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  1. Please change thread title to "Farewell Brodie Grundy, we barely knew ye."
  2. In the heartland no less! How DARE they… 😤
  3. Well the only bit of that game I saw was a replay of some pie getting a shoulder to the head. It’s not much, but I’ll take it, as my only memory of the end to a very depressing September. I will now use my remaining mental strength trying not to imagine the two worst offenders receiving their medals. Damn, I just imagined it. Out! Out damn Cox! Go Dees.
  4. CARN THE ROYS! 💙💛❤️
  5. Me too. It's absolutely nuts that Bont hasn't won one. Goes to show what it ain't worth.
  6. THE UMPS PULLED VOTES FROM TRAC SO DAICOS CAN WIN. It's all part of the conspiracy. 🙄 Watch out for the 5G.
  7. That's a pretty long wait for a team that just made a prelim. Unless you're planning on a few in-between, which is unwise cos I think we all know the Dees have got the next three sewn up.... 🥴 But bad luck No. 31, you guys gave it a good shake for your first finals series in a decade. Lots to look forward to.
  8. You can sign it over to another member. I did that in ‘18.
  9. This is the season that just keeps delivering. TV off, can’t bear the thought of getting that earworm.
  10. It’s weird the similarity in feeling between wanting a result out of hatred and wanting one out of love.
  11. How is that “really well tackled by Nick Daicos” ??? He strangled him!
  12. Bedford kicking like he’s still at Melbourne.
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