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  1. Bit worrying about the number of under done players potentially playing round 1 Salem, hibbo, Kossie, melk, Angus, petty, oliver, may
  2. Don't know if anyone has suggested this but What about petty to full back and may to full forward or chf
  3. Destroyed em Great win girls, great team effort, every player contributed in one way or another Hanks and zanker are dead set stars and will be for a very long time Mcnamarra star in the making Magee big step forward, has major upside
  4. What about, jackson and bowey to swap between wing and fp and max and jackson swap between ruck an fp Max 75% ruck 25% fp Jackson 25 % ruck 50 % fp 25 % wing Bowey 75% wing 25% fp
  5. Bowey for me, played all his juniors as a winger He will be best 22 by season end, might as well get him in now
  6. Well done girls great win Loved the moves the coach made Daisey should become a permanent forward, she is the class that was needed forward Also zanker playing mid was a excellent decision by coaches, added much needed height and strength
  7. Its time the Melbourne coach makes a few changes, its time for daisy to go forward or in the middle even forward, I would like to see Bannon tried in the middle too , zanker to chb, hore should be main target up forward with daisy
  8. Without looking into it, at first glance looks like we have been shafted bad Would of thought 2 against top teams and at least 1 against lower team not all 3 against top 3 sides 3 of the top 4 come on afl what a joke
  9. Jetts may Rivers Salem lever hunt Bowey oliver langdon Tracc wied Fritz Kossie B Brown Jackson Max Viney Brayshaw I C Sparrow hibbo spargo petty Eme mcDonald jordon chandler harmes
  10. Seriously mate, leave the kid alone, why don't you put a picture up of yourself so we can all make unnecessary comments about. I bet your bald
  11. As usual the big 4 were very good in trac, oliver, Max and may. Others who impressed me J Lever, close to bog, he will have a big year Chandler, surprised me just how well he did play, very smart, clean with the pill and can crumb Sparrow, big 3rd quarter, this kid has upside Hunt, love his dash, his short kicks have improved Bowey, doing as he pleases right now, like him alot already
  12. I sometimes wonder about us sometimes, we get a run on, we look great, young chandler just slams home his second and I think this kid looks alright, we look alright, then the next minute the same kid is running to the interchange holding his arm and we let Richmond boot the next 2 or 3 and im left shaking me head again
  13. The mids really need to work on their i50 kicks, shocking delivery by most of them, oliver and track the biggest culprits. C . Salem showed them how it is done, seriously got to get Salem up the ground and look to get the ball into his hands for i50 kicks
  14. Had a couple of stinker kicks, apart from that still one of our best i would of thought
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