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  1. Dees should be hungry. Narrm Narrm Narrm Narrm Narrm....... 10goals plus.
  2. So the Bulldogs keep getting maximum exposure on Prime Time FTA games. League headquarters must be trying to make up for the horrible run they keep getting from the umps. /SARC ffs.
  3. He might be a ducker, but hes OUR ducker.... Get around him.
  4. I understand players wanting out of the Victorian fishbowl, i just wish they would choose a team like Gold Coast. Tthat way we can support their move but not worry about a new threat to our reign.... 😄 Sydney has already had too many breaks. GO THE COASTERS !!! ( as long as you stay out of the 8)
  5. Would if i could. Logged in and there is no "edit" button.
  6. "Head is sacrosanct" but even more sacrosanct if a no-name infringes. AFL version of equality.
  7. I would be happy to do just that if you could point me towards the "Edit" button... :P
  8. I want Jake Bowey to play over 200 games for Melbourne and go his whole career undefeated.
  9. We trade Brayshaw for a second rounder and i will dump a truck load of cow poo at MFC headquaters.
  10. The league can use the money normally reserved for washed up, has-been music acts to give us decent fireworks. If i have to hear "Up there Cazaly" one more time.........
  11. Didnt you also think the Saints would beat us? Yeah i actually think we can destroy Meth Coke.
  12. 38 point win over an in-form and confident Sainters. I will take that result every day of the week. Some are disappointed that we didnt massacre them after a fast start but both teams played to win. Its not like they were ever gonna roll over and play dead. The lead was reduced to under 4 goals and we pulled away AGAIN. Last year we didnt exactly thrash every team either but look what the end result was. Today was a very good win.
  13. Surely its North. No way we should be interested. ("Prominent Club" could mean almost anything)
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