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  1. Free kicks currently 20-10 our way. Might be a difficult last quarter when the umps see the count and start throwing around the evener-uppers. Still think we can win.
  2. Dont care about the score as long as Buckley doesnt go out a winner. I havent forgiven the bastards for making us miss finals a few years back. Rub their noses in it Dees.
  3. What a fantastic problem to have.. "Is one of the best contested players in the league good enough to warrant automatic selection in our team"? How far we have come.....
  4. Someone in the press reads this thread and next thing you know a headline reads "Demons concerned about too many big heads". I like our oversized heads. MOAR HEADZ i say !!
  5. I know a true fan watches 4 quarters of a replay so im gonna skip the first half and just watch the second half twice. GO DEES !!!
  6. Since when did you become a Beer [censored]? Dont you still smash your home brew spirits?
  7. Melbourne....... i meant Melbourne by 6 goals. We all do typos dont we? Dont we? I want a mulligan. GO DEES !!!
  8. Im tipping the Dogs by a fairly easy 6 goals, because our footy has been off the boil for the best part of a month, and the Dogs are red-hot atm. I also think we will beat Brisbane next week (as long as we dont play in Brisbane) As i said in another thread, tonights result, if a loss, wont see us missing an appointment in September. We should still go DEEP
  9. He used to be one of my 2 favorites in my DL sig. I got nervous and removed him when his 2019 was ordinary. Should have stuck fat and i would have looked ahead of the curve. Never mind, im back on the wagon GO NIBBLER !!!!!!
  10. Dogs by the length of the straight i reckon. I will be surprised if we get within 6 goals. We will get slaughtered for clearances unless Trac play the vast majority of the game in the guts. Having said that, i think we can beat the Lions the week after if that games goes ahead in the Territory. Different story if we get moved to Brisvegas. Whatever happen in the next 2 games, we are still going deep into September.
  11. That loss has been a few weeks in the making IMHO. Its almost a relief to get it out of the way. I will be happy to split the next 2 games 50/50 and reset at the bye. Not the end of the world.
  12. That many touches means he has been well held, and im sure he would be disappointed. Aim higher LITD
  13. The game was without commentary on TV. All i heard was barracking (for CFC) by BT and Brayshaw. NVM, we stuck it up 'em in the end. Go Dees!
  14. Grats young fella. Has had a great start to his career and shows how valuable a reasonably long apprenticeship in the 2's is. Surprised me how good he has been tbh. I have never bagged him (iirc) but didnt have a great deal of confidence that he would play as well as he has. I have been consuming my share of humble pie this year i must say.
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