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  1. A bees Richard away from having Collingwood medically retire a second player in as many years
  2. Heat is definitely on. Almost feels like an attempt to open a rift between club and player.
  3. Sorry to say we ain’t in the ‘hell paying’ business.
  4. I doubt they’d go for this. It makes too much sense.
  5. Off field wise who knows. The players couldn’t seem to care less on Monday. From a footy sense it was a loss but not a significant one IMO.
  6. We are now firmly in the bucket of why would they want to come to us?
  7. Laurie is not AFL material. Should not get another AFL game. He is Toumpos 2.0 and the quicker we get him off our list the better.
  8. Pipe dream. Id encourage everyone to brace themselves for a turbulent 2nd half of the season. The players are 1-2 losses away from completely checking out. Once finals become mathematically improbable, watch the freefall. Our soft underbelly will be exposed.
  9. I hear ya. I just wish i didn't care so much..its mentally draining.
  10. So the key is does Simon persist with what we are all seeing as a failed adjustment to the game plan with the hope that we are about to come out the other side? Or revert back to the old game plan? The players have demonstrated their views by the way they present and play the game - its clear they are not believers of the new method, so will we see a new outfit after the bye or much of the same?
  11. Fritta is dangerous deep but is also an excellent field kick and at times did a few good things in the portion of the match I watched. I think he needs to be reminded of team footy a bit and play at half forward at times to help solve of our f50 connection issues. I get he has no defensive accountability but the VFL may change his perspective.
  12. Seriously what could it be that is known that won’t make it out to the media? Half the list is suffering from long covid? Players are revolting against coaches? Petty and Oliver have asked for a trade? Does it even matter any more?
  13. What coach(s) would you want right now? Have the knowledge and experience to right the ship? Im suspect of Buckley - he seems to be in the same mould as Goodwin. Is there anyone else? Maybe someone young and fresh?
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