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  1. Agree with your side Werridee Perhaps Sloane the other one who could come in when fully fit but having been injured for so long it is hard to know how good or otherwise she is. We also seem to lack small forwards; Zanker, Parry, Scott, Cunningham are all marking forwards and you could chuck Hore onto that list as well.
  2. 12 hours later plus a sleep, and I still think that was the best game of AFLW that has been played.
  3. Yeah, yeah it’s only half way through the round but I’ll take it
  4. Bloody hell they were keen to get Rivers weren’t they! Thanks for that walk down Memory Lane Nascent.
  5. Well aside from Downie this is close to our best side. Will be really interesting to see how close we are
  6. Now that both B Brown and Weideman are out I think Tom McDonald will be relishing the opportunity
  7. Don’t be sad Jaded. Keep the faith All I saw initially was “Key Demon sidelined”. I was expecting much worse. Weed probably not in my top 15 of important players.
  8. Bloody good speech. Collingwood is a far better Club for his tenure
  9. Well that’s pretty exciting as the best of Charlie Spargo is pretty good.
  10. Agree Ellie McKenzie is going to be a good player but then Richmond will have to put some effort into our #15 pick, Eliza McNamara who got 18 touches on debut and was probably in the top half dozen players on the ground. I would not be surprised if she ends up our first 100 game player. Go Dees!
  11. Loving watching our jumper run around. Love the half time lead. Go Dees!
  12. I think it is a bloody good thing. Players need to be protected, even if, just from themselves. Long term effects can be scary. They need time to recover. Having said that now watch Petracca suffer from a concussion in the final few minutes of the 2021 Prelim
  13. Agree that Downie would be a big loss if she doesn’t get up.
  14. When: Saturday 30th January Time: 2.10pm (AEST) Where: Metricon Stadium Weather: 28°, scattered showers, lightish breeze https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/853720/three-debutants-confirmed-for-round-1 (With apologies to Megs who posted the same article in another thread) It will be great to watch the 3 debutants running around this weekend. Bannon from all reports is a good mark but is also lightning quick for a 177cm tall. Was somewhat of a slider to overall 5th pick. Eliza McNamara is very small and light whilst Fitzsimon has been easily Gippsland’s best NAB
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