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  1. Trade Fritsch?! This is surely a contender for the worst thread of the decade.
  2. Interesting to read this. I was discussing the game with a mate yesterday (Dees supporter), and he said - ‘we were really up against it until Kossie turned the entire game in its head, single handedly’. This then caused me to reflect on Kossie’s contribution - I immediately thought, ‘yep, you’re spot on’. Kossie turned this game for us - Ratten is absolutely on the money. And he’s a good bloke for acknowledging this.
  3. And he won a Brownlow. Sure - Shane W may not have been the best player in that year, but he was a dedicated, loyal Demon and he was ultimately let down by the club and by many supporters. The club, at the time, which was run by a stack of tres ordinaire lawyers and accountants with limited EQ and probably limited IQ, didn’t recognise this - and they stuffed it up. 2003 was a disaster as a direct result. I just hope we’ll be better going forward.
  4. I’d love to see this kid at the club. We lost our soul for several years when we offloaded his Dad to the Pies.
  5. I loved Danny Frawley. He struck me as a rare, and caring, and very funny, individual. It’s desperately sad that he couldn’t see the positives in his life and that he cut it tragically short. Some of the posts here are just ridiculous - I can’t believe I’m actually reading them. I hope his struggles ultimately enable others to seek help. Round 2 each year is now a very important round.
  6. Probably didn't watch the game. Or, if they did, they plainly didn't understand what they were watching.
  7. Let’s call stumps on the home and away season right now.
  8. I genuinely thought I was watching James McDonald playing for us again yesterday. And it’s not because this dude was wearing number 23. Well, not entirely because of that. He seems to be the type of hard working, no nonsense, selfless, working class but effective, midfielder we’ve been missing.
  9. What argument are you trying to win here? The club loves the bloke, he is plainly the future of the joint, and I expect they’re desperately trying to get him to commit to a long term deal. So what’s your point? They should should be being more naff, more cliched, less cool?
  10. Perhaps more like round 1 2019 v Port. Similarly bad outcome.
  11. There is a steady stream of players who leave the club each year, whether it be their choice or the club’s choice. And, of them, there are some players whom you wish all the best - you kind of want to see them do well following their departure from the MFC, even if it is with another AFL club. Oscar McDonald is in this category. Good luck to the young man - he strikes me as a quality individual. Let’s be better than to simply run him down, he was a devoted Demon - wish him luck, if only to make you look better as a human.
  12. It'd be great to see Tom recapture his 2018 form, ideally during the warm up immediately prior to the first practice match this preseason.
  13. I’m not (currently) worried about our list. It has sufficient quality, depth and diversity. However, I still have question marks about the quality and dynamism of our coaching (outside of the Ooze and Mr Williams). Goodwin (potentially) still has a dynamic forward line available to him early this year. As stated in the opening post, this however will require some flair and out of the box thinking. It’ll be interesting to see if Goodwin can will himself to get him there and smash the traditional, formulaic, old school paradigm-based forward line thinking. This is the zone in whic
  14. I hope we offer him a contract. It just feels like the right thing to do - for us, for him, and for the sake of humanity.
  15. It’s not great news but at least it’s early Feb, we still have T Mac (who’s super fit with a point to prove), Mitch Brown, Jackson and a stack of other mid and small forward options. We’re better when we’re not drinking our own bath water. It’s not over yet. In fact, the season’s not yet even started. And we’re not Collingwood.
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