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  1. The club in real terms did not have an appeal option .It can work around a two week suspension and have Jack ready for the finals campaign. But if it appealed and the AFL cross appealed he may (and anythings possible in this type of case ) have ended up with 4 and that effectively would have ended his season.
  2. I am going .We are limited to Bays 213 and 214 so it won't be hard to find anyone .
  3. Jack is crucial to our campaign.There were some wishy washy tackle attempts last night and there are some that need harden up . I have no doubt that if the rest of the team tackled and attacked the Sherrin like Jack we would have won convincingly
  4. Thats why I said I was uneasy about our pregame confidence .Same old same old.
  5. I get uneasy when I read these negative comments from rival clubs. .We have been here so often in the recent past and it has invariably ended in tears .Please not again.
  6. I thought Joel Smith looked the most capable of playing at a higher level Big leap ,strong hands and today was more composed.For most of the side the gap between VFL and AFL gets wider each week..
  7. A bit tough on Jack.He came straight back into the side without a hitout after a two month layoff.He was better this week than the week before and will be better next week than this week..
  8. Compare tonights effort to the last time we played them last year at the Gabba ,We are now light years ahead .
  9. Agree with the Gawn comment .Ever since the Richmond game Maw has been a bit gun -shy ,.As the skipper it is time for him to put on his big boy pants .
  10. We are nowhere as good as we hoped we were . ANB ,jordon .Hunt Spargo and Sparrow wouldnt feature in a genuinely good side . We will make the finals but thats about it .Probably left it too late to work a forward combination around Brown but thats our best hope .Disappointing..
  11. I'm surprised that Dogga is so short in the betting and the extent of the praise for him .He is obviously athletic but to date has generally had wooden hands .Hogan would clunk marks all day long even early in his career but Luke either drops them or takes them with 2 bites .If his marking comes good he will be a weapon but at the moment he is fairly limited.
  12. Not as enthusiastic as some about the sale .It was part of Joe Gutnicks presidency philosophy that we have a consistent and continuous income stream .Now that both Leighoak and Bentleigh club are gone we will be back to a year to year financial model .Hopefully we wont return to save the Demons days .
  13. Read (with a fair dose of Schadenfreude )the comments on Bombersblitz .What a disgusting combination of indescribably vile vitriol and completely irrational argument .Glad to get back on Demonland.
  14. Weed was a reliable mark early in his Career both at AFL and VFL level .In the last 3 years his marking above his head has been generally poor at both levels .He gets away with it in the VFl bccause of greater opportunityand the number of soft goals.If you watch him at training it is clear that he is a strong one grab mark and there is nothing wrong with his technique.So it probably just comes down to confidence in a similar way that Tmac needs a basket when his confidence is down but clunks them when it is up.
  15. He is an invariably one grab forward in contrast to Weideman and Jackson who inexplicably drop 3 out of every four .A huge loss when he doesn't play .
  16. Gee Vagg it has been a minor miracle that Tmac has played as well as he has as tall forward .he virtually won us the game against the Swans .Why flirt with that sort of form and change things ?
  17. good selections an a well balanced team ..Melksham hasn't been getting a lot of the ball but is the best ball user in the forward half and it would have been a surprise if he were dropped .
  18. My observation is that he is running more when he doesn't t have the ball and creating an extra player .He is as quick as ever and although I don't expect him to be Stan Alves it would help if he could learn to side step or baulk rather than just run straight .
  19. well actually the call for the injury is not a month but up to a month so hopefully that translates into only 2 or 3 weeks .
  20. gawn langdon pickett viney hunt fritch
  21. Nev is past it and plays like he realizes this .Always under too much pressure to take the right option .Hibberd in Jetta out. ,Melksham for either Sparrow or Jordan .
  22. How absolutely correct .I still vividly remember playing West Coast and Mitch Clark being manhandled by half their defence whenever he went for a mark and no kick being given ..Our free kick total to half time .? .Somewhere between nil and zero .Not a single free .When the game was virtually over crowd stopped umpiring the match we then started to get frees .Disgraceful.I cant understand why the Lions were upset at not getting the last minute free at Geelong .Did they think that the umpire would incur the wrath of the Geelong crowd ?.Not likely
  23. He has the safest hands in the team .On Saturday night he was the only tall(Max Included ) that didn't drop a straightforward mark .The dropped marks of Lever and Jackson gifted the Saints goals at important stages .He led well and found space .His kicking for goal was a little off but the one he did thread showed that essentially there is nothing wrong with his kicking action .I am a bit surprised by the level of criticism..
  24. It beggars belief that Oscar remained on our list for 8 years .Good luck to him that he got a second chance with the Blues but i have absolutely no regrets in regard to him being delisted .
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