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  1. djr

    Ben Brown

    From what I saw yesterday a fit Tex Walker would be a very comfortable fit in our forward line and provide significant help to BBB. Of course it would only be a short term solution but it would allow JVR to develop further his skills as a third tall either forward or back.
  2. A big thank you for an expert summary of the game.
  3. Warner and HS are salivating with what will come out of discovery when parties hand over evidence. From reading his latest article Warner is wetting his pants in anticipation.
  4. Very timely post. Another article just dropped in HS by MW. Warner is desperate to keep this bubbling. I really don’t know what the crime is. Its really a smear campaign against MFC and AFL. Its quite shocking.
  5. Yes I agree. Looking at Thursday’s performance our forward line functioned better having a smaller setup. Our transition from the backline was better because our smalls were able to spread quicker. This could be our preferred structure going into the final rounds.
  6. Toby B has similar traits to Kossie. Runs hard and tackles hard. When he has the ball he is just as exciting to watch.
  7. Strange lot you have put up as a comparison. All of them except GH laid coathangers on their opponents. I guess back then that's how they lead from the front.
  8. I really like Chandler as a midfielder. At this stage he reminds me of young Viney when he first came to the club. He's tough at it.
  9. Its a bit weird not having any fencing around the boundary line. Sorry just in one section.
  10. Gee Mac Andrew is a beanstalk
  11. I can't believe no so-called media expert has considered loading as a possible cause of "form" loss. They talk about attitude and lack of effort as if a team's playbook is from the 1970s or 1980s. All of the top clubs' gameplans are so systematic that the two most likely reasons for a loss of "form" are injuries or loading. It's so 1970s to believe that a lack of effort is the primary cause of team failure. I understand that there may be times when a player's mind is not on the job, but the entire team? In-game, you see players address these issues. I'm not sure why retired players like Nick Riewoldt, Jordan Lewis, and even Kane Cornes don't bring it up as a possible explanation for why leading teams struggle at certain times of the season. I understand why the "older experts" constantly talk about discipline and effort because that's how the game was played back then. Garry Lyon is a classic example. To me it's lazy commentary. The only bright light in the media that I've seen this season is Nathan Buckley. But even he has not revealed much.
  12. Bailey Smith is, indeed, the new shiny toy. Gerard Whateley will quickly shift his focus from May to Bailey, claiming that everything is disgusting and that the AFL needs to conduct another investigation on top of the May investigation, as well as the investigation that will undoubtedly take place next week when Toby Greene is scheduled to put his foot in it somewhere.
  13. Another tangential thought. Why not try LJ as one key forward and BBB as the other? Bring in Majak to help Max in the ruck and to switch with LJ. Daw is an competent ruckman with excellent tapping skills. On his day, he is a very good key forward capable of kicking goals. He is physical and will fight hard, which the Weid cannot do. LJ is lacking confidence, and a change could help. Having said all that I am now not sure what the game plan is in regard to forward entries. Is it to just bomb the ball into the F50 and have the talls contest and bring the ball to ground or for the talls to create territory so as to have one-on-one contests. LJ is a suitable candidate for both scenarios. Would we be any worse off with this setup? Probably not. Could we win a premiership with this setup? Probably not.
  14. Don't understand your first sentence.
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