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  1. If we do move ahead with this, i assume Chandler is elevated into the starting 22 to rotate with Kozzy in the FP. What roles then exist for Sparrow and Harmes if Viney rotates through the middle. Cant see both of them playing the HF/Mid role. Brayshaw back to HB seems logical, with Hunter taking the defensive wing. Lucky we are going to have a 5th sub because one of Harmes, JJ, Sparrow, ANB was probably going to miss otherwise or become the medi-sub There will be so many players trying to break into the squad from Casey too- Tommo, J. Smith, Woey, Laurie, Bowey, JVR, Howes, Turner, Dunstan - hopefully we are a bit more proactive this season in bringing in players at various points to keep the team fresher than last year.
  2. Its all about risk. The players and pick order for next year is murky at best, so some teams wouldn't want to take that gamble right now. But in 12 months time, you have a better gauge on what those 2 picks will get you and can make a better decision.
  3. Just goes to show that Pick 13 and F1 for LJ was unders because we cant even get into the top 5 with two first rounders. I would hate to give up 3 first rounders for pick 4 and 22 unless Pick 4 snared us a KPP. Instead i would take what ever is available this year and in 2023, id package up our 2xF1 and our 2024 F1 to trade into top 2 of the super draft.
  4. Imagine if the men’s AFL side had won it this year as well. Would have been a long while before any club could claim that trifecta. Heck, 2/3 is even tough.
  5. That doesn’t compute. why would we want to go backwards to 19 with a F1 and 37. 37 and F2 I can understand. Am I missing something here?
  6. I’m not a fan, but it is magnitudes better than what he has had going for the last 2 seasons.
  7. Your old school, hard nose player that has to learn a bit of humility. Love the bloke , he’s a gun and let’s hope he has learned his lesson. hopefully it’s nothing but noticed he was in SE Asia with the GF while the majority of the team was at Nibblers wedding.
  8. I’m of the same thought now - we never looked right all year. I suppose the upside is we still finished 2nd despite the clear fitness and injuries. Heres hoping for a better preseason and renewed vigour and focus for 2023.
  9. Recently bumped into a colleague who is chummy with one of the board members. When he spoke with him post season he mentioned that the players were over confident but that’s it. Doesn’t explain the lack of fitness and fade outs though.
  10. I’m pretty sure one of his boys was brawling with Nevs boy at the GF celebration at the G last year.
  11. The 6 games investment maybe paid 10 fold if we have a father son/daughter nomination down the track.
  12. So ultimately this means the Lions at the Gabba in GF if we both get through. Only real opponent that can cause an upset are the Crows but they have been pretty average this year bar flashes of brilliance.
  13. Our drafting strategy for the next 2-3 years has to focus on the bookends & HF line. Our midfield crop (Lingers, Hunter, Viney, Brayshaw, Trac, Clay, Gawndy, with Harmes, JJ, Sparrow to compliment, Dunstan as depth and Taj, Howes next in line) is set for at least another 5 solid years and any players we recruit now into that role will find it difficult to break through and would spend excessive times in the VFL. Its a good problem i suppose having the midfield and follower lines locked . We need to use our strong draft hand next year to find our next KPF to complement JVR (who is still unproven). We will hopefully get a solid look at Turner this year and see if he'll be able to hold down a KPF role to cover May's retirement, but if we have any doubt then we look to recruit and there is the potential backfill for Petty if he is to move forward. Begs the question what we do this year. Ideally it would have been to land Cadman, but that is unlikely. A good kicker and playmaker that we can plonk onto HB or HF lines could be something we look at as we are most vulnerable there. Hunter somewhat solves that problem, but our F50 connection largely driven by a slower / higher turnover ball movement from HB is to be blame.
  14. We are about 2 goals less per game than Geelong. Its not much in the end given our infamous 2nd half draw.
  15. It’s been said several times throughout the year but was staunchly defended by some on DL that are probably for the first time coming to terms with this.
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