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  1. Mature aged Utility who provides cover in multiple positions, I would of thought that is exactly the type of player to be taken in a mid season draft
  2. Regarding binman opening discussion on the umpiring, could not agree more, well said, all this we should never of put ourselves in that position in the first place rubbish is like he said 2 complete different topics, I don't care we were f...ing robbed, twice
  3. Any chance they could try Jake Bowey on a wing or forward flank, his delivery i50 would be handy
  4. They do have alot of flogs in their team and a [censored] of a coach Lynch, riewolt, dusty, stack, nank, cotchin, rance, richo, Vickery, 100,000 supporters the list goes on
  5. Another player you could compare weid to, would be a bloke who up until this year, was pretty much on par with and it just so happens he was drafted in the same draft and taken the very next pick after sam and that player would be Harry Mckay Same age and similar stats before this year
  6. I was thinking the same thing, I will be watching him closely this week He is coming into his prime years now and has showed he has the talent. I really hope he rips this game apart and never plays vfl football again Mad sam
  7. Imo melk should never of been dropped for chandler in the first place
  8. Any team would of dropped chandler after his performance last week
  9. Next big contact to get done is Luke Jackson and must be priority 1, would love to see his name next to trac or Salem
  10. If we were to rest players, would it make sense to rest them for long interstate trips R12 v Brisbane traeger park nt R19 v gold Coast metricon qld R21 v West Coast optus wa Big game against the blue baggers this week
  11. Article on afl.com Liv Purcell wants out of Geelong to become a demon
  12. I think we need a crumbing small forward and a speedy outside mid
  13. Geelong all Australian mid wants to come to the dees
  14. Did you watch the game, he looked slow, dropped easy marks, hardly got a touch M Brown one game was alot better v B Brown one game
  15. Out Fritz, Baker, Tomlinson, ANB, B Brown In Weid, Sparrow, Petty, Bowey, M Brown
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