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  1. Melksham and Hibberd are also two players whom I used to dislike, who quickly turned it around in the affection stakes.
  2. Jeffy Garlett - I didn’t dislike him at Carlton, but I loved him in the red and the blue. Jordan Lewis, Byron Pickett and Gary Moorcroft come to mind. Bernie Vince is possibly my favourite ever Demon.
  3. It’s funny how that happens. There are several players over the years who I’ve really disliked, only for them to join the Dees and then they’ve become some of my more favoured players. Remember that West Coast hard-nut who joined us about 15 years ago - I can’t remember his name (Phil?), but I used to loathe him, and then he joined the club and I absolutely loved him.
  4. Brown has always demolished us as an opposition forward. It’ll be interesting to see how he goes playing for us (if we land him).
  5. Rejecting that offer is in the territory of Don Trump retardness. He should be suing his manager, his parents, literally anyone and everyone - even himself. That said, I hope he comes to the Dees.
  6. Good to know. I want to see board members with proper passion and knowledge about the club, not CV builders who wish to boast about being MFC board members at South Yarra dinner parties for social purposes. That’s why the likes of Collingwood and Richmond make us look tres ordinaire - they’ve got rid of their politicians and get around people with legitimate passion for the club.
  7. I reckon he likes the club, he’s mates with many of the players on the list, he was grateful we drafted him, and he’s previously said he wants to win a flag with us. That’s just based on observations through following the club as a supporter - nothing else. He just doesn’t seem to be a flight risk, other than if he’s not being sufficiently rated internally and not being paid properly (which plainly he would be).
  8. This guy’s important to us. Fingers crossed , this happens.
  9. This is a bit disappointing. Will always remember the sealer in the semi final against the Cats in 2018. Come to think of it, I miss that winning feeling - it's good for the soul.
  10. What’s the alternative? Our season has ended, fyi.
  11. It's a no brainer offering him a 3 year deal, particularly given that: it seems 2 years won't get him across the line; he'll most likely be good for another 3 years, particularly with Burgess managing him; we have a desperate need for the bloke; and like Lewis, he'll bring much needed on-field coaching knowledge and experience. I will be absolutely stoked if we land this guy.
  12. There was a time when players such as Luke Ball refused to even talk to us in connection with a potential trade. At least we’re no longer in that zone: Vince, Melksham, May, Hibberd, Lever, Lewis, Langdon, Tomlinson. We’re in the conversation these days.
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