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  1. Oliver and Gawn both need to improve their set shots for goal procedure. Oliver could have scored at least 5 goals in the last three rounds. He seems to rush his shots and not correct if he's missing to one side. Gawn always runs out to the right and hooks his kick even when he's 30 metres out rather than running in and kicking straight over the man on the mark. If they could work on this they would be even better players. I think Smith is just a backup for the finals . He just needs to play consistent footy next year and trial him in the forward line again where his leap and pace could worry opposition defenders.
  2. Why do the Dees only have two picks when we have 3 players ( Nietschke,Hore,Tomlinson) out for season?
  3. Time to try Weideman or M Brown back?
  4. What is Petty's injury from last Sunday.?
  5. What injury did Petty get? I thought he started slowly but in the 2nd half looked good till injured.
  6. I'd like to see Tom MacDonald on the wing if he can get his endurance back. Also what happens if Gawn gets injured? Jackson would need support and MacDonald has done that before.
  7. Maybe time now for Tom McDonald to get his elite endurance back and hold down the wing and also be a back up defender if one of the talks gets injured or ruck if Gawn goes down.
  8. Luke Jackson should be considered. He could play as a tall forward relief ruck especially against teams with tall defenders like Collingwood and GWS. He even has the skill to play in bursts as a tall on baller. Check out his highlights. He's going to be a star. Let him learn from Max. Similar in some ways to Steff Martin but a smooth mover. He could play at full forward.
  9. Jackson looks like exactly what we need. Very athletic and no reason he couldn't play as a forward especially against teams like Collingwood who have very tall back options. I'd rather pick him with pick 3 than an undersized forward who's going to take 2-3 years to develop their body to be competitive.
  10. Put Weid. at CHB. Leave T Mac to play on Roughead. Frost 3rd tall. Move Lewis to forward pocket with short runs on ball where he made his name. Smith CHF. Pre use full forward. Can Petty play forward. Try that at Casey. He's got the size. .
  11. We need reliable goal kickers in the forward half. Petracca, Spargo, Tyson Gawn, need to not panic with set shots from 20-30 metres from goal. So frustrating..Take a look at Gunston or Ben Brown. If we can improve our team accuracy in front of goal we win those close games.
  12. I counted at least 10 times Melbourne players slipped over when not being tackled and the WC didn’t. Was ther an issue with the Dees boots or what ..?
  13. Play Frawley on the forward line. A big body who can lead with pace. Play Dunn at full back and leave Macdonald at Centre half back. Play Pederson as floating tall or back pocket and run in back line ruck duels.
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