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  1. I like players like Taj. Will leave no stone unturned and will get the absolute best out of himself. I have no doubt he’ll improve even more this year and expect him to play a couple of games in the 1s.
  2. He is worth more than LJ and after paying overs for LJ, I just can’t see Freo doing the same thing for Kozzy - particularly when they have other youngsters who’ll be demanding some of that pie. Power have nothing to trade with as a future first ain’t going to do it. Would he go to WC or Adelaide? Hopefully just posturing and he’ll sign before season starts.
  3. I remember watching Shai Bolton explode onto the scene a few years ago. It’s a similar progression between these two - starting small forward, good game then quiet game. Bolton has really only come on in the last year or two since he has moved into the midfield a bit more. Kozzy still has upside and I think will ultimately go beyond Bolton IMV. Once he is able to get even more consistent, I can see him sneaking into top 20-30 players in the league
  4. Prediction: Preseason intensity will be the 2023 version of the loading thread.
  5. Need all three involved in our rebound 50 game. Not only hitting targets but making quick decisions and cutting up teams with quick delivery i50 and isolating our forwards If we use the boundary like we did this year it will be a long year. We will inevitably turn it over but we need to take more risks.
  6. The success of Gawndy will depend upon to a large extent on two factors: 1. How much we can use our ruck contests to advantage. We can win tap-outs but will these translate to centre clearances. History says not so much. 2. How effective we can use the secondary ruck. To me this is the big one. Whether it is setting up behind play or having an extra presence down forward. Whether its an defensive increase in intercepts or goals kicked. Anything > +1 goal differential will be success. Then there is the flip side of how teams plan around Gawndy and what they will try to do to take advantage of an extra big fella on the filed / in rotation.
  7. It’s not rocket science right. Keep ‘em guessing. The moment we see the oppo setup for one side we kick to the other.
  8. How does HFC go from almost bankrupt to the wealthiest club in Victoria. And the Doggies 2nd with a crappy supporter base? What am I missing here?
  9. Adelaide already got Rankine, so doubt they’d load up on another high value small forward.
  10. Freo didn’t get away with a bargain. We all have to take our demons glasses of. It was still under a IMV but not by a lot. LJ still is more upside than proven value. He had maybe 2-3 good games this year and 1 outstanding. That is what the pundits see and that is what Freo paid. LJs lack of professionalism probably cost is the difference in the end. Had he showed some real desire to get the best out of Freo , he would have. Kozzy on the other hand has shown his worth on far many more occasions and in NPV terms worth a hell lot more. Port have got nothing to trade atm but I know that doesn’t count for squat. Question is who do they trade out next year to get a top 10 pick. Freo at least had something to bargain with. Port have no 1st rounders and we ain’t doing a deal with a F1 as they’ll finish top 8. Hopefully we have some additional free cash from the new EBA that will kick in on 2024 that we can backload into his new contract offer. I suspect that once the increase in salary cap becomes clearer Kozzys’ management will know in real terms (not %) and they’ll make a decision soon after that.
  11. Port traded in all of their chips to get JHF. They have no trade capital in R1 this year as of right now. They would need to move talent to get into Round 1 this year and they don’t have too many players they can afford to let go that would get them that. That’s if Kozzy decides to go.
  12. Speed is predominately from ball movement - leg speed does factor too but nowhere near as much as we think. The main factors that contribute to fast ball movement are (as others have stated) kick to handball ratio - but its not that simple. You also need to look at what part of the field is used as well. The teams that looked lightening quick moved through the corridor - we hardly used the corridor, instead elected to play through the wings (kick to Gawn game-plan has to be scrapped). Mark and play on rates will also contribute. MFC would take a mark, stop, evaluate and kick to wing (exaggeration but you get the point). Teams that look quicker would usually mark, overlap handball, next kick and within 5 seconds the ball would have moved 50-80m. That is enough to go from D50 to F50. It is what Collingwood's do or die gameplan in 2022 was built on. High risk, high reward. it can break defensive and isolate forwards. My opinion is that the game will ultimately shift to this style - it contributes to high scoring and highly entertaining football. It is what the AFL wants at the end of the day.
  13. I think Geelong will come off it a bit with the tougher draw, Collingwood will get a reality check that their do or die brand is just not sustainable and Sydney will struggle with expectation. Brisbane are the ones for mine that present the most upside but it will depend on how their forward line functions now without McStay - Daniher a year older. Not sure Hipwood is a focal point. Feels a bit like MFC 2022ish. Also cannot count out the Doggies, they have one of the best lists in the AFL with superstars all over the forward half of the ground.
  14. I’m not so sure on this. Gameplay this year was to run the ball off half back and transition before the d50 could settle. Our f50 pressure and forward turnover has to be sorted out if we are going to have any success. Teams know they cannot allow us to setup our defence.
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