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  1. As much as I dislike Pies, Treloar missed almost halF season, Philipps hardly played, Stephenson had a poor year! playing wise they will be ok, culture wise who knows the impact
  2. Cats got Brown for free, but when Demons were going to get him, I wasn’t overly enthusiastic! Would have much preferred Philips or Polec, both significantly younger and not on the slide! My only disappointment with draft is would have really liked Philips. BBrown for pick 30ish vs Cameron 3 firsts is a huge get for Demons. I think BB will be worth 10-15% on our percentage that translates to 3 more wins. I also think Weideman will be a better CHF than FF so am really looking forward to seeing our forward line fire in 2020! If one of Pickett, Spargo, Bedford, ANB, Melksham really lift in 2
  3. Give it an A. So great work. Brown will be a terrific addition, compared to what Geelong paid for Cameron, almost makes it deal of the trade! Had we have picked up one of Philips or Higgins would have gone to A+.
  4. Del Santo also said breaking out of centre, Brown was a great presence and you couldn’t help be drawn to kicking towards him, gave Brown significant praise! Craig Jennings the strategist another to really rate Brown and how much time Melbourne spent on trying to stop him. Brown is a huge get for the Demons, getting him for a draft pick or picks in 2nd round is a big win!
  5. One year at $500-$550k supposedly what he is on at Pies, then three years at around $350k-375k. $500-550k less 25-30% For salary cap drop! He would do a great job on other wing To Langdon, running up and down the “G”!
  6. If the cap is dropping 25% roughly $3M, and only dropping 4+-1 players, least paid players, it must be tough balancing books at most clubs, and those who back loaded deals, expecting cap to rise are doubly screwed (Magpies)! This has likely had an impact on what clubs can do, with exception of a few, who perhaps had front loaded a couple of players. Brown is a big win for the Demons, would really like to see one more player to come in to cover small forward or back, or a wingman! Then your only looking at a few players to step up, of which small forwards we have a few options, w
  7. Coaches like bosses all have favourites, it’s part of life! Melksham seemingly the standout this year, as he rarely got out of 1st or 2nd gear!
  8. If you want to keep midfield defensive pressure To a high level you need to rotate the midfielders. It’s then how you use them off the bench and in other positions for it to really work. Petracca, Oliver, Harmes could all rotate HF, Viney, Oliver FP, Brayshaw a little more challenging for other role!
  9. Geelong has so many advantages: -Major GOVT financial support - benefit of rural/Coast lifestyle & much lower property prices - coastal football nursery - largest home ground advantage - least away game disadvantage They should always make finals!
  10. Agree with your comments, with a few minor differences Small Lockdown defender is the real hole, reliant on a Lockhart making it, who is next in line. Running backs Salem, Rivers & Hibberd is okay. Wing a Phillips or Polec would fill the hole, relying on Baker because he kicked two good goals against GWS seems a major risk. One more small pressure type forward, I do like Higgins from Tiggers! With confusion over cap and list size, Demons likely hamstrung unless one of Macs traded out. Maybe OMac plus 43 for Polec Less some salary may work! If Brown does happe
  11. Agree with your comments. He has speed and if can up his presence and tackling pressure on his quiet days, will be able to perform small forward role similar to Tigers smalls! This applies to a few Demons, lift intensity when they don’t have the ball, on their quiet days! If Brown can add two goals a game, we only need another 1-2 goals out of rest of team on average and we make top 4! I look at Pickett, Hunt, Oliver, Fritsch kicking straighter, Jackson, it’s a minor improvement! Aside from Hunt all players under 24 listed here so reasonable to expect them to get better!
  12. Terrific news for Demons, will make a significant difference to forward line! Add 40-60 goals!
  13. Demonland constantly highlights how we see players through a different lens! Hore to me is slow In speed and decision making, fumbles but can take a grab. Personally I would delist him, but can just accept him as a rookie, would prefer we rookie a young kid this year, as if there is a year for a player to slip through the cracks in the draft, it will be 2020!
  14. Kevin Bartlett was small and light! Give him another pre season or two and then judge him!
  15. 100% correct that’s he’s off to theCats. Much better result for Demons to get Philips or Polec!
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