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  1. They gave up their first next year for 24 & 30, we did it for 18/19? They got lucky with Reef, but your post makes no sense.....
  2. Agreed, I'm not saying we will give him away for nothing, hopefully we get fair compensation, but very little gained keeping him if he's made his mind up he wants the opportunity to be #1 elsewhere.
  3. All those saying we hold all the power as he's contracted and it will be a bidding war, forget how it works. He'll nominate a club and we'll get him there at a fair price. In recent years there's only been the odd case (papley/daniher) where the player hasn't got to where they want, contracted or not, but can't see us standing in his way here.
  4. This makes no sense. They have a great young spine as you say, so they don’t need to invest there, hence they’re investing in other areas. Jones/Weitering/Cripps/Curnow/McKay is a top 6 spine. They just have a lot of ordinary players still getting a game. Adding Williams and Saad improves then immediately...
  5. Would have thought this isn't the year to do this there's virtually no exposed form so there will undoubtedly end up being value with the later picks. Usually you have to throw in a later pick due to the uncertainty of the future pick, so would think it makes more sense to save the pick till next year.
  6. Very good point this... Spent most of the game on Butler, so no reason he can't handle Papley. Shows how much faith they must have in the kid. Presumably he'll get first crack.
  7. Check again.... he made some absolute howlers in that time and was absolute rubbish. Was just lucky he had 3 of the best defenders in the world in front of him...
  8. Noticed this about Langdon too, was so infuriating!
  9. Might just be me, but much prefer Smith on Riewoldt than Omac. Despite what's been said here, Smith has been good defensively with his closing speed on the lead and physically seems an ideal match-up for Riewoldt. Oscar doesn't have the pace for Riewoldt or the size for Lynch so can't see why they would play him.
  10. Sounds like it. He's pulled out of the draft, so signed by someone!
  11. Awesome, where'd you guys watch? Been living in London since 07 and didn't realise there were more dees here. Would love to join you next week if I can get off work!
  12. He's a FA, so would cost nothing except salary cap space. Severely underrated player who you'd hope we're looking at. Would walk into our best team no problem.
  13. Have a mate who's a Dockers fan, who played wafl, so knows his footy. He watches the dees every week, just to watch Trac. Thinks he's a gun already and going to be best in the comp in a few years...
  14. Temple walkabout next to Temple station would be showing it. Not too far away from Oxford Street and it's nice along the river there. If not, you can always sign up to watchafl for a week and watch on laptop/ipad. Used it for every game this year and works great.
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