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  1. It was Norm Smith finally letting go The Curse ….
  2. I have a sneaking feeling Hunt just may come back in this week. He was playing well before injured and was nearly ready last week. He gives us great run and carry and he hadn't done much wrong prior to injury. In fact he's had his best season. One of Smith and Bowey to go if this happens. My gut feeling would be Bowey if this was to happen, as Smith is more versatile with a hardened, if not injury prone, body. I think Bowey is fantastic and will be a core player in years to come and he too hasn't done much wrong. I am a big fan. However a Preliminary Final is where the stakes are raised even higher and I wonder if a first year body against a very match hardened outfit is the way to go. I think a fit Jayden Hunt has earned the right to be there and his run and dare could cut swathes through a slowing Geelong outfit. He and Langdon running in tandem through the middle has been one of the more thrilling sights on occasions this year. If Bowey is picked, he has earned the right to be there on form, but in my opinion, I just think Hunt is the way to go given the opposition and the level of the stakes.
  3. This coming weekend last year we were going into Round 8 of a 17 Round season. This year we will be going into Round 19 of a 23 Round season. Last year the Grand Final was held on 24th October. We are a good month ahead of where we were last season and they will find a way even if they have to postpone matches or even a whole round. We could still yet maybe have the Festival of Footy like last year when there was a game virtually every night over a 2-3 week period if they can get clubs into all the right places to make it happen. The AFL are now old hands at this - they will find a way.
  4. I have to say I’m not a fan. The player should only play for their club and feeder club (VFL etc) and no one else. The mid season draft is there for topping up lists particularly if a player goes down early in the season leaving a list imbalance. I worry that that player would feel they are potentially expendable and they may actually enjoy playing for their adopted club more, resulting in greater numbers of player trade requests at season’s end. It sends the wrong message, no matter how it’s spun to them. Imagine our loaned player kicking the winning goal against us, injuring themselves badly or injuring one of their “teammates” on the opposing side. Players could also be cited for punching one of their own - none of these giving the game a good look. A player should be fighting for a senior game at their club, not seeking it elsewhere. If they are ultimately not good enough or frustrated, then the trade period is there for that reason. I would potentially look at a mid season mini trade period for fringe players, eligibility to be determined, to complement the mid season draft, but that would be it for me. Clubs try to build a good culture and sense of camaraderie among teammates. I see this as having the potential to erode that. With injury comes opportunity, both giving a fringe or untried player a game, or by playing a regular player in a different role which can add flexibility to the team, both for the now and for further down the track. This situation can make coaches with inspired moves that can unlock a great career for a player. Loaning out a player achieves nothing and is merely a bandaid for bad list management or bad luck.
  5. I saw Caro say this on FC last night. She also said to her knowledge, he was contracted till the end of this year, or maybe next. However, if anyone saw Gus and Gawny's podcast 2-3 weeks ago, Darren Burgess was their guest. Gawny was going through his history at other clubs/codes and I replayed this comment twice to be sure I heard it correctly. He said that Burgess started at the Dees in 2019 and was contracted till 2024, to which Darren replied "At least!" Obviously things can and may have changed in that short space of time. From Adelaide originally, I think he has separated from his wife and has children over there, hence the family reasons for maybe needing to return, and who could begrudge him that - family should always come first. The Adelaide rumours have been around awhile. However, Caro prides herself on getting her facts right, and her statement about his current contract status, contradicts what I saw and heard on the podcast, so hopefully she is just basing her comments on that rumour. However, support staff are more easily moved on than players in these circumstances and COVID saw many of them released last year without a position to go to. The necessary financial winds of change then may have brought in a culture shift now and people's mental well-being is paramount. Contracts can be fluid or even broken it seems, particularly for personal reasons. I would hate to lose him and I'm sure he would have a major input as to his replacement with a program handover to follow. However the players should now be professional enough to know what is required, to know that what he has mapped out for them is working and any change should be relatively seamless. That said, I hope he stays. Time will tell.
  6. I received the dual MCC/MFC email yesterday too. I also nominated a newborn for MCC membership in July and had since received no acknowledgement or payment deduction and so rang about two weeks ago to see if they had even got it. I did get an apology and was told that due to Covid and lack of available staff, processing for all new nominations had not yet been processed but will be done in the coming weeks. I was told it will be backdated to the date on the form. This delay no doubt filters into other membership areas as well. I guess essential duties or a snail’s pace only at this stage.
  7. I suggested in a previous similar thread last year that his best position could well be on the bench. He can then come on and provide relief or instant energy in the half backline, wing or forward half and run the opposition ragged. Whether he needs to be settled into a role or whether he would relish the challenge of making an impact wherever he's required, we in the outer sanctum wouldn't really know. He does have skill although it is inconsistent at best, he is courageous and he can provide some more outside run that may still be an area of concern for us. And if he can regain some confidence which seems lacking at this early stage of the year, then he can still be a weapon. Put him on the bench and give him full licence to be an impact player in bursts wherever he's required. It can be an important role. I would play him this weekend to give him a chance to get some momentum and to let him know he is still very much in the mix. The arrival of Langdon and Tomlinson and the expected development of others does leave him a bit vulnerable for a best 22 position, but he also does have some X-factor that can be used explosively at the right times. It is up to the coaches to help him to be the best he can be, the rest is up to him.
  8. 11 best on grounds in the second half of the season should just about clinch it though! ??
  9. Parking is also free today - no need to feed meters - as it is a public holiday. Just park legally!
  10. I have see no footage of anyone so can’t comment on who’s better than who. However I believe if they think Jackson’s the one, and ditto Pickett, then they are drafting for need above anything. Jackson may become more Hogan like in size (already taller) and presence and we need a bigger bodied player (in time) to cover his loss. I’m hoping there also may be a touch of David Schwarz about him in the way he plays, athletic and smart and exciting. The Ox also had a basketball background although he had probably had a stronger grounding in footy than Jackson. The raw talent must be there to work with otherwise he wouldn’t even be considered. We have a definite need for someone of his type and that type of any quality may not be available either later in this draft or the next one and they do keep an eye on future drafts. They would also be able to see by his parents and others in his family whether genetically he has the capacity to grow and fill out into a powerhouse. Finally if we tried to trade for someone like him having who has had 2-4 years in the system, then they will cost the earth. Cheaper to try and grow our own if the raw talent is there to nurture. We have stated we are confident of bouncing back in a big way next year. Drafting for need in Jackson and probably Pickett to try fill immediate holes, although they will likely need some time and development, makes sense to me. Happy to go with both on everything I’ve read.
  11. At the risk of sounding like I'm sitting on the bench, I would actually put him on the bench and then put him on where he's needed. He can play wing, half back, half forward or even deep forward leading at the ball with his speed. His returns to date have been inconsistent at best but he can add spark up forward and run and carry from half back or wing. Langdon and Tomlinson obviously take the wing spots first but there may be times Tomlinson is required elsewhere (tall forward?) and Hunt can take his place there. Hunt and Langdon on either wing provides serious run and carry on either side of the ground. All of the above may well depend on opposition matchups, in-game injury cover, rotations etc but for mine at least at this stage, he is inside the best 22 with what he can bring. He still has some good upside and his 2019 in a poor team was better than his 2018 when he really lost his way and injury has played some part in his journey. Some of what he does is breathtaking, a bit like Frost, and a bit like Frost it can be heart in the mouth stuff, but he adds some X-factor and is a tough matchup for the opposition, particularly up forward. His talents need to be lauded, but also harnessed to the team's advantage and hopefully Jordan Lewis can be some sort of a mentor for him both as a kicking coach and as a player who played in similar positions to Jayden for us and the Hawks. Whether he plays better settled into a position, or whether he enjoys the freedom of playing multiple roles, I'm not sure, but I somehow suspect the latter. It keeps him fresh. I think, if he can stay injury free and his self-belief and confidence can be restored and maintained, he will be a late bloomer and his best is yet to come.
  12. Trading Max would indeed be shooting Bambi and her mum! To trade out your likely runaway B & F, the only player really who can hold his head up after the season from hell (others can be given pass marks), the one player who deserves to be captain, the one player probably more than any other holds the team fabric together - would be madness and stupidity. The place would lose its heart and soul and team morale would sink even lower. You do not trade out your heart and soul players in the hope that whoever you may bring in will live up to the hype and expectation. As we well know, early draft picks are not necessarily the only recipe for success - for any club. This has been the season from hell and there are many reasons for it, lack of fit and available personnel being one, which started straight after last season finished. Changes are being made and will be made on and off the field. Give them a chance to reset in the off season and pre-season and go again. If by mid season next year nothing has changed, then the need for real change will start to snowball. But let's not throw out our one shining light for this year and hope that fixes everything - it won't.
  13. To play 320 games without being reported means he's no sniper. In a footy sense, someone who's a sniper does their work underhanded, pre-mediated and behind the play and cameras would have caught him long before this if he was doing anything of the sort. In the last two weeks his two similar reports have been careless, clumsy and stupid, but they were not underhanded, pre-meditated or even behind the play. Whether he should have got a holiday, got fined or got off is open to debate -and for such a brilliant footballer, he is certainly a polarising figure to fans. However he is certainly not a sniper.
  14. Ironically without 6-6-6, we would not have won Saturday’s game. A goal behind with 49 seconds left on the clock, previously Gold Coast could have just stacked their backline and made it virtually impossible for us to score twice in that time. While the jury is still out on a number of fronts, it at least gives a team a chance in this last gasp situation.
  15. It was a passing comment from King and not really dwelt on. My feeling when he said it was that he would prefer him coming from midfield and going forward hitting up forwards rather than half back moving towards midfield. I don't think he had him already camping inside 50. Agree inside 50s are often set up from half back, but not always. His reasoning was our inside 50s are so poor changing things up couldn't hurt by using our best kick to give our forwards a chance. Times like this it would be good to have two Salems!
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