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  1. Did Dunstan play a game this year? Did Harmes play a good game this year? JJ was poor in loss against Blues, player 22-26 on our list.
  2. We got too many injuries in one part of the ground: Bbb TMac Petty Melksham Fritsch. Could connection have been better - definitely. Could goalkicking have been better - definitely. Just this component improves 10% and we are playing this weekend in the Prelim finals. If Petty & Melksham were available in finals, both of the above would have been better! Question - Who would you chase as a forwards coach? Forwards you would chase?
  3. Tomlinson is needed if May goes down. Otherwise see him getting similar opportunities to this year.
  4. I’m supporting anyone playing Pies or Blues!!
  5. We are lucky to have Demonland adds massively to my understanding of all things Demons and enjoyment! A huge Thank you to everyone mentioned above for doing a fantastic job and displaying a passion and time commitment that can only be loved and admired! Go Demons & Demonland! PS-Demonland also kick straight!
  6. In future if Maynard gets off: - every player can launch themselves late into the air to smother - not be anywhere near the ball - not have time to turn their body - hit the player in the head - and take out opposition player - no punishment - as it’s a footy act! A joke, total BS!!
  7. We lost by 7 points and had our chances, not 10 goals. Also key player knocked/taken out in first few minutes that upset team balance and shocked our players. Brayshaw not just a popular player but one with head trauma background - definitely unsettled our team in first quarter! Carlton beat Swans by one goal and a suspect goal review at the “G” with lopsided supporter presence! Demons beat Swans away at SCG by 21 points in round 24! Demons can and should beat the Blues, and past performances have earnt our support not abandonment, as many supporters on Demonland have forgotten the prior eight week’s performances! Yes, I recall we lost to Blues with pispoor VAR! Anyway, onwards and upwards Demons, will be at the “G” cheering you on loudly Friday night!
  8. JVR 1st year AFL forward and TMac at end of career recovering from injuries, both his speed and agility compromised, so would hope Pies two are better. Petty or Melksham play instead of TMac we win! Take out Mihicek or McStay, Curnow, Daniher or Hipwood, Port key forward, Hogan for Giants, King for Saints in last six weeks of season, and none of them win! Demonscdealt a [censored] injury run with key forwards this season, that has a major impact on forward line functioning! We looked like we had it made vs Tigers, take out Petty & Melksham - there’s your difference. Hard to find new structure when you keep losing key forwards! Coaching team can only do so much!
  9. Maybe 6 of our players played well, our goalkicking was bad, and we only lose by 7 points! We don’t need much improvement to beat the Pies!!
  10. No, but Crows did when they lost by 48 points. We have: Petracca Gawn Oliver May Fritsch Kossie Lever Viney Demons have made life much harder, but we still have a chance, and our coach has overcome the same obstacle as a player, we’re not done yet!
  11. Simon Goodwin played in the Crows flag winning team that the Demons belted by 48 points in a QF! So at least he knows what is required to come back!
  12. Well congratulations to Laura Kane if she did! Showing courage to do the right thing. Multiple reasons: - Maynard chose to take Brayshaw out, total rubbish he had no other choice - Footballers, ex footballers seem to stupid, or thick to realise, it’s to their benefit to protect the head, perfect example is Barry Mitchell father of Tom, life massively impacted by head collision trauma - Tom Mitchell’s action highlights his level of stupidity, obviously forgot his fathers problems - Richo, BT & co. Must have had incredibly thick skulls not to have been more severely impacted by the hits taken, but why they protect weak dog acts is beyond me - Could write pages on this topic but enough said! Most important point - hopefully Brayshaw is okay, for now and rest of his life!
  13. Unfortunately since doing his knee he is slow and struggles to move off a straight line. Pre knee mobility etc. he’s a lock in backline, post knee only a replacement if May injured.
  14. While I love seeing the highly skilled players and teams play football to its best level, grubs like Maynard and Cox need to be dealt with once in a while. on Gf day first bounce avoid Coxs knee and just absolutely barrel into his ribs - he is a dog and deserves no better!
  15. Part 1: While there is massive carry on over losing, a few observations: - Pies generally cleaner with the ball and get better entries as often on the break into clear forward line, also Sidebottom excellent passes were a highlight in the fast half for Pies ☹️ - Demons not as clean with ball, lots of entries into crowded forward line, but we still had multiple shot on goal where we should have done better, probably left 18 points slip in Q4 alone - Brayshaw being taken out, unsettled Demons in 1st quarter and also hurt us for rest of game So only losing by 7 points is frustrating but we can beat the Pies! Re the forward line misfiring, losing BBB, Petty and Melksham or equivalent is going to damage any forward connection! Add in TMac and Fritsch injuries just hurts each players form coming back. Fritsch kicks his shank from 40, like he normally would and I think we go onto win the game! JVR out, creates opportunity to bring Grundy in! I would ruck him 80% first half, Max at FF in goal square Pickett or Chandler next to him, and let Fritsch go we’re he wants to in forward line and every other for more on 50 metre arc or higher! One defender on Max won’t cut it, so the extra defender going to Max, leaves a free player, who must then go to space! If not working at half time move Max into ruck 80% and flip around! Your thoughts on Max one out in the square, ideally with Kossie? Part 2: Defensively as McKay is likely out, bring in Turner, Lever plays miles better with extra tall. Also with Rivers, McVee, Bowey, Hibberd and Salem we can cover Carlton small options and revert to only two talks in the backline if required! Agree or disagree? Ins/Outs JVR - Grundy (reasoning above) Brayshaw - Jordon (most like for like available) Laurie - Turner (Laurie unsighted, Turner helps Lever) Sub - TMac (Forward line was too tall and didn’t take enough marks last week, so TMac, JVR and Smith 3 talls replaced with Max/Grundy and Smith) Smith or Grundy not working bring in TMac mid/late 3rd qtr! Thoughts ? Effectively Forward: Max FF deep trying for one out Smith CHF playing high Thanks for the podcast, you guys are terrific!
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