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  1. Warms my heart to see that we have finally settled on a home-grown replacement for Jack Watts. Now we can blame Tom for everything. :)
  2. They skipped over "Learnings" and went straight to "Winnings". A few years back our club was waxing lyrical that only MFC and GWS had been showing "linear improvement" over the previous few years. Worked out well for both of us didnt it.....
  3. I would be shocked if he could do more than a jog by 2029
  4. Annnnnnnnnd it begins. We OWN this time of year.
  5. This is hillarious... im not watching the game but reading this thread is making my day. It is EXACTLY the same as any of the game threads when we are playing. If nothing else it shows me not to post in game day threads ever again. :P
  6. Poor suckers hanging their hats on a Freo upset. Dont do it to yourselves.
  7. Breaking with Match Day Thread tradition, here is the current score. (Half Time) MFC 6.6: 42 EFC 2.2: 14
  8. To be eligible for nomination, the player must be aged 20 or under on 1 January that year, and have played ten or fewer AFL games as of the start of the season.[9] A player can only be nominated once per season; if a player is suspended during the season, he may be nominated, but will not be eligible to win the award.[ Dont care if he wins tbh. Kids gonna be a star anyway.
  9. Most likely scenario if we are interested. Dont have much else to spend unless one or 2 of our decent players ask for a trade. Saad would be a great get for our team IMO.
  10. I would take the double-up games against tougher opposition any day of the week if it meant more money. If we cant beat good teams we wont be winning he premiership anyway. Playing the lower teams might help us to make the finals, but if we are still no good we go out in straight sets anyway with not much gained. If the revenue difference is big enough (so many variables my brain hurts), take the harder games and learn to beat the best.
  11. Bor *What my Thai wife says to quickly rebuff my advances.
  12. I cant remember a player from ANY club who obviously hates losing as much as S.May. Wears his heart on his sleeve and demands the best of every player on the field. He is what we have been missing for years, and i wish we had a clone for the forward line as well as the midfield. Probably as close as we will get to having Luke Hodge in our team. We should not have left it this late but that was a geat win tonight.
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