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  1. Surely we’ve done this dance often enough in past years that we can be a little more choosy in the washed up hacks that we pension into our club.
  2. Brisbane Lions player Oscar McInerney gut punches Walsh (Carlton) after a contest. Luke Darcy : “Not much in that” James Brayshaw: “It’s a big mans prerogative” (WTF does that even mean) Channel 7 should be embarrassed that this is their commentators response to that punch.
  3. Oh they’re paid it. Against us at least once this year. I vaguely recall a second one against us too.
  4. Yeah, there were a few raffles last night where the winner of the free didn’t even have a ticket.
  5. According to this article, Paul Roos states re: Viney that : “But there has been a really big change and he’s acknowledged it, and he's transformed his game and he became our most coachable player and our best listener.“ So what has happened to this Viney “coachability” in the intervening 5 years?
  6. Is it the inability of supporters to attend matches where you can yell and cheer (i.e provide instant feedback to the players and coaches) which results in the negative side of that pent up activity spilling out onto social media in a more visible and permanent way? Now I’ve never abused any player or other supporter at a game, however I do miss the rush of a good goal and clapping with the crowd so hard that my hands hurt.
  7. I’ve spent many a match at the G telling my family and friends that ‘one day’ Pettacca will break games open and with consistency. Oh to have been there this year to see it in person.
  8. We beat them in Round 4 last year and then they smashed us in Round 22 by 53 points.
  9. We should name ANB on the team sheet for this weeks game and then when the AFL ask about it we can just say “Well, everyone else is playing this week so why can’t he?”
  10. Dear Lynden, I know it’s your first game back in a while but if you could do us a small favour and if McHenry so much sneezes at Grundy please hip and shoulder him into oblivion as we missed our chance. It would be appreciated. Ta muchly. Robot Devil.
  11. Eddie, Derm and King spent several minutes during our game against the Crows discussing how the AFL are supposedly red hot on getting the cheap shots out of the game. Eddie said he had personally attended meetings with Steve Hocking where it had been discussed and that the umpires paying free kicks for off the ball infringements will sort it out quick smart. I will be very interested to see if the footage of Max being accosted results in some protection off the ball, especially as North have form for playing the man, especially against us.
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