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  1. I believe it's Damian Barrett. Many on twitter are suggesting so at least.
  2. Could someone inform me about the general admission seating/ standing situation at GMHBA? I.e., what time I would need to arrive to get a seat?
  3. Official: Neale + 30 for 6, 19 and 55
  4. NAB AFL Trade Radio‏Verified account @traderadio 18s18 seconds ago More OFFICIAL | Lachie Neale is a Brisbane Lions player! #NABTradeRadio
  5. Paddy Sweeney‏Verified account @SweeneyPaddy9 29s29 seconds ago More Paperwork to make Jesse Hogan a @freodockers is on its way. Finally got their forward!!! #AFL
  6. NAB AFL Trade Radio: Steven May's manager has entered the room as well
  7. Finally! I find it truly bizarre that certain people are rating May based on how many goals were kicked on him this year. He's playing for the worst (or second worst arguably) team in the league that looks like it has absolutely no structure most of the time.
  8. Have you heard anymore whispers over the past day or so, CHF?
  9. No, Tom Morris said that the offer of 8 mil over 8 yrs was put forward by Hogan's camp. Freo were surprised as he supposedly only seemed "relatively keen" to move to Freo. https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/afl-trade-jesse-hogans-large-contract-demands-contributed-to-fremantle-rejecting-melbournes-trade-offer/news-story/578fbad1c64f774a808b80e3b8707900
  10. I disagree with this. Gold Coast are in a rebuild and they won't want a player who's on a high salary remaining at the club when they know he wants to move on and will do so regardless as a FA next year.
  11. I don't actually find it hard to understand why the MFC would want to move Hogan along now (as opposed to one year's time), as disappointed as I am about him leaving in the first place. And I don't necessarily think it means that they have been shopping him from the start... As it stands it seems he won't commit past 2019 and if the club are aware of that I still believe they're better off trading him now if they can get the right price - so that they can bring in May and plan for the future. By keeping Hogan for another year they probably lose the chance of bringing in May and risk having to trade with Freo in 2019 or WC who we can assume won't have draft picks within top 14ish. I personally can't see Hogan agreeing to it but that's purely my opinion.
  12. Does anyone feel Jesse is a genuine chance of going to a club outside of WA? I personally can’t see him staying in Victoria unless at MFC but don’t think I can really see him going to NSW or QLD either...
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