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  1. Essendon are my most hated team but I like Zac Merrett as a player and I like that he has stuck with his mates. Will finish as a one team player and that is to be admired I reckon
  2. Time for the Weid Hail Mary. Chuck him down back in the VFL and see if he can have a Liam Jones/Darcy Moore transformation
  3. Could be argued that Saints are having our 2019. Finals the year before and then talked up big by the media. Come into the year chock full of expectations and then have an unmitigated run of bad luck through injuries. Confidence is shot. I reckon they will bounce back in ‘22. Ratten can coach.
  4. I like Maynard but I believe bolstering our midfield is more of a priority
  5. I love players like Hibberd and Jeremy McGovern. They remind me of park footballers who have wandered into an AFL game and have a kick for fun. As others have said he comes across as a good bloke. Great his knickname is Pig. Antithesis of the robotic Tom Scully style footballer.
  6. I have no concerns about what the club has agreed to financially with Tayla. She will, no doubt, easily make that back to the club in sponsorship dollars. Like others though I am a bit concerned about what she offers on the field. She was an ‘elite’ player when the competition started but the new generation of forwards coming through are faster, better below their knees and have a higher footy IQ. Having said that I regard us as a big club in the women’s game who consistently makes good decisions. I trust that they know what they are doing. Go Tayla. Go Dees!
  7. Think Harmes would be furiously sticking pins into his Viney voodoo doll. Not sure what roll James would have once Jack is back.
  8. Trent has gone from ‘riotously celebrating’ West Coasts prelim win in 2018 to playing an integral part in the side they beat. You have to love the stuff life deals up.
  9. We take a lot of shots from the pockets, it is how we play the game. It would be nice to have a higher goal kicking percentage but then we are 10-1 so it isn’t killing us either.
  10. A Collingwood supporting friend who is down on his team at the moment, just said that the advice to the crowd to duck away from the ball was the same game plan Buckley is telling his players.
  11. Great podcast boys, thanks. Also thanks to @binman for the First Crack on Kayo recommendation. It’s my new favourite footy program. It is brilliant to see that wide down the ground video. Much easier to see how all the parts of the machine work together. And work they do. Also easy to see how it would fall apart if just one player wasn’t doing their part. That sort of commentary is the antithesis of B.Ts inane nonsense
  12. Given Daniher’s connection to both Melbourne and Essendon I’ve always thought the best fit for the MND game was when we play the Bombers. That game is still 3.5 weeks away and is already a night match at the G. Would it not be relatively simple to move to then?
  13. Excellent interview with Nibbler.. I didn’t know he was told last year he could look around for other opportunities. He goes onto to say how he dealt with that and how, this year, he is in the leadership group. Along with his mum he loves our club. I love that he is in career best form If you are interested the guts of the interview starts around 31.50 https://www.melbournefc.com.au/video/950239/gus-and-gawny-alex-neal-bullen?videoId=950239&modal=true&type=video&publishFrom=1622541600001
  14. There’s a sentence you don’t see too often
  15. Thanks for your updates Dee’s in October. It is appreciated
  16. Bevo on Melbourne Even though we had 7 or 8 more inside 50’s they were by far the better team Melbourne constantly put themselves in good positions We were expecting at some point to get a run on, we have been able to out-work sides but, credit to Melbourne, tonight they had most of the bases covered It was only a 28 point loss but it felt more than that. One of the challenges playing Melbourne as we transition forward we couldn’t win enough of the contests forward. They out numbered us too well
  17. How good is it to wake up Saturday morning, sitting prettying at the top of the ladder while all the other teams still have to battle for the minor placings?
  18. James Harmes best game in a long time
  19. I sort of agree with that JCB, but I think the Tiger Tom Lynch would desperately like to be loved but he’s a tos ser.
  20. Going to Melbourne matches in the late ‘70’s early 80’s Robbie Flower would do things that other players weren’t capable of. He was on a different level, not every game, but most. Watching the Adelaide replay Oliver also has that ability to look like he is playing in a different league. He is not as polished or skilled by foot as Flower but can do stuff that merely good players would not entertain. Petracca reminds me of a young Tim Watson who no one could tackle
  21. I figured Mitch was going to play two games and fade into obscurity when he left Carlton for Brisbane. I have since built up some begrudging respect for the bloke. 209 games and counting, gives his all at every contest and never taken a backward step. I think he would be in my favourite players if he was in red and blue.
  22. Adelaide forecast for 4pm Saturday 19°, light winds, 0% chance of rain. Could go (very) tall?
  23. According to the MFC site Jackson is a definite starter. Which tall makes way? Very happy not to be a selector this week
  24. The women’s comp has proved to be a massive learning curve for everyone involved. Mick Stinnear, I believe, has a winning record in all of the 5 seasons he has coached. It could also be argued that he was the AFLW coach of the year last year given the draw we were given. From the outside looking in he seems to command great respect from his players Aside from the optics of having a female coach are there any other reasons you’d like to change coaches?
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