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  1. The Carlton game will ruin us again. He kicks that goal and he would have had the 3 votes. How many times can you get screwed with one poor decision.
  2. I want more. Plain and simple. When I am reminded of this glorious day, it makes the sting of this year's straight sets exit come back to the forefront of my mind.
  3. Oliver was criticized by his over handballing earlier on his career. But agree we need to find an unpressured ball user. Whether it is getting the ball to the outside, a ball user off half back or bursting free of stoppage. The dump kick has to be the last option. And the forward structure needs to create space, so if there is a pressured kick it is to space. It shouldn't be going to be the top of the goal square all the time either, but mix it up with various areas where there is deliberately manufactured space. The kicks need to have a lowered (not completely low) trajectory, so the forwards have a chance of marking the darn thing without it getting spoiled.
  4. We need to sort this out now. 2 months until pre-season, 1 month until trade/draft.
  5. Who was head of our recruitment back then? I have repressed a lot of my memories from back then.
  6. They may. But I think they may opt to package up their assistance picks for a ready made. They are minus McKay and Logue. From memory they only have one remaining KPD.
  7. We want him too. I think im fairly settled on him being 70/30 forward mid. That is where games are won. As long as he gets the service he’ll add influence games.
  8. Has to be a please explain. Just has to be. It was completely unprecedented.
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