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  1. I know mate, I'm sure you're right. I honestly don't believe those sorts of deals are against the spirit of the draft. But I'm also not seriously suggesting we embroil ourselves in more draft controversy. I'm just frantically trying to keep alive any hope of Young playing in the red and blue as I love the way he plays.
  2. Look sometimes you gotta push a bit too far to find the limit 😉
  3. Come on. This really isn't the kind of tampering they're worried about. It doesn't unfairly disadvantage anyone, every club benefits. Clubs try to scare each other by threatening particular picks through the media as it is.
  4. Still praying this is how it went down: GWS want assurance from us we won't bid on Green before trading for pick 4. We say "ok we won't bid, but you gotta promise not to pick Young or Sydney's preferred player, and Sydney, you gotta promise not to pick Young or bid on Green." A trade of words if you will. We then go to Freo who want to trade for 8 and say "alright we'll only do the trade if you promise not to pick Young or Carlton's player, and Carlton in return also can't pick Young". Maybe we got Adelaide involved as well. And BAM Young gets to pick 10.... I can dream.
  5. I hope we split it now, we might be more inclined to take a slider at 12 if we think we can get Pickett or Weightman at 18 instead of having to take them at 10.
  6. Was wondering this, maybe they insisted on getting 2 picks back?
  7. Well I hope we're bloody confident Young won't be there at 8 to have not done it on draft night.
  8. Wow, I had no idea that was a mechanic they could use. Cheers for that info. No way should it be that easy to get high end talent with such low picks. I feel like you should at least have to use 1 pick within 1 round of the bid, or something along those lines. But yea I agree, rather poor system.
  9. How would freo match a bid on Henry with just picks 58 and 69? I guess they would also have to trade away our future second.
  10. Personally I would only split if we knew we could still get one of Kemp and Serong at 10, assuming Young is gone obviously. Either would be a great get at 8 let alone 10.
  11. Interesting that Taylor brought up Kemp himself for players at pick 8, sounded impressed by him.
  12. Fair enough, guess it depends on who the club thinks will be available at 7.
  13. This might've been suggested somewhere but how bout a 3 way trade: Dees: Out - 3, 38 In - 7, Langdon Freo: Out - 7, Langdon In - 12, 14 GWS: Out - 12, 14 In - 3, 38
  14. Gday DeeVoted, Already joined the league but just letting you know I'm keen for another year. Thanks for your work
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