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  1. My take away from the article is less around being 'due' or a fairytale and more around the normalisation of watching your team from anywhere but the game itself, which is helpful.
  2. Good luck to him. He seems to only play how it suits him. We jumped at him when we didn't have much choice as to who came to the club, but he's gone backwards since then (arguably the only time he does run back...). Can't see why a young club would want him around as a mentor. Arguably should just go and teach people how to kick.
  3. Pick 20 for SW would be pretty great. I'd have thought Hawthorn might go after him as he seems to play his best against them...?
  4. -15. Am absolutely loving everyones stories here. Thanks to all.
  5. Who is the second tall then? Fritch is mid sized. Melksham stopped playing 4 quarter footy last year (at least) - he won't cut it in finals. Even injured, McDonald is better than Jake. He has kicked 30 goals this year and his fitness (when fit) has been the sort of thing you need to win finals. McDonald is obviously suffering from the back injury related to flying up and down the east coast of Australia before the Suns game. Probably not the time for an aerial tour of Australia, but who am I to judge? I've almost gained faith in selectors this year. If they pick McDonald, then he is right to play and part of our best 22.
  6. He may be lucky to get a run in the VFL next year. Eddie etc will be grateful that Tex has come along to be the very public face of racism in the AFL. Without deflecting from how awful this issue is, it also points out how much of a train wreck the Crows still are. All the boot camps in the world can't change a culture like that.
  7. I normally don't care too much about lauding individual players, leave that for clubs like St Kilda who have no premierships. That being said, the treatment of past players certainly impacts the culture of the club, as well as whether players want to come to it. "Woey" overcame so much to get himself where he did (a Brownlow and playing in a GF) and really should be celebrated more. The whole team of 2000 really should.
  8. I think the class of Bomber as a human has been on display for all to see. At least there is some comfort that he, Bomber, has to wake up being him every day.
  9. Apologies, simplistic question; the AFL website says the game will be in VIC and there doesn't seem to be a game at Marvel on Saturday - so shouldn't it be there? Have I missed something, other than my marbles?
  10. I absolutely love this post. Thank you. Here's hoping someone at the club shows it to Trac with an arm around the shoulder while saying (in a gentle voice): "they're on to you son, time to prove them wrong"
  11. I was tearing my hair out last year when they were trying him as a HBF, just didnt know where to run, when to attack or when to defend. It was like the espresso martini of coaching moves; ruining a couple of things to make one bad things. His tagging (on Libba) on the weekend was terrible and Bevo was able to counter it, meaning we had to move Viney on to him. This, again, meant we lost Vineys attack and gained nothing by having Harmes free. Great athlete though.
  12. I'm really not sure about Harmes' future with this club. Brilliant athlete but no footy smarts. I'd prefer Jones in his place, you know he will give 100%, or maybe give a kid a go.
  13. She looks an excellent pick up from the footage. Uses her body well, has smarts and a good kicking technique. Will be interesting to see how she goes against bigger players, but a really good get - shows we are a destination club too.
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