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  1. (from the commentators...) "Dogs free kick"
  2. I heart Nev. Quality human who will be missed when he retires.
  3. I will be within arms length of a Defibrillator and a stomach pump.
  4. I have organised a shift swap vwith one of the girls from work so i have GF day off. They all know how much i love my Dees and it was never going to be a problem for me to find someone to pick up my shift on the 25th. Im also an aged care nurse @Goffy so i know whats up. To anyone who will be watching the game by yourself, i will be happy to share my phone number or skype/Messenger during the game so you have another fanatic to share the ride. PM me if you want smeone to talk to on the day. My name is Richard and i [censored] love the Dees. Be warned though, i am LOUD and passionate and will probably be tanked before the game so i can handle the nerves.
  5. 70/30 dees support. BOOOOOOOOO
  6. 186 that you pack of [censored] GO DEES !!!
  7. Geelong look tired. We got this.
  8. Resize your pic before posting either by using a photo edit suite, or cropping it. (open it with MS Paint and there is a resize option... or email it to me and i will do it)
  9. Couldnt eat a whole one though.
  10. If that ends up being the score (in our favour) i will buy you a carton of beer. Or bottle of Scotch.... or something.
  11. Some DLers need to hit the bong. Stress levels are off the charts on here.
  12. Their 4-pronged forward line. Our backs are better.
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