for the Dees membership. I'll get the barcode eventually but it's just a pain they can't email it to me within 5 days, bit of a joke.
  6. Hi, I signed up last week and was told I'd be emailed by barcode yesterday. I didn't receive an email so called today on the main membership number. I read the horror stories on this page about not getting called back so decided to just stay on hold until I spoke to someone. However after 40 minutes of hearing hold music there was new audio saying please leave a message - but then another message saying you are unable to leave a message as the mailbox is full. Any advice/other numbers I can call? If I don't get the barcode this afternoon I won't be able to sit with my friends who ar
  7. "Melbourne has two spots open and may add Next Generation Academy prospect Deakyn Smith to its training squad from January." Hard to know if afl.com.au have actually heard anything or they're just speculating...
  8. Maybe after we interviewed Holmes recently he blabbed to his friends and the secret got out. Not necessarily our fault.
  9. Bit of a surprise with the Roos going for Will Philips
  10. This video clip says he's eligible in 2021... It says it in the last 5 seconds after saying he wants to wear a Freo jumper! https://www.fremantlefc.com.au/video/232457/we-are-looking-for-consistency-lyon?videoId=232457&modal=true&type=video&publishFrom=1563329147001
  11. If the AFL decide in the future to reduce players on the field which positions could they realistically get rid of?
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