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  1. Would much rather have inside information provided to us that didn't eventuate, than no information at all. Please don't be discouraged Doctor! You've single handedly been worth at least half of the value of the forum posts in the past few weeks :)
  2. Getting in true Melbourne people - really good ones from all reports too - is the best result. I think Yze would thus have an inherent ruthless edge that the club wants. True investment.
  3. I understand I might be in the minority here, but I'm a fan of Mahoney (or the parts we get to see). Has always conducted himself professionally, even during controversial times and I've always been left with a level of calm assurance that I haven't felt from our other media regulars, except for perhaps Jackson. However, I think he would know that your accountable on results, and if that's the reason for his alleged dismissal, then it can't be argued against. We're underperforming, and he plays a vital role on our success.
  4. Smith makes us a better side. Personally, I'm for making us a better side.
  5. Walters and taberner out just means more goals for Jesse to kick. Go Jesse!
  6. That Petracca goal was somethin else. He is seriously good.
  7. Jack Viney leaving helps us, not hinders for mine. Gus plays in the guts more - who is much more creative than Viney's limited disposal skills - and we get likely first rounder in return. I've also never really warmed to Jack's "do what I do" leadership. I honestly don't think it's a bad thing that he leaves.
  8. I've resisted as long as I could, but this is the first time I'll say it. Goodwin has to go. There is literally no excuses this year. You just failed as a senior coach. Time to move on.
  9. I hope those claiming they won't renew their membership aren't the ones that blindly renew every October. Bloody remember these moments, and start to hold this god damn club accountable for a change.
  10. Not one Melbourne player is taking responsibility to kick goals. Everyone is defending tonight. No intent going forward. I have no idea what they think get paid to do.
  11. I have no idea who is going to kick our goals today.
  12. Words can't do the justice of Truck's last goal. Absolute freak.
  13. Last minute hurt, but the other 39 had us a 14 point better side. More positives than negatives. Stay the course and I reckon we get up.
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