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  1. Very happy with the way we zoned in defence an were able to play tempo footy when needed. It was the mirror image of the way we played the Match Simulation against the Tigers. Playing Devil's Advocate here but were there any concerns that we still gave up their 3 goals apiece to their two key forwards in Curnow and McKay, the latter could have kicked 5 if he knew how to kick. Granted they're both Coleman Medalists and granted our defence shut down any other scoring opportunities and kept them to under 70 points.
  2. Practice Match aside, What are your thoughts and feelings about conceding 10 unanswered goals in perfect conditions? Should we be worried?
  3. It would be nice if the MFC could release a similar squad list for the supporters or even update us on our injuries. Why do other clubs do this so much better than us?
  4. I'm keen to see where Brayshaw plays. Mid or defence? I would love it if Riv gets some more midfield minutes but reports from training in the past few weeks suggest he will be played off halfback. Will Judd be given the coveted role on Dusty? Who will take the Hibberd role? Footys almost back!!!1
  5. Having two premier ruckman on your list; what could go wrong?
  6. Great to have you fellas back. It's been a long few months and the season didn't pan out the way we all hope. Looking back at another disastrous straight sets finals exit what do you think ultimately went wrong for us? Not so sure we can blame it on injuries like 2022. For me it was our poor delivery into our forward line and poor execution in front of the big sticks. If we don't fix these two things in 2024 we will not be making another preliminary final let alone a Grand Final or Flag.
  7. Excellent podcast again last week fellas. Can't wait to get stuck into this one like we'll get stuck into the Pies on Thursday. One thing that worries me about the Pies is their forward line. Jaime Elliot always gives us trouble as does Brody Mihocek. Let's not even mention Big Cox as he too can cause headaches when drifting forward. Also Dan McStay didn't play the last time we met and if I recall correctly he went down with an injury very early in our Qualifying Final against the Lions so we did not have to contend with him that night. It's no secret that one of our biggest weakness down back is when the ball hits the deck and they have a couple of crafty small forwards that can be very damaging in Hill and Ginivan. What are the key matchups down back and will we go the 3rd tall? Disco or Tommo?
  8. Just popping in to check on Andy's MFCSS levels this week. The Melksham injury is devastating and seeing Bayley hobble off the field and Bowey come off with arm looking like it needed a sling I can't imagine Andy's blood pressure and heart rate was in a good state. I must admit neither was mine. Love all of your work guys. 5 and half stars.
  9. Wondering what the panel thought about the selection of Schache and then the use of him as the Sub. I would have thought it would have been a good opportunity to get a good look at him for a full game on the eve of finals. From what little we got to see it's a "no" from me but I guess the footy department knew what they were doing.
  10. I did not get to watch Casey this weekend but note that TMac kicked 1 goal from 3 marks and 10 disposals. Not ideal form off surgery and long stint on the sidelines. You spoken at length about why Schache won't be considered for a call up so I won't bother asking and Matt Jefferson is too raw to bring in. So. Do we just leave the forward line as is or do we break the glass and see if TMac can add anything in the next 2 weeks. Love the podcast. I'm hoping listening this week will bring me back off the ledge. I think MFCSS is contagious and I have a bad case. Thanks Andy.
  11. I thought Gus was excellent yesterday. Viney has rightly been praised for stepping up whilst Clarry has been out but Gus too has been huge in filling the void in the midfield. Will Gus remain in the midfield when Oliver returns? Love the Podcast. Keep up the great work.
  12. 6 Gawn 5 Petty 4 Viney 3 Petracca 2 Van Rooyen 1 Melksham
  13. I think we need to take another moment to appreciate the efforts of our Captain Fantastic Max Gawn. He was simply massive in the last half. 23 disposals 22 hitouts 17 contested possessions 9 clearances 379 metres gained 7 inside 50s 7 score involvements He has more clearances than Richmond in the last quarter alone.
  14. Jack Viney was Massive once again. Such a beast. GIves 1000% and leaves nothing on the field. His last quarter was immense. 10 disposals 6 contested possessions 4 clearances (all from the centre bounce) 4 inside 50s
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