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  1. Who cares. The points have no value as we’re not negotiating for a player, furthermore Lamb said we weren’t gonna use the later picks anaway so we basically swapped pick 33 to 27 for free. We get Grundy, that’s the main objective. The picks from our Jackson trade are the one’s to worry about. I heard we might get pick 13 and NM’s future 2nd 19-21 range) and Freo’s future first. It might be wishful thinking but this trade would give us 2 good picks for next year’s strong draft.
  2. Freo seem to be a stubborn bunch of [censored]. Do they honestly think they will land a 200cm generational ruckman with two late firsts? They do not grow on trees. If they can't give us the picks they will have to trade a quality youngster like Serong or Young at least along with their pick 13/14. We give back Jackson and a 2nd or 3rd rounder
  3. I like it! We need another good winger to support Langdon. He also knows how to find a target and has a good left foot. We will play Brayshaw on HBF (where he played arguably his best ever footy) or in the midfield next year, especially if we lose Harmes we can rotate JJ through there too, it seems our recruiting team is trying to patch up some weaknesses.
  4. While it's disappointing to see such a player explore other options isn't this what is required to contend again next year? We desperately need to switch things up and move players around and bring new ones in to adapt. This is exactly what we're doing and I'm all for it. To me this looks like a really productive trade period from our recruiting team! We can cover Harmes' strengths, although we have now lost pace with both Hunt and Bedford but who knows we might pick someone up that fits the bill.
  5. Hunt and now Toby.... ? I really hope JT goes to work and gives us some surprise prospect, really sad Hunt missed out on the flag last year.
  6. Either this or I am of the belief that we over trained ie. overdid it with the loading this year. It may have partly been because we pushed clearly injured players through the same program rather than not doing it. This can cause chronic fitness problems for multiple months after you mess it up. We should be a different team next year in terms of running ability.
  7. I'm convinced we got "overtraining Syndrome". Our injuries around the bye [censored] with our loading program and maybe Selwyn lacked the wisdom in recognising we had to adjust on the run. I don't doubt we trained really hard in the preseason, we looked a million bucks fitness wise in the first 10 rounds... We never faded out in the beginning, only from r11 onwards.
  8. Sydney will fall off a cliff next year. Way too early for them. Better for us, one less contender to deal with
  9. With a good injury run we are winning it next year. Swans no where near it, Collingwood won’t have a nother miracle season and Geelong wonmt have another pissweak draw like this year and alot of players will retire.
  10. Anyone thinking we would be down this much if we were plying are kidding themselves. Even with how banged up we are. Sydney are way before their time..
  11. This just proves unfortunately how ordinary Sydney are. They need to kick the next two
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