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  1. I reckon the 2021 finals boxed set would sell like hot cakes Each of the 3 games a spanking all of their own!
  2. Good read but I think I will save my shadenfreude for this time next week!
  3. I would imagine they will play at the same time as the Grannie is scheduled.
  4. Great stuff, I love your writing style, for a short period I was there with you. Now you just need to live blog during the Grannie!!!😉
  5. Interesting to see that several of Geelong's team from last week's Prelim played in the Reserves Grandfinal in 64!...😁
  6. Received a text from my Cats mate this morning "That was the worst game of football I have ever seen. Congratulations. I don't want to talkor think about footy for some time."
  7. The Floodgates are about to open The Dee-rought is over!
  8. In fact FD, we are the stand out team! I voted no only because I believe we will have a flag or two in the next couple of years but in fact I will be very disappointed if we dont get the job done this year.
  9. I am wearing my #positivelingers Tee Shirt and MFC socks for each game. So far so good
  10. In an incredibly challenging year he has missed around 6-7 weeks with a significant facial injury and then landed himself a shoulder injury. Hard to judge anyone based on that form exposure. When he has played he has done ok by all accounts.
  11. 473 days old! Remember it vividly. A shout out to The Last Hurrah which describes the big day as if the author was there. After reading it I felt like I had watched a replay.
  12. I reckon he cramped up, probably did too much in the first half😁
  13. Sadly remember it all too well....I learnt to hate Hawthorn supporters that day
  14. Oh i was there for the live broadcast, just horrible seated on a table with ferral Essendrug supporters who were half cut by the first quarter
  15. Did you watch it from the Walkabout in Shepherds Bush? If so, I didnt see you there.
  16. Pretty sure there will be no crowds of any persuasion matey
  17. Based on the Gus & Gawny podcast he presents as a major influencer of the field. You don't trade these sorts of guys out of your team as he sets the standards and makes the difference. Not everything happens between the first and last sirens
  18. Of course Jmac but having said that, someone has to be nominated and I reckon he deserves one. Nothing stopping another nom next year when he is a great chance again.
  19. Definitely one of the best milestone games I have seen
  20. Reckon #17 might me a chance if a nomination this week after last night's effort
  21. Poor leadership skills from the VC; we were cruising in an absolute belting. Just no need. I hope the club lets him know
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