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  1. The result of this game has once again raised both of the most common emotions felt by MFC supporters. Doom AND Gloom. Yes, our kids didnt play well, but they mostly wont be in the round 1 team. Im happy to leave my wrists un-slashed for another month. Unless we lose round 1 then its on.
  2. His incessant "growling" voice when something exciting was happening ****ted me to tears. If he could just have comentated without constantly asking for positive affirmation from his fellow commentators his legacy wouldnt have been as mixed as it surely will be. Isnt he? Wasnt it? Didnt he? Vomit. Cya Broocy.
  3. Awesome training report. i felt like i was there. Thanks everyone.
  4. Hard not to like AFLW when the quality is like this match. Yeah the comp started slowly, but it is rapidly gaining momentum. Genuinely entertaining that was. Go you good things !!!!!
  5. This is what building "culture" looks like. Well, its one of the ingredients anyway. Great initiative by whoever thought of it. The club deserves a pat on the back for this one. Would make a very interesting video for the fans as well. Love it.
  6. What have you done with our Picket Fence?
  7. Panic should always be initiated at the earliest possible opportunity. MFCSS demands it.
  8. So, ..... hows them membership numbers.....?
  9. This post is a great advertisement for Grammarly
  10. I would have said "the more popular one"
  11. Which is totally irrelevant unless you think that just because he had a poor (Covid affected) buildup to the draft like Max then he is going to be a champ like Max. That would make zero sense at all, and your posting history proves you are no dill. The kid has done nothing other than run well in a time trial, and many are talking like he is the second coming. It is really becoming embarrassing. I say we just remove the high expectation, which only gets him slagged off when he doesnt tear up games from round 1. Let him develop and hope he turns out a best 22.
  12. The hype on this kid is getting a bit OTT. He is a pick 34 without a long list of accomplishments, who is being lauded as a future champ by some, and its based on a few highlights and (admittedly impressive) aerobic capacity. Poor kid should just be given the chance to see if he can play footy before we go gooey over him. He is probably the perfect candidate to test our player development skills.
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