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  1. A positive view on 17th to 9th...Based on a linear trajectory, Melbourne will be top of the ladder next year.
  2. I asked my Hawthorn mate if it was Sherman or Abrams. He said Sherman. He then replied "To be fair I think the crows are one of the best 0-13 teams I’ve seen!" 🙂
  3. Yes indeed. Same goes for Geelong
  4. I think it was influenced by the high volume of turnovers from both teams in the midfield and our half back-line. The ball stayed in that area for too much of the game.
  5. I think we are both saying that the right decision was made.
  6. The third umpire stated that it was clearly touched but could clear declare that it was touched before or after the goal line. From the angles I saw on the TV, it was pretty close, and the right call was made. ... next sensational story please...
  7. The ladder must be wrong. That was supposed to be an 8 point game yet the AFL only gave us 4...
  8. That may be when Lewis said that a large percentage of players were using drugs. He was lambasted and then ostracised by nearly all. Later of course the many Eagles' issues came to the fore, and then it was a question of how far and deep was this issue
  9. Good info. And I think pronunciation is more like fun rather than van in caravan
  10. Just a note. I think Robert Flower played 272 games, so that would have required 2 additional seasons
  11. Melbourne have lost 6 after the siren though
  12. Melbourne have lost 6 after the siren though
  13. Yes also true, but it was in their favour. Also I believe the correct form is Rhodes
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