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  1. Remember that it doesn't matter who or what you are, in the spirit of inclusivity it is your social credit score that counts.
  2. Your wager pay out is looking more likely. Unconstitutional election laws are, as it turns out, not worthwhile in the long run.
  3. Wow. Ok, prove me wrong twice, shame on me. Btw, you're flying off the handle at something that wasn't said. Never mind though.
  4. Expected better than this from you Macca. C'es't la vie
  5. https://www.who.int/bulletin/online_first/BLT.20.265892.pdf
  6. Well, 5 people contributed to approximately 80,000 of those deaths by mandating COVID patients move to aged care facilities. So maybe it did.
  7. You're actually making my point for me Hardtack. "Senate confirmed a Supreme Court nominee by an opposing party". If Obama held the senate he would have confirmed the SC candidate (in an election year) and thus this has everything to do with Obama not having the "procedural capacity". By the way, on 29 other occasions the sitting President has nomiated a SC candidate in an election year.
  8. To clarify, I'm not questioning what people involved in the decision making said. It's a simple statement Hardtack. Obama wanted to do what Trump did but couldn't. He would have, but couldn't. To then frame that inability as some sort of reason why Trump can't, IS a re-writing of history.
  9. I'm not questioning what people said. Obama would have confirmed the SC candidate if he could. He could not and therefore did not. What people said then is irrelevant, just as it is now.
  10. No, the main difference is that Obama did not have the procedural capacity to enact the appointment and as such his attempt failed. Nothing whatsoever to do with it being an election year and to say otherwise is a re-writing of history.
  11. Can see him being poached and unleashed with a nice budget and support crew by a club with money to burn in a few years.
  12. It's going to be interesting when Trump increases his electoral college result. I wonder if he can get to 350 this time.
  13. Points per game finish: 385 – Christian Petracca (17) 22.64 362 – Steven May (17) 21.29 311 – Jack Viney (16) 19.43 296 – Ed Langdon (17) 17.41 291 – Clayton Oliver (17) 17.11 234 - Max Gawn (14) 16.71 186 – Angus Brayshaw (14) 13.28 172 – Sam Weideman (13) 13.23 79 – Luke Jackson (6) 13.16 208 – Christian Salem (16) 13 179 – Michael Hibberd (14) 12.78 94 – Trent Rivers (9) 10.44 80 – Charlie Spargo (8) 10 165 – Jake Lever (17) 9.70 154 – Bayley Fritsch (16) 9.62 102 – Kysaiah Pickett (14) 7.28 92 – Adam Tomlinson (13) 7.07 119 – Jake Melksham
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