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  1. I received the dual MCC/MFC email yesterday too. I also nominated a newborn for MCC membership in July and had since received no acknowledgement or payment deduction and so rang about two weeks ago to see if they had even got it. I did get an apology and was told that due to Covid and lack of available staff, processing for all new nominations had not yet been processed but will be done in the coming weeks. I was told it will be backdated to the date on the form. This delay no doubt filters into other membership areas as well. I guess essential duties or a snail’s pace o
  2. I suggested in a previous similar thread last year that his best position could well be on the bench. He can then come on and provide relief or instant energy in the half backline, wing or forward half and run the opposition ragged. Whether he needs to be settled into a role or whether he would relish the challenge of making an impact wherever he's required, we in the outer sanctum wouldn't really know. He does have skill although it is inconsistent at best, he is courageous and he can provide some more outside run that may still be an area of concern for us. And if he can regain some con
  3. 11 best on grounds in the second half of the season should just about clinch it though! 🤭😁
  4. Parking is also free today - no need to feed meters - as it is a public holiday. Just park legally!
  5. I have see no footage of anyone so can’t comment on who’s better than who. However I believe if they think Jackson’s the one, and ditto Pickett, then they are drafting for need above anything. Jackson may become more Hogan like in size (already taller) and presence and we need a bigger bodied player (in time) to cover his loss. I’m hoping there also may be a touch of David Schwarz about him in the way he plays, athletic and smart and exciting. The Ox also had a basketball background although he had probably had a stronger grounding in footy than Jackson. The raw talent must be there to wo
  6. At the risk of sounding like I'm sitting on the bench, I would actually put him on the bench and then put him on where he's needed. He can play wing, half back, half forward or even deep forward leading at the ball with his speed. His returns to date have been inconsistent at best but he can add spark up forward and run and carry from half back or wing. Langdon and Tomlinson obviously take the wing spots first but there may be times Tomlinson is required elsewhere (tall forward?) and Hunt can take his place there. Hunt and Langdon on either wing provides serious run and carry on either side o
  7. Trading Max would indeed be shooting Bambi and her mum! To trade out your likely runaway B & F, the only player really who can hold his head up after the season from hell (others can be given pass marks), the one player who deserves to be captain, the one player probably more than any other holds the team fabric together - would be madness and stupidity. The place would lose its heart and soul and team morale would sink even lower. You do not trade out your heart and soul players in the hope that whoever you may bring in will live up to the hype and expectation. As we well know, early
  8. To play 320 games without being reported means he's no sniper. In a footy sense, someone who's a sniper does their work underhanded, pre-mediated and behind the play and cameras would have caught him long before this if he was doing anything of the sort. In the last two weeks his two similar reports have been careless, clumsy and stupid, but they were not underhanded, pre-meditated or even behind the play. Whether he should have got a holiday, got fined or got off is open to debate -and for such a brilliant footballer, he is certainly a polarising figure to fans. However he is c
  9. Ironically without 6-6-6, we would not have won Saturday’s game. A goal behind with 49 seconds left on the clock, previously Gold Coast could have just stacked their backline and made it virtually impossible for us to score twice in that time. While the jury is still out on a number of fronts, it at least gives a team a chance in this last gasp situation.
  10. It was a passing comment from King and not really dwelt on. My feeling when he said it was that he would prefer him coming from midfield and going forward hitting up forwards rather than half back moving towards midfield. I don't think he had him already camping inside 50. Agree inside 50s are often set up from half back, but not always. His reasoning was our inside 50s are so poor changing things up couldn't hurt by using our best kick to give our forwards a chance. Times like this it would be good to have two Salems!
  11. King wasn't suggesting Salem be a target but more that he hits up targets from forward of centre rather than from further back. And yes we obviously lose something from the backline, however our delivery inside 50 is our biggest achilles at the moment. Must be worth a try - he can always be moved back again.
  12. David King made an interesting comment in last night’s Fox Footy call. He said Salem should be playing forward of centre as he looks like the only one who can be relied on to hit a target. Don’t disagree with that- although it could be robbing Peter to pay Paul. However at the moment Paul needs all the help he can get!
  13. Daniel Menzel has elite talent, no question. Jack Watts has elite talent also, as does Jeff Garlett. What none of them have is ability or desire to apply the forward pressure required in today's game. In Menzel's case, he may never have had it, I don't know, but four knee reconstructions mounts a case as to why he may not have enough confidence in his knees to do it. Ex- Geelong players at our club, Matthew Egan, Max Rooke, maybe even Shannon Byrnes and Brendan McCartney may know him well enough to know. Simon Goodwin has a game plan very much built around forward pressure. Jack Watts is
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong - but if Watts has a contract and he wants to stay, the club has to keep him and can't trade him against his will. Having said that he may decide to move on rather than stay under a coach who doesn't want him. For all the speculation and with absolutely no insight, I can't help but feel this is reverse psychology being used to try and stoke his fire although I know some will argue that there is no fire left to stoke. He would not be the first AFL player to be on the brink and then stay. He still may be of greater value to us than what we can get for
  15. After the shattering loss to Collingwood, I am perversely pleased we didn't get there in the end. To rely on other teams, West Coast and Essendon losing to sneak us in, would have been a travesty after our insipid game against the Pies. The players need to learn that nothing can be gifted and that they need to do it themselves for themselves and also for us, their long suffering supporters. I actually think that this will stand them in better stead for next year rather than having limped in, likely gone out in Week One and then feeling like they had achieved something. As the enormity of
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