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  1. Can see Luke Jackson having a huge game, with the bulldogs to focused on max
  2. I would love to see a page just on this topic , JT and his team have done such a brilliant job through the drafts since he came to the club I believe JT, PJ, Goodwin and Roosy all came to the club the same year
  3. I personally wanted no one else
  4. These weak as [censored] people who engage in this behaviour surely must realise how the rest of us view them Common character traits of these losers point strait to a [censored] human
  5. Would j Elliott be worth another shot
  6. Jason taylor wanted M georgiades badly with our 3rd pick, but he was very happy rivers was still available
  7. Can not afford to burn max out before finals Jacko will have a big game this week
  8. Would love to see bowey play up the ground this week.
  9. Perfect game to blood jake bowey
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