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  1. And well done to us Demonlanders as a collective. 4 pages in and no one has said “drop Petty, bring in Weid”
  2. And currently 2 games clear with the Bulldogs playing tomorrow
  3. Watching Ronald Dale singing the song was wonderful
  4. Totally agree. Much like Skinner had a temperament that better suited the Bombers.
  5. Putting aside what Kozzie offers on the field, in my 50 odd years of supporting this club we have never had such a marketable players. Between Gawn, Petracca and Kozzie there should be real opportunities for the club to gain sponsors and supporters. There are going to be lots of kids wearing jumpers with 5, 11 and 36 on the back of them. Actually you can throw Jackson into that mix too
  6. Wasn’t there briefly a 3rd site too? Ology, Land and another Also I think there was some stat about Demonland being the most active of all supporter sites or had more visits a day than AFL.com, something like that
  7. The Pies obviously need to find a key forward but their mids are even more of a priority with both Pendles and Sidebottom close to the end. They will leave a huge hole. Think someone like Treloar would be perfect for them.
  8. It was Barry Hallesque. Forget about the short term suspension, Paddy will carry that with him for decades
  9. Got this from a Collingwood supporting friend
  10. North have now played 4 of the top 5 sides - Geelong, Port, Western Bulldogs and Us - plus Adelaide when they were good and Freo at Freo and Suns on the Gold Coast. They are probably a way better side than they are being credit for and must be more than a sneaky chance to roll the Pies next week. And how good would that be!
  11. If that’s the case I wonder which one of Chandler, Baker or Jones gets a run?
  12. I know 2/5ths of bugger all about the North players but if their backs line up as named there will be some serious mismatch’s. Bonar, McKay, Atley and Ziebell are all 188/189cm, Hall is 185 and Walker the lone tall at 197. They could be both too short for McDonald, Brown and Jackson and too tall for Kozzie, Spargo and ANB.
  13. I don’t watch enough Dogs games to know if it is always the case but Caleb Daniel looked like their most important player. He sets up the play for them and always puts players into better positions. Stats sometimes inflate a player’s importance but his 34 disposals last night at 91%m if anything, undersells him. When we play them I’d be putting ANB on him as a hard tag. Take away Daniel and the Bulldogs will struggle
  14. You have to handle it to the Cat supporting Whately for that call. If I was commentating that and my team was about to face certain finals elimination it would sound something like “ [censored], [censored]! miss it you [censored] “
  15. Couple of podcasts I’ve listened to lately have gone to explain our improvement Firstly Jimmy Bartel talked about the Butterfly Effect on the Age’s Jake Niall podcast . It is where each player within the playing group understands how his positioning on the field effects his teammates. He said this comes with a team maturity and all premiership teams have it. Along the same lines football commentator Andrew Mayes was saying that Melbourne players looked to now understand their role in any given situation, whereas years prior they may know what they should be doing in just 23 out 25 sit
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