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  1. A footballer's version of a Freddie Couples.
  2. Mansfield 39.14.248 Tatura 0.1.1. Tat led by a point at one stage and sort of fell away after that.
  3. Why can’t he be groomed to play key forward? His contested marking is very impressive and seems to read the game well. We have Disco to groom yas a key back. Many options.
  4. You are showing your age. I was in love with her at the age of 10. Not sure why.
  5. Foster has a better highlight package than Jefferson, which I guess doesn't mean much. I like the look of him but there is not much love for him in the so-called experts' power rankings.
  6. Maybe we might be thinking the other way around. We pick George at 13 and a key tall at 19. What key talls would be in the mix at 19?
  7. I assume they think they have a good chance that George will be still available. It would be a good night if we can pick up George as well as a key tall.
  8. If Jefferson goes before our pick I can see us trading down into George territory and pick up an extra pick which could be another future pick.
  9. Thanks for responding. I might have been a bit harsh.
  10. This is all a bit over the top. All your points above can apply to many young recruits before they have been drafted. Just read the glowing write-ups of this year's draftees. They tick all your boxes. As you well know only a small % make it. Let the kid make his own way. The FD obviously believe he still had/has some issues and was not quite ready last season. And by the way, I find it interesting that you drool over this kid while at the same time in a previous post you hope that Grundy does not embarrass us/himself in our midfield. It would be nice to have some perspective..
  11. "I don't think he will be an embarrassment in our midfield" - WTF the guy is a two time AA. What has Jacko shown? Except for the H&W game against Brisbane his year was very ordinary. He might turn out alright but at the moment a fit BG would take him to the cleaners.
  12. Lucas Cook was from a different time and different era. Not much sophistication in drafting strategy back then compared with today. From what I recall Cook was a good size in height and weight and looked better ready for afl than what I see with Jefferson. Unfortunately there was a bit of Tarzan Jane look about him after we recruited him. I think Jefferson might be a lesser version of Cook. Josh Schache might be a better comparison. Having said all that I might be a bit harsh.
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