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  1. I hate the Cats (real cats too) and went straight to outrage when I read the story on the AFL site but I couldn’t maintain it when I realised that a home team wanted to play match at home instead of away. Seems reasonable
  2. I am still up about this game six days later. To win away from home, in a hostile environment and against a good team with a fair bit to prove was fantastic. It is up there I reckon with the Bulldogs game for the best win of the year
  3. I just looked at the ladder. Richmond are 12 th. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haa
  4. Here’s a sentence you don’t see often. Joel Smith’s kicking has been good today
  5. I know there are arguments for a Melbourne win but I don’t give us a chance. I’m guessing it’s my MFCSS kicking in.
  6. Yes I know I’m being Capt Obvious but it will depend on which team hits September in top form and relatively injury free. We are as good as chance as anyone.
  7. Love, love the Jetta goal at the end and how they get round him. One of my all time favourite Melbourne players
  8. You can rule a line through the Tigers for the season. On his post match coaches interview Dimma saying that injuries to crucial players have impacted the team. Actually he said he didn’t want to blame injuries but ….. If players believe the coach thinks they can’t win without certain team mates on the ground then they are knackered. It is why you don’t hear coaches blaming injuries
  9. Essendon are my most hated team but I like Zac Merrett as a player and I like that he has stuck with his mates. Will finish as a one team player and that is to be admired I reckon
  10. Time for the Weid Hail Mary. Chuck him down back in the VFL and see if he can have a Liam Jones/Darcy Moore transformation
  11. Could be argued that Saints are having our 2019. Finals the year before and then talked up big by the media. Come into the year chock full of expectations and then have an unmitigated run of bad luck through injuries. Confidence is shot. I reckon they will bounce back in ‘22. Ratten can coach.
  12. I like Maynard but I believe bolstering our midfield is more of a priority
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