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  1. Didn't Toby Bedford come 1st or 2nd in the time trial pre-season. Would be nice to see him get another opportunity
  2. Not necessary and irrelevant to AVB's current foot injury
  3. Such sad sad news. Despite the tragedy it was nice to hear that Colin was happy and his life was moving forward positively, Rest in Peace # 12 gone too soon
  4. I ended up contacting the club and they advised the following; " Thanks for taking the time to contact The Melbourne Football Club. Unfortunately, The Melbourne Football Club no longer owns or has any connection to the Bentleigh Club. This is why they haven’t been promoted as an Official Live Site, I am sure they will still be showing it. Thank you for your time. "
  5. Do we know if there is anything organised at the Bentleigh Club??
  6. What about the Bentleigh Club in Sth Eastern Subs??
  7. I am sure that Howe will have some good games for the Pies over the next few years. Irrespective I thought he was quite disrespectful to us with his carry on about his boyhood dreams about Collingwood and little mention of his time at the Dees. Anyway Howe all I have to say is enjoy your photo of Nathan Buckley in your wallet, you lazy easily self satisfied [censored].
  8. I think it is great he is working hard and understands this is a great opportunity for him. If he is worth pick 22 then so be it. Lets face it we did well getting Jack Viney for pick 27 and we may still get lucky and pick up Billy with a third round
  9. Is anyone having a problem accessing Supercoach. When I attempt to access the site I get this message " Do you want to open or save rest.json (48 bytes) from idp.news.com.au? " I even get the same problem when I try to access the site directly from the Herald Sun page appreciate any help. Cheers
  10. Oh that is right I keep forgetting how high the standard of journalism is and the inane questions Neeld is asked time and time ago. Remind me how nice the media has been to Melbourne
  11. I agree with you drdrake. The players we moved on such as Moloney, Gysberts, Morton, Bennell, Martin and Bate would never bring us the success as a team we all crave. I understand a lot of supporters are angry but I think Neeld is the right coach to move our team forward. It is impossible to change all the inadequacies at MFC in a 12 month period. With the new players that have come in I think we have actually found some real ball players. Viney, Matt Jones and Terlich have all impressed me and will be good for us going forward. Toumpas is finding his feet but is quality no doubt about that....Right now Neeld is trying to find the right team balance and this will probably take another 5-6 weeks. We have still 5-6 good players to come in and cement their positions and we still need to give Byrnes, Rodan and Pedersen a bit more time to settle into the team. I do not think all is lost for the year at all. The first half against WC was really really good and we just need to find that intensity for four quarters
  12. Thanks young dee enthusiast - I am in
  13. Spirit of the Demon - are you able to elaborate more on your statement about " that story will be bigger than this tanking inquiry " . I have felt there has been a not so hidden agenda against the MFC over the last 12 months but I cannot fathom why....
  14. You are obviously very fortunate that you have not been in a situation where you have to protect your family or live in a community similar to a war zone.
  15. Our whole football department destroyed the list. Neeld needs time to fix this mess and I believe he will do so over time. As for the media deal and Melbourne would be gone - what nonsense we are one of the few Vic clubs that does not have debt. I understand that we are all emotional about our on field performance but lets try and retain some facts here.
  16. More like tick tock tick tock for at least 7-8 players. Neeld and co are doing well with limited players particularly given our injury list
  17. This is my take: Trengove – good game today Grimes – run the lines Watts – disposal very efficient Bate – 2H much better Frawley – very ordinary today Sylvia – good under pressure McKenzie – wasted his opportunities Dunn – kicked out well Blease – broke the lines Garland – marked strongly today Moloney – must be dropped McDonald – we missed Tom Rivers – good leader today Macdonald – really good game Sellar – worked hard today Martin – top 5 today Tapscott – needs to focus Howe - also ran hard Spencer – did ok contested Bail – needs better decisions Nicholson – really worked hard Magner – tough but ineffective
  18. It is easy to have no fear when there is no expectation and everyone thinks you are not going to win one game. Look at GCS they have taken a step back as of this stage of the year. Expectation is what it is. Let's see how GWS go over the next few years when they are expected to win more games. That said we have played with fear for years, but Neeld and co will get them right and trade/draft the right types to take this team to the top 8 within 2 years
  19. I agree also. For too many years now we have had an less than average front running playing group and once the pressure is on we leaked like a tap. Bottom line the playing group voted for the current leadership group and in effect said the old leadership group were not leaders. And surprise surprise they are confirming why they are not the leaders we need at the MFC. Neeld and the coaching group will remove this poisonous core once and for all....
  20. Whispering_Jack - I agree.....He needs to stand up and be the player we need him to be. My instinct is this is the year that may well define a one Colin Sylvia
  21. I would ask these questions; * What and who excites you the most about our list * What are the gaps in our list * Who is not performing to their potential that you can turn around * What are the focus areas for 2011/2012 and onwards * Who do you think might surprise Melb supporters in 2012 and why * Where do you see the areas opposition teams will see the improvement in your new structure
  22. I think we might be forgetting that Cook went to the seconds due to hip soreness and has had post season hip surgery. Before that time I saw him play some very nice games for Casey as a first year tall player. He looks quality to me and he was not selected at all Australian CFH in the U18's for nothing. If he remains injury free he will be a quality fwd for the Dees for many years to come
  23. We have landed Mitch Clark.... Big turn around after he rejected the offer last Friday. News all over it.... http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/melbourne-beats-fremantle-to-secure-mitch-clark/story-fn69a32t-1226167582864 Our forward line will be harder to match up now and will take pressure off Watts and Jurrah Thoughts everyone???
  24. I am sick of Geelong the umpires pets - team of whingers, always looking for a free kick, drop the ball as soon as they get tackled Collingwood for me......
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