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  1. In bit of a sliding doors moment JVR would have come into the side if Brown didn’t come back from ‘knee soreness’ in Rnd 20. This was from one of the coaches
  2. I’m not sure if this has been posted already but here is Supermacodo’s truly wonderful review of the Grand Final http://mfcdemonblog.blogspot.com/
  3. The current MCC President is a passionate MFC supporter too
  4. A few thoughts here Like everyone here I was surprised to see Duffy was delisted. Doubly interesting as it could be argued that our one true hole in our list is a crafty small forward. Duffy, at her best, would fit the bill very nicely. You’d assume Daisy would retire so who fills those gigantic shoes - Birch? Hore? Duel Captains? The way Harris has embraced the Demon Spirit and the team, perhaps she could be in the leadership group. Rhi Watt must be a pretty special human. To come in as a newbie, not play a game and still win the club spirit award is extraordinary. I remember there was some angst from the Stkilda playing group when she was delisted from there. One of the players got on social media and said that any club that picked her up would be making a bloody good decision. I’m stoked we did.
  5. Wonder if there will be a report that doesn’t have to follow the name Joel Smith with the words ‘light duties’ or ‘rehab group’? Drafted in 2016 next season will be his 7th AFL season for 28 games. Hope the poor bugger is luckier in love that he is with injuries.
  6. So Melbourne has played a total of 64 games across the 7 seasons. Karen Paxman’s total number of games for the club? … 64! Extraordinary
  7. Yes I agree she has been our best player over the past 7 seasons
  8. “They invited the wrong team to their housewarming”, Daisy Pearce after the game
  9. As Daisy said, Hanks is the League's most underrated player.
  10. 16 games played for 15 wins including a flag. That’s Boweyesque! She must be thinking this footy caper is pretty good. Ive said it previously but I reckon she will be in the All Australian squad by the end of next season and then entrenched in the team after that. If she could become better overhead she could anything.
  11. Adelaide had 4 players in the All Australian side including the vice captain. They had the leading goal kicker of the year 4 players in the AFLW U22 team Starcevich was the coach of the year. Ally Anderson won the League B & F. (Or as I like to cal it, the Daisy Pearce medal) Emily Bates won the same award 6 months ago They got to play at home today and bought their their own umpires But we proved the old adage that a champion team will beat a team of champions. And we are the CHAMPION TEAM!!!
  12. The umpires, commentators, media, AFL and the Brisbane players all fully expected to win it. That’s why their speeches were so long
  13. There is one thing we know about this group - they won’t die wondering. Today they will prove they are the champion team.
  14. Alongside Hanks Liv was named in the U22 squad WCW but didn’t make the cut. https://www.womens.afl/news/114399/22under22-squad-lions-lead-the-way-three-in-line-for-fourth-selection
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