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  1. Last time I heard racism at the Footy was 10? years ago. Swans supporter if you can believe it, having a go at Goodes. I called him out on it, he swore in my face and stormed off. Real class act.
  2. Harris, like many sportspeople, "appears" to be very self-serving / focused. Can't say I blame her, the window for making bank as a sportsperson is limited, particularly for female athletes. I'd suggest that her drop off in the last season or two has been a combination of; poor delivery / better opposition and lack of focus (what was that boxing thing?). The Dees were successful in the last AFLW season largely due to the game plan and approach where everyone bought in and played a role for the team. If Harris can do this, there is no reason it won't work.
  3. I think we are in furious agreement
  4. Nah, AFL won't let us - too much of a clash with the Doggies jumper? Now I know how Port supporters feel. Later, Im going to bash myself in the head with a cricket bat to understand how they think.
  5. The bit with the old bloke at the cemetery? That was quite sad.
  6. Couldn't agree more. There have been worrying signs to date with the lack of pressure some have been applying / the lack of 'buy in' to the system. Hopefully there are enough reality checks here to get people switched on / playing with the intent needed. My main concern out of the loss, apart from how bad the poor umpires must feel, is the drop-off in form from Max. Is he carrying something? His average form is better than most, but he doesn't seem as switched on as normal.
  7. McDonald sure has given us a good problem with his form and fitness, as has Jacksons improvement and performance. Brown and Weid are both solidly behind those two IMO. Weid is a way more effective player closer to goal (again IMO) than he is around the ground, and is 4 years (?) younger than Brown, so should be given a chance. Shame Brown isn't going to get the chance in dry conditions against a less capable defender, but he will get his chance if he does well in the VFL and IF (don't want to become the new George of curses) we get another injury.
  8. D Rev


    This is doing nothing for my paranoia
  9. Anyone else having problem buying tix for sat?
  10. They touched on this in the podcast, it seems like he has played at every ground in Australia more than he has the MCG - including Hobart and the Gabba. Very excited to see what he / Fritsch / Kozzie can do together.
  11. G'day guys, Just wanted to say 'thanks' for all your efforts in putting the pod together every week, it's certainly something I look forward to - and not just because we are winning at the moment! I know it must be a big effort and commitment to put it on every week and its very much appreciated. Thanks again
  12. I still have doubts about SWs ability to roam like TMac does, hence my thoughts on putting Jackson in that role, but happy to be proven wrong!
  13. Probably been covered here already, but my ability to go through 10 pages of contributions on a Monday is limited - which is putting it generously. Tomlinson and Viney are obviously out for a bit. Jones went OK as in IN for Viney, but I'd rather we played him as a burst player, I don't think he will last the year otherwise; which isn't very fair on a bloke that deserves to play finals. Id bring in Sparrow for Viney and keep Jones. McDonald went well in defense and I rate him more highly down there than Petty. Keep him there and bring in Weidemann. Let Jackson play the roaming CHF r
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