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  1. Burgess is next level - he is absolutely the reason behind our hard finishing fourth quarters. Players text him to find out the order in which they need to eat their vegetables during each meal - it’s ridiculous. We won’t be able to replace him (with someone remotely commensurate) if and when he leaves.
  2. People can learn from mistakes and life experiences. And then they become better. I reckon Buckley is firmly in this category.
  3. I was loving this season, until this. If Yze or Williams leave this club right now, I will kill myself.
  4. I like Buckley. He’s absolutely won me over, despite starting from a very low base. I’m worried about Monday though - this announcement will mean the Pies have the equivalent of 20 extra players. If Yze goes to the Pies, I will kill myself.
  5. If that’s the case, we’ve got this.
  6. I feel strangely pessimistic, and optimistic, in equal doses. I think I’ll only work out whether the forces of darkness or lightness in my head will prevail in the first 10 minutes following the opening bounce. I’m hoping Skywalker will prevail.
  7. Lynch and Papley. Perhaps put them in a cage to determine the winner.
  8. And, he was so bad, that he led to us landing Paul Roos, which is the most significant signature in this club’s history. Everything we are now seeing flowed from that. Roos needs to be immortalised.
  9. The MFC is a competent outfit now. Weid was in the starting 18 until he was injured prior to the first game of the season. Then, without any reasonable foreseeability, Tommy Mac rediscovered his 2018 form and Weid hasn’t been able to get back into the team in the short term. We’re 7-0. That said, I’ve no doubt the club is in his ear, and that he is aware that he is in the club’s short, medium and long term plans. I’m also confident he has sufficient maturity and professionalism to understand that the team is flying and there is presently no good reason to change a winning formula. He
  10. I'm crying! He's a lifer. Just like us! Go Trac!
  11. ... immediately give the middle digit to all of my mates, my work colleagues, various general acquaintances, strangers on the street, anyone who’s given me carp over the last 20 years for supporting the Demons - and then remind all of those people that I told them that we’d win the flag this year and that they know nothing, before drinking all the booze in Victoria in one single session. That’s how I’d roll. It’d probably lead to a few regrets by Monday morning. And possibly also a little bit of time spent at her Majesty’s pleasure.
  12. I’d be absolutely (pleasantly) astonished if May can play this Saturday. I had resigned myself to him being out for 3 months when I first saw his injury. I find this news in the first moon-landing territory of remarkableness - surely it can’t be true.
  13. Salem’s Salon. Clayton Oliver is apparently a regular in there.
  14. I’m genuinely surprised to learn that they have a fan forum which does not resemble a comic book.
  15. Choco Williams - recruiting master-stroke
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