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  1. Looks like we're starting our 'loading program' 👀
  2. Kozzy is such a special player and only 21! I can't even imagine what he will be doing at 24/25 years of age at his prime... 😩
  3. Is this something we should worry about, anyone got any info?
  4. So this was his plan all year with the greasy long hair. 🤩
  5. These are the types of blokes we have in our side! Passionate, determined and competitive. Gotta love the work ethic from the bull!
  6. Yep I agree and this proves that the continued dissatisfaction from people thinking we lack a tall/key forward is delusional. We have: JVR, TMac (little banged up), BBB (little banged up), Petty (potentially a key forward in the making with his contested marking ability), Tommo, Smith, and both our Ruckman if needed... oh and of course Schache if we become incredibly desperate. We should be alright for next year, in fact next year will be the start of our three-peat 😉
  7. How do we combat the high pressure gamestyle? We often looked like deer in the headlights when challenged by high pressure teams this year. Which is odd because we have so much talent on our list that we should be able to walk through it quite easily. Is our conservative gamestyle of 2021/22 over and outdated? Could we transition to a more fast paced offensive gameplan to keep up with the likes of the new teams that are rising up the ranks, similar to our 2018 style?
  8. True bargain is a strong word. However I think having two ruckman in a team is becoming a bit of a trend and makes the team a lot stronger, especially when you have a powerful contested mark in Gawn who can drift all over the ground. We are essentially paying the same as we would for another KPP so I think it will be quite rewarding
  9. I believe the pies are paying $300k of the $1mill a year... so nothing has changed on that front it seems. If we get him fit, paying $700k for an elite ruck is a bargain even at $750k.
  10. Who cares. The points have no value as we’re not negotiating for a player, furthermore Lamb said we weren’t gonna use the later picks anaway so we basically swapped pick 33 to 27 for free. We get Grundy, that’s the main objective. The picks from our Jackson trade are the one’s to worry about. I heard we might get pick 13 and NM’s future 2nd 19-21 range) and Freo’s future first. It might be wishful thinking but this trade would give us 2 good picks for next year’s strong draft.
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