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  1. I reckon if the club had a similar poll on Demonlanders, there would be few left here to post at season's end. Ridiculous thread.
  2. This is very very boring. Move on and stop wining.
  3. Yes. Gys would be wise to chain himself to Jones and one or two others from October to March. Do the hard training they do. Build up his body and tank and learn, learn, learn off them.
  4. Let's get Bruce, Ooze and Cheney back as well! As the Blues Bros said... we're getting the band back together.
  5. I thought he recently re-signed with GC? Two years, wasn't it. Why would he do that and then leave?
  6. Apart from a couple of $100k per year (remember he's being offered $800k by the Filth, more by Freo and prob about the same by the Poos), why the hell would Cloke even think about coming to Melbourne? Been near the bottom for years, likely to stay there, just breaking even from donations, list full of very average kids, train next to the Filth and attract 15 people and a couple of sea gulls to each game. Given his FA options, I doubt it.
  7. That's a lot of money we are allegedly offering. Hope he's worth it, because what we need most is experienced, quality MIDFIELDERS. Anyone for Sewell, Chappy, Goddard or Montagna? Imagine if we picked up 2 or 3 of these..... *drools down chin*
  8. I'd like you to contribute something worthwhile for a start.
  9. I agree with what you say WJ. However, we have not been able to develop some of these young players as we hoped. There are only one or two exceptions to this, Howe and Chip come to mind. We would honestly (and debatably) struggle to get 5-6 players capable of being in the best 22 of the top 8 clubs ATM. They get repeatedly injured or they simply do not make it at senior level. We have been extremely poor at developing players to expected potential for at least the last 6 years - and that is a big hole in the life of a team's list. Perhaps some of our picks have been wrong. Perhaps we have had
  10. At the moment we have no specialist key forward playing forward on the park. Not that I ever wanted Dawes, but I do want SOMEONE who can kick a goal.
  11. So then no, it's not near the same as the Hunt stomp.
  12. Errrr, have you heard of the blood rule? Any idea why that was introduced?
  13. Being sent straight to the tribunal sounds way more serious than the usual ridiculous formula they go by. Completely dumb thing to do. Hard to defend this one, if true. AFL seems to enjoy making an example of these types of uncouth actions.
  14. We coulda worn gloves, high heels, tuxedo, tutu and a top hat and it would make no difference at the moment...
  15. It is a significant bonus clause in a lot of players contracts. But, hey, you just like the red carpet,
  16. Yes. Different footballer, but it's too early to give up on Beamer.
  17. Hard at it, footy his objective, athletic leap... Can we get him?
  18. How many other young ruckmen take fresh air shots when lining up to kick a goal?!!! Having said that, we just don't know what will become of Spencer. He is certainly a hulking lad who gives 110%. That tackle a couple of weeks ago was a ripper. And he works hard to get in front at the contest. Very slow, though. With more patience, more games and more coaching, he might prove he can play. ATM, I don't think he will be worth anything much at the trade table. I suspect Stef Martin might be worth more - has played more games and shown he can do well as a no1 ruck. Most of us wanted Jamar axed 5 or
  19. Quite a few of the rising star winners have/are turning out to not fully live up to their promise. Pearce, Kosi, Rich, Palmer and (to some) Jared Rivers. Pass.
  20. On a side note, Nate's little brother was 14 at the time. Anyone know if he's in the footy system and what he's like as a player?
  21. Yes, but it depends on who and how many Neeld wants to turn over. May not be the issue if he wants to clear a large number, as Harrington has indicated. But you are on the money with wanting to upgrade picks.
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