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  1. Listening to Kane Cornes this morning from Perth he reckons the general support around town is in the Dees favour against the Doggies 80/20. If that translates even to 70/30 or 60/40 at the game then that’s a huge advantage on top of the fact we’ve already played some massive games at the same ground.
  2. This is what I would normally do throughout the year but the Grand Final is only broadcast on Ch 7 and 7 HD. Can these channels be paused?
  3. RADIO: Kingy and Jennings will be doing a full review and dissection of the two Dees v Dogs games from earlier this year on SEN at 11am.
  4. Merritt goes for a few weeks based on what Neal-Bullen got, right?
  5. Great day for it. Hope the boys are hungry, we could really do some damage today with a few players filling their boots and running into some form. Or it could easily be a tight struggle and turn into a stressful game for us all. Looking at Adelaide’s team I will be surprised if that happens as they have got holes all over the park, so we’d really need to be flat for that to happen.
  6. Good game so far. Happy if they both bash each other up.
  7. Agreed. As well as our team has been playing over the course of the season and where we sit on the ladder, we still have losses to the Crows, Pies and GWS plus have been pushed all the way by Essendon. All currently bottom 10 teams. Can anyone really be 100% confident we will win? I don’t feel that yet. We are $1.08 to beat Hawthorn $8. Can’t ever remember seeing our odds so short.
  8. Bit biased as he was one of my favorite Dees players but Dean Kent has had a good game and if they’d kicked straight he’d have been involved in 4 or 5 goals in just the last quarter alone.
  9. Can't stand it just like everyone else here. It's dropped in quality so much since I was a kid. The Channel 7 commentators are briefed to dumb down the game and not get too tactical to ensure the game feels accessible to wider audiences – to its detriment in my opinion. You don't hear American football commentators leaving out all the technical stuff or Formula 1 commentators. Watching the Tour de France is only really possible because of the commentary (in my opinoin). It adds multiple other layers on top of what is hopefully already an interesting game. Anyway, I watch the footy via the Kayo app on a Smart TV with the sound off and then listen to the SEN commentary via my iphone. It's really easy to sync them with Kayo as you can just pause for a second to let the radio catch up or fast forward when needed, etc. Replays I watch back with Ch 7 which by that point you can just laugh at the biases when they appear.
  10. If only we had a full forward to kick to.
  11. Have just returned home after breakfast out with the family. We were seated right near the whole Viney clan, including Jack and Todd - will take that as a good omen. Dees by 148.
  12. Midfield needs to be fixed. Can still win it from here if we adapt to the tactics they’re using.
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