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  1. I am more than a bit interested in what our draft hand ends up being. As others have said, i dont see us taking out current group of picks to the draft. There is plenty of time for JM to get us firmly into the top 10 this year and thats what i think will happen. Obviously he (and whoever is working with him) have been as busy as termites in a sawmill wrangling deals to get us higher into the draft, and there must be a specific target or 2 they have in mind that wont last until the 20's. Seems reasonable imo, especially when you consider that we traded out of the first round next year to go hig
  2. Surely he was worth a mid first round pick. Bloody MFC getting bent over again.... (yeah im joking but someone was bound to say we got robbed. Good luck Mitch)
  3. He probably still has the burning desire to play senior footy, and we possibly havent guaranteed him that he will get that at MFC. If some other club can help him play more games, im sure the club wouldnt stand in his way, especially if the coin is better elsewhere. I wouldnt be a bit bothered about him getting a contract at another club to finish his career. There shouldnt be any doubt the club will have him back when that contract finishes. As to the bolded part, we shouldnt lose him forever, as long as there is an agreement that we (MFC) employ him after he finished playing f
  4. I love Nevs guts, but he has more than earned the right to get the best deal for himself and his family at the end of a great career. Will it be sad to see him go?... Of course. Will he still love the club?... Yeah i am sure he will Will the whole Club wish him the best if he does leave?... Im absolutely certain they will. Go for it Nev. There will always be a place for you at MFC when your playing career is over.
  5. Interesting to see a few people opine that a failure to make finals next year would be the catalyst for some of our better players to consider leaving. Have any of you thought that a failure THIS year might have had the same effect? Im not in the least surprised that rumours are swirling about the players becoming restless. Success is what all of us want. The difference is that players can go elsewhere to find that success, whereas the fans are stuck waiting for MFC to break through. Club is at a crossroads imo.
  6. I was well aware of that but thanks for your valuable input.
  7. Dear lord i just threw up in my mouth reading this.... So 2018/19 We still cant figure out which one was the aberration.
  8. Why not? We have been clinging to ever fading memories of our last premiership for more than 50 years.
  9. No problem, i will do it for both of us.
  10. Have wanted Tippa for a few years. He and Kossie in the forward line would be absolutely electric. Wouldnt have so much of a need for a power forward if we had that setup. Our forward 50 options are a gaping chasm in our current list. Fritta leading up the ground further and delivering into the 50 with Tippa on a lead and Kossie scooping up the crumbs. Sign me up.
  11. Meh. Spud anyway.
  12. After all these years ignoring politics being dragged into threads you choose to react to that one? Cant wait to see what happens next time someone makes a comment about Trump in a footy thread.
  13. Riiiight, Labor is not to blame for anything.... Ever. Got it.
  14. Kennett has been out of power for over 20 years. The health system is Labors mess to own in Victoria.
  15. Regarding Brown, the fact that North are (seemingly) pushing him out the door shouldnt be a huge concern imo. They are in full-blown rebuild mode and are happy to trade out anyone of value, especially those who are unlikely to be a part of their next "window". Brown in particular is trade-bait because of his age, and the likelihood of adding to their haul of first and second round picks they have/want for this years draft. Aint no way Brown will be playing good footy when North are next playing finals, so now is the perfect time for them to trade him out while he is still a valuable pickup for
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