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  1. At 35yo I honestly believe she could be the first female coach of an AFL team. I so hope that happens
  2. I’m sure this comparison has been made already but Sestan and Tholstrup are, on paper, remarkably similar Mid sized forward ✅ X factor ✅ Size (188cm V 186cm) ✅ Powerful frame ✅ Great kick/High footy IQ ✅ Mullet ✅ This dynamic duo could be a whole lot of fun for us to watch
  3. So if we beat the Lions tomorrow we would play the Suns at Princes Park in the Qualifying Final. Without counting unhatched chickens, the winner of that game goes straight through to the Prelim with a weeks rest. Could be good if we win tomorrow 🙂
  4. So if we beat the Lions next week they’ll end up 5th. We then would play either Essendon or Gold Coast at Ikon first week of finals. Is that right?
  5. Just rang the Club to see why I had been charged $289 for my Interstate membership (supposed to be $165). Found out the $289 includes my 2024 interstate membership, 2024 AFLW membership AND Kayo for next year as well. Basically it’s a bargain.
  6. Hi Guys i think I’m about to book to go down to the Brisbane game. Will any other Demonlanders be there??
  7. I was thinking the same thing about Blackburn. She deserves some success although I think she is also the type who would stay true. You’d think she has been made offers before
  8. Comparing Tyla Hanks to Paul Callery? Love it! Only on Demonland.
  9. Random thoughts Campbell is a natural tap ruck. She is really good at putting the ball to the advantage of the mids. Only got 44% of game time. Perfect development for a young ruck behind Pearce and with Watt as a mentor. Birch still worries me when the pressure is on but thought she was good tonight. She seems to have seasons where she is really good but also seasons where it’s more of your heart in your mouth stuff. The ball doesn’t really get down there enough to know which season she is having this year. Shelley Heath is the ultimate competitor. Love her. After all her perfect 10 coaches votes Jas Garner would be lucky to get any tonight. We knew this before, but for her size Kate Hore is a great mark. We got Purcell from the Cats for Chantel Emonson and picks 15 and 47. Enough said, she is a gun Tyler Hanks is just the best to watch. She does the time slows down thing, glides around a bit and then pinpoints a teammate in a better position. She is also going to go through her footy career criminally underrated by the outside world. No doubt a lot will hinge on the last round V Brisbane, but like pretty much every one where I have enormous confidence in this team
  10. 6. Hanks 5. Heath 4. Purcell 3. Mackin 2. Hore 1. Paxy
  11. Brownie they have released the fixture. Sat 4th Nov at 1805hrs, Brighton Homes Arena. I hope to see you there
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