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  1. Both times we were clearly the 2nd best team that year. Hawks at their peak in a decade of dominance. Bombers had one of best year's in VFL/AFL history - and we were boys against men. I sat through both massacres. This team is far better than both - which weren't bad - and have me far more confidant. Not concerned at all about the break. Will have them primed to "demon-strate" they are the best team this year.
  2. I better extend my stay then - thanks for the scoop Eddie (everywhere but WA).
  3. If Olly wins my extravagance in flying to the GF will be paid for :)
  4. Every room in the house will be getting red and blue filtered light.
  5. Was lucky to get that Normie - Picken and a few others were far better that day.
  6. Was it JV that copped Guthrie? Was a great little hit - and escaped review. Go Demons
  7. There was an option for "AFL finals" on the G2G application - obviously a huge boost to their economy. Pretty straightforward - need proof of vaccination so make sure you have that. Go Dees. Hope you secured tickets - and flights.
  8. Hi all still desperate - so one last pitch. 60 years a fan - coached by Johnny Townsend and Hassa Mann but never good enough to make it. They used to regale me with stories and watched the surviving footage with Hassa numerous times. I hope that legitimises my pleas
  9. any more by chance? still looking for 2 so my carers can revive me when we win
  10. HEIC from phone - will need to convert sorry Sadly the last of my tulips have finished.
  11. Hi all - still trying to get 2 Cat 1 barcodes. Son and his cousins hoping to escort their old man and ensure he doesn't have a heart attack - one a 5th year med student. Hopefully they can sit with me. All from Tasmania - all have flights booked already. G2G pass attached. Go Demons G2G Pass.pdf
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