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  1. Choco Williams. This is like some kind of movie. In fact, get Netflix onto this now - literally from the day Choco enters the building.
  2. I don’t know what to think about this. Guess I’ve got to trust the club. Mahoney always struck me as a competent and loyal MFC guy - he impressed me. He was also fantastic at upgrading our lowly draft picks. I wish him all the best at EFC. Not too much luck, but definitely some luck.
  3. I’ll attempt to answer this. In a former role in my life, I used to manage a very large legal team at a major bank which controlled significant spend on legal firms each year just after the GFC - circa $35m each year. I headed up (and controlled) this spend for 5 years. That attracted significant interest. And, quite obviously, invitations to various things followed - bull sharks to a fishing trawler. Who cares you might reasonably ask? Well, I didn’t. I didn’t give a flying stuff. BUT - there was one moving part which was relevant. I was based in Sydney, and I was known to be a
  4. I cannot believe this. It is beyond unreal. Never before has this club shown such ballsy yet inspired confidence.
  5. Like I expect most here, I don’t know the bloke. But I think it’s relevant that: - Paul Roos is an astute judge of talent and character and he brought him into the club - he initially played some very good games for us; and - most of us do not know what it’s like to be the recipient of unsolicited taunts, repeatedly, of a racist nature in circumstances where he’s had a fragile upbringing and probably requires some sensitive handling, not some 1970s Vic Bitter style mysogynistic footy club ‘deal with it’ approach. He strikes me as a fairly unusual character. That said, I sus
  6. Who cares what Dwwwayynne thinks. The reality is that every other club in the comp would be absolutely stoked to have Jackson on their list. So, thanks for your expert comments Dwwwayynne. Pity for you that you’re absolutely incorrect.
  7. Same here. I immediately thought to myself, ‘who the [censored] is this dude?’ And then I almost immediately discovered it’s actually a new club sponsor. My settings instantly turned to ‘thank you’. All good. I now have nothing but affection for this entity and will purchase this wine, whether or not I like it.
  8. I’d be pretty upset if I were a North supporter. But I’m not. This is fantastic. Go Dees. 😊
  9. Barry Prendegast rivals Mark Neeld for one of the MFC’s greatest ever gifts. Both human wrecking balls.
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