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  1. It is, but if you have an adblocker the ads disappear and you get a foxfooty stream of the Brownlow. I'm watching it now.
  2. Anyone looking for a stream - https://www.vipleague.lc/tag-fox-afl-tv-live
  3. Come on Tracc! $29K multi waiting on you and next Saturday. Bring it home!
  4. But they're not GF Medallions. They're Premiership medals. For the team that wins the GF at the end of the Premiership season. The GF is not a game in isolation. It takes a shedload of hard work through the entire season and the finals series to even get there. I don't think it's much of a stretch to say players who played in X games throughout the season that helped the club actually reach the ultimate game deserve a medal too. To the traditionalists - Pre 77(?) the winning club decided who got what, the (A)VFL didn't and there was no set standard. I'm not sure what Melbourne did for our wins but I'm curious to find out.
  5. A champion of the club. Stuck with us during some of the darkest days and continued to give his absolute all. A leader both on and off the field, here's hoping he'll continue to stick around in some capacity. I'm gutted that he couldn't make it back into the 22 for the Grand Final, but am hopeful the guys will get it done for him and us. Thanks Nathan.
  6. The trains are awesome. Station right at the stadium and public transport is included with your game day ticket.
  7. So what you're saying is there's a chance we borrow Frosty for a week from the Hawks to replace May? I like it. 😁
  8. I like the opener. Young & Bold, Vs Tired & Old. Tear them to shreds, let them go back to bed.
  9. I'll be there along with a Freo supporting mate in Dees gear! Let's do this!
  10. I think it's only free shipping over a certain spend, at least that's what my cart is doing. 1 Hoodie - Paid shipping. 2 Hoodies - Free shipping appears.
  11. Geez I'm glad I stuck that one out, I thought we were absolutely gone. So glad to see these boys fight back like that. Absolutely stoked.
  12. Can I genuinely thank you? Not because you speak the truth, but because you spout such absolute rubbish you forced me to signup just so I could place you on ignore. Cheers :) As to the game - what can you say? How do we continually put forth such utter crap against the bottom teams with nothing changing. Very very lucky to escape with 2 points.
  13. Yeah right, that's even more interesting. I wonder if the difference is because of the MCC seating? No GFG seats left in the MCC areas, but they do have for GA? Curious.
  14. Hey I get it, I really do. I wouldn't say my commitment to the club is unbreakable - I've seen many bonehead decisions over the past few decades that have really peed me off. Just in this case I can't see how I'd be able to blame them when no matter how hard they fight and push - ultimately it would be the AFL who'd screw us. I do agree with you though - I'd be mightily [censored] if I didn't feel they did everything they could to secure tickets for the GFG holders should this scenario occur.
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