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  1. I assume you mean since there were coach's box in the grandstand. Norm Smith coached from the sidelines
  2. The only times having more behinds matter is when you kick fewer goals. Have more goals than opponent, then it is purely academic...
  3. Free kick differential is an isolated stat that cannot show the actual impact. For more context, there needs to be: Unpaid free kicks for & against Incorrect free kicks for and against 50/50 frees for & against So this stat alone is just useless, unless you want to get riled up, which is everyone's prerogative.
  4. Hey Dieter. I thought 'ei' was pronounced the same as eye. So Neitz would sound the same as knights. Have I misunderstood?
  5. They might be back for round 5... "Brown & Weid in against p○○ brown & wee" Though hope that Melbourne is playing well enough that this is a selection dilemma
  6. I think the mids were about even, except for the critical part of centre bounce. Around the grounds fair to middling
  7. I thought the same when watching the game. Fast, agile strong. Can play against talls and smalls. Disposals not bad but not elite. Maybe she could be moved forward during parts of the game too
  8. 6 in q2. Congratulations on such a good prediction
  9. That is a great story. Thank you. May you have many future opportunities to see finals with Melbourne.
  10. That will not be the case. Nathan Jones stayed during the dark periods because he was confident of a turnaround. This is the challenge when you are inside the machine as your view is skewed. Viney is staying, loyalty is one reason but he is confident of future success. I hope that he has chosen well.
  11. I have thought that Nathan Jones was at the end of his career. His kicking upfield has dropped. He used to be a good kick under 40 metres, but wavered when trying to get the long pass. This year was not a good year. When he was moved to the high forward position this year, I thought this should work and, if successful, enable him to get another year. Due to injuries, this was not proven to be the case. Now that he has re-signed, I believe that the football department see him as a totem - enhancing esprit de corps, high training standards and, with a more fortunate run of good fitness, some onfield leadership and great highlights. Good fortune to Mr Jones
  12. Never trust a Hawthorn connected mate...
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