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  1. For everyone that is saying we need to drop x or y, you need to consider who we have to come in. We don't have a lot at Casey that are better options that who is playing. Billings had one of his best games for us after a long spell in the 2s and not playing a full game. Howes for and injured Salem is probably the only viable change, aside from Max coming in for just about anyone.
  2. Fritta has been up and down this season, but has still kicked 35 goals - I wouldn't swap that for a young bloke that has done OK in the magoos. Likely Gawn will be back this week, so that will let us play JVR up fwd more. That will certainly help our midfield and forward line. Every game is a final from now on & we need our best team in. I really dont think Jeffo is better than Fritta at this point in time.
  3. Happy Birthday to Clarrie from everyone at RevHQ
  4. Given the amount of youth that we are playing at the moment, the senior players out or underperforming, I was thinking how lucky we are to have Jack Viney in the side. Yes, he had a better season last year with Trac and Oliver firing, but he has really been incredible this season with his leadership and continued efforts. As a very social person, I was re-watching the Brisbane game and he was absolutely incredible in it. We are super lucky to have him.
  5. If you think that's me easily triggered, you should see me at the G sometimes!
  6. This is a great way of proving a lack of bias to ensure your opinions are respected...
  7. Some really great points in this thread. I dont think the issue is with AFL broadcasting losing money, but the Free to Air channels being run poorly. It's still (largely) a boys club at the top, with lots of back slapping and long lunches. Kind of like the Melbourne board in the bad old days. As per the above, most of the FTA content is below the standard of streaming services, but they do have high rating content like the Footy and (mysteriously) MAFs (the highest rating show in the Country?). I would love to see the blowtorch being focused on AFL broadcasting to make it a product that is easy to consume to help grow the game. Cricket had a similar issue years ago until Nine sacked Brad McNamara. It's still not the greatest commentary, but the insights and range of opinions is a welcome change. Look at how much Cricket has grown since then - participation rates and viewers.
  8. I'd keep Turner on the ground ahead of Fullerton and Petty. I do think we will need to pick Petty to play Max's role, attend centre bounces and drop back to take contested marks. JVR and Turner to help out. Maybe TMac too. It could really be (big) musical chairs out there. It'd be great if we treat this like a final. Clarrie will surely shine in a contested maul.
  9. I dont mind this, moreso with Petty and allowing him to drop back and take those big defensive grabs.
  10. That play when TMac had about 4 touches, first collecting it in the backline then assisting move it up the ground was incredible to see too. We look pretty sharp when we move the ball quickly. In the words of Vanilla Ice: "Slice like a ninja, cut like a razorblade"
  11. Absolutely this. I've been excited by the mid-season rebuild for some time. I reckon it was after the Freo debacle and then Trac going down that Goody pulled the pin on Billings, Hunter & McAdam and really brought in the kids. I loved that passage of play where Disco took a great contested mark at HF then looked up to see JVR in the pocket and Fritta in the goal square. What a problem to have! We showed plenty against the Lions and now got it done against a team that bullied us in the West. Although my tips this weekend stank (how even is this comp?), I predict we are good chance to make the 8*. Even if we don't give it a royal shake, it will set us up beautifully for next season. Lots to be excited about. * past performance is no indicator of future performance
  12. Would prefer to see Howes in for Woey, he's just a better player and gives the team real flexibility down back. Would love Taj to prove me wrong. Otherwise, strong line-up, no excuses!
  13. Speaking of predictions, Sportsbet has at $3.20 to make the 8.
  14. Apologies if this has been covered off, but doing a bit of a stocktake (happy new financial year Dees fans!) and we *should* have salary cap space in lieu of: BBB Brayshaw Smith Hunter / Billings / McAdam? Laurie The first two should be a nice chunk of change. Surely we can go after some talent?
  15. Absolutely agree. I have no idea why Blues fans hate him so much, maybe they don't like his Mums ads for Chemist Warehouse or whatever it is. Change of scene may do him good. And possibly some moisturiser.
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