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  1. Stoked he stayed! I know he hasn't taken his opportunities yet, but I really really do think he is worth persisting with. He just needs confidence. Once he has 3-4 good games in a row, he'll never look back.
  2. He carried the weight of the whole footy club over his career. He got us through to the other end; a debt we can never repay. Jonesy, we freaking love you.
  3. I'm lucky enough to be able to go (touchwood), being from TasWeiga. I'm locked and loaded! I promise you I'll be loud!
  4. An absolutely incredible quarter. Every facet except... scoreboard. It'll be bloody amazing viewing on the replay... only if we win. Traumatic if we lose. Keep the heat Dees.
  5. A lot of highlights that quarter! It's actually insane how good this game is so far. Boys have come to play. LFG Dees
  6. Man, I'm still so wired! I'm thrilled for Max honestly. His last quarter was amazing - killed it in the middle, then went back and kicked the Captain's Goal. He's SENSATIONAL, and I hope he gets the All-Australian Captaincy gig!
  7. This 100%. It actually made me disgusted the stuff I saw at HT. There is venting, but then there is just, overexaggerated awful comments. I hope they take no enjoyment out of tonight, or our finals campaign.
  8. I am so unbelievable thrilled with that result! So proud! I BELIEVE WE CAN DO IT!
  9. Who was that clown who said Gawn was a sh!thouse captain? Get that up ya.
  10. The posts in this thread, hands down. Absolute cancer here.
  11. 1) It's our first mid quarter collapse in a whole season. It won't be happening again. 2) some of those goals are easily preventable 3) our defence got pantsed. Also incredibly unlikely to happen again 4) I remember doggies got done last round of 2016 by like 10 goals. Went on to win the flag. I doubt this does anything to our belief. If anything... a blessed learning I reckon.
  12. Well, there was that one guy, Jake Lever :P
  13. I like Harmes getting midfield minutes more than Viney.
  14. Man, to serve that up against that rabble. I wanna spew up. First game of the year we didn't win where the other team weren't good. [censored] me they are average. And to draw against them? Yuck.
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