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  1. A few supporters are hard to please. Early 80s at the G you would only go to watch Robbie! 1st year of Roos and pre Roos there were some horrible losses and we didn’t win to often. We have a great team, who play fantastic team football, with some generational players, who have delivered a flag and taken us to 10-0! So for crying out loud…….Enjoy Every Win! Keep going Demons!!!!
  2. 4 points & 10 plus goals would be enjoyable watching!!
  3. Both ANB & TMac hit a fork in the road end of 2020. Great to see them both lift their games, TMac back to his best of prior years and ANB to have his best year. After a setback you choose what happens in the future and credit to both how they came back and gave everything to succeed. ANB was very impressive, not only did he answer the questions he then explained the relevance to our team. Go mighty Demons!!
  4. He is a very smart player, does all the running and defensive actions expected and maximises his possessions. A terrific Demon!!
  5. Deedubs=Ignore Demons winning well, not even close to a loss! Aim is top 2 no serious injuries, and a neutral luck finals campaign and we will be back 2 back premiers!!
  6. Last year vs Crows thinking pre game couldn’t lose, agree to happily bank the 4 points vs Eagles! Salem to come back soon, Bedford playing well plus Tomlinson, Weideman and Dunstan in VFL should be sufficient pressure for a strong effort and solid win today.
  7. It seems like a long wait for Sunday games, least favourite time of the weekend for footy! Waiting Waiting Waiting
  8. Melksham deserves 200, pity only 84 for Demons, be good to get him to 100 for Demons, but hard to see!
  9. Averages 2 a week and doesn’t need much of it, always dangerous. langdon 9 rnd 7, 39 possessions Rd 8, but Goodwin presser, played his role both rounds. Demons keep structure in place and all ground defence, so all players just play role, and opportunities will come, everyone shares success. = TEAM
  10. Expecting to win well. At some point we drop a few games during the season. Still when look at quality across ground Backs - May Lever Petty Brayshaw Bowey Mids - Max Trac Clarry Langdon Forwards - Fritsch Brown Running power - ANB Kossie Spargo Sparrow Hunt Add system and we look very hard to beat! Go Demons!
  11. Wholeheartedly agree with majority of sentiments expressed. Great speech by Pert, with underlying message sacrifice and one in all in for success. But my favourite was Goody at the end: - “We’re only getting started boys” Denasty - hear we come!! Go Demons!!
  12. Back on topic - changes vs Saints: - fingers crossed we’re Covid good Petty - Smith Jackson - Weid or TMac ANB - Melksham Pickett - Bedford Sparrow - Dunstan (stiff) But who knows how everyone pulls up post Covid and if we lose any others!
  13. We have 6-7 premiership players out and look what’s left. Our high end talent is just fantastic, as 50 year plus Demon supporter it’s great to be alive!!
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