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  1. Looks like our short list of players for our first 2 picks and happy to take any two of Bowey, Laurie, McCrae, Rosman, Angwin, Holmes, For our 3rd pick we were hopeful one of Rosman, Angwin, Holmes or Caroll I believe we were allways going to take at least one of Bowey or Laurie with either mcCrae, Angwin or Holmes Our draft list might of looked like Bowey Laurie Rosman McCrae Angwin Holmes Carrol It may of also been Angwin McCrae Holmes Bowey Laurie Rosman Carrol
  2. I kind of remember him having numerous injuries, he had a crook back that he either lost games to or played injured.
  3. I dont think they have a vacancy. They had about 12 of em in the room on draft night.
  4. Yeah wish we had Jason Taylor calling the shots around about the time players like Morton, Cook, Gysberts , and tapscots names were called out for the club.
  5. Thanks Josh, now we wait for Mr Taylor to weave his magic
  6. Ess 6 and 7 to North for 2 Ess 8 and f2 to melb for 18, 19, 28 Ess 6, 7, 8 , f2 for 2, 18, 19, 28 North 2 for 6 , 7 Melb 18 , 19 , 28 for 8 and f2
  7. We are building a good young team Lockhart petty smith Salem lever rivers Langdon oliver ....... Fritz ...... hunt Kossie wied spargo/bedford Jacko tracc viney Brayshaw mid Swallow mid Harmes mid Jordon mid Nietzsche mid bradke ruck P 18 kpf P19 winger P28 medium forward P50 running back
  8. That bloke on trade radio still thinks they can win the flag next year, he also thinks essendon top 4 chance, (am I missing something) im tipping both bottom 8 along with haw and North bottom 2 Would not surprise me bottom 4 Ess Coll Haw North
  9. I like your thinking, Tommy will be working his [censored] off to get back to where he was ( that is a guarantee) he won't leave anything in the tank, I will be backing him in. Use him as a swingman depending on match ups, he would match up well against certain types of opponents, forwards and defenders I would like him to really get some aggression into his game and hit packs hard up forward and take big goal saving marks down back. If he is playing as a defender he needs to use quick first option handballs and then protect the ball carrier He will surprise a few if fit
  10. Got a feeling north want same player we do with 26 hence them going so hard for that pick and we just trumped them getting ahead of that pick with the deal with Swans If that is the case very smart by the dees
  11. Maybe he was offered 2 years at another club, forcing Melbourne's hand to match the deal, if not i agree he should of only been given one. I do believe he can become a good footballer, he has a nice kick and is a smart user of the football, one of not many we have that lowers his eyes and hits up targets going inside 50 Can see him hitting up b brown many times next year if he ends up at melb He just needs to get the football more and he will cause damage
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