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  1. Would love to read it Junior. Could you give a summary?
  2. Blumin hell, this kid is pretty extraordinary. No wonder they made him a leader at 19
  3. I preface this with saying I love watching Kossie play. But I’m not going to be able to watch him play next week because he will deservedly be sitting in the stands. His bump last night was dumb and unnecessary. Let’s face it, he has form and should be trying to eradicate that stuff from his game. If you look up the word mercurial I’m pretty sure there’ll be a photo of Kossie. We need him on the field, not watching form the box. I hope they have a pretty stern chat with him.
  4. At 35yo I honestly believe she could be the first female coach of an AFL team. I so hope that happens
  5. I’m sure this comparison has been made already but Sestan and Tholstrup are, on paper, remarkably similar Mid sized forward ✅ X factor ✅ Size (188cm V 186cm) ✅ Powerful frame ✅ Great kick/High footy IQ ✅ Mullet ✅ This dynamic duo could be a whole lot of fun for us to watch
  6. So if we beat the Lions tomorrow we would play the Suns at Princes Park in the Qualifying Final. Without counting unhatched chickens, the winner of that game goes straight through to the Prelim with a weeks rest. Could be good if we win tomorrow 🙂
  7. So if we beat the Lions next week they’ll end up 5th. We then would play either Essendon or Gold Coast at Ikon first week of finals. Is that right?
  8. Just rang the Club to see why I had been charged $289 for my Interstate membership (supposed to be $165). Found out the $289 includes my 2024 interstate membership, 2024 AFLW membership AND Kayo for next year as well. Basically it’s a bargain.
  9. Hi Guys i think I’m about to book to go down to the Brisbane game. Will any other Demonlanders be there??
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