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  1. No it's not, it's holding them to account for their baseless posting.
  2. This poster has claimed that he is a list management expert who can see things that others cannot see. I am simply calling him on his claim.
  3. So that's it from the self- proclaimed great sooth-sayer? Jones to retire - oh boy wowee! TMac to be traded - yeah great revelation! Jetta traded - or will that be retired Bedford a 2 gamer to be delisted Jordon and Bradtke who haven't played a game to be delisted M.Brown a fringe depth rookie to be delisted Goodwin to be sacked R8 Way to go out on a limb with some radical unthought of predictions!
  4. From the training reports we've got 13 in the defensive group. Hore is out injured; Petty, Hibberd and Smith are in rehab. That means we need to find a starting 7 from these 9: May, Lever, Tomlinson, Salem, Rivers, Hunt, Lockhart, Bowey and Jetta. A re-inforcement could be handy It is possible that TMac and M.Brown could fill in.
  5. Kelly, Merrett, Billings, Sheed all of interest.
  6. I think we need a leader in each part of the ground. Finding one in the forward line isn't easy unless it's Ben Brown.
  7. "matey" - oh that's nice! Keen for you to quote any gratuitous off-topic optimism that I've posted ...
  8. As many have posted - the coach has to train and select the "right" players, but once the game starts it's mostly up to the selected players to deliver the result. I think we've lacked on-field in game leadership over the years. Jones and Viney seem to be introverts and focus on their own game rather than directing the traffic - sure they may think they "lead by example" but it's not enough. I think the sometimes maligned Jordan Lewis probably gave us a lot in this area - I note we were 12-7 in 2017 and 16-8 in 2018 when he played. I think his contribution may have been undervalue
  9. @Lucifer's Hero said she might go out and try to peer through the cyclone wire fence. That would be great if she can ...
  10. There's clear value to me in the training reports particularly for example: Who's in the rehab group - Brayshaw and Oliver both had off season operations - what's their status? Who is training with which area backs, mids, fwds - e.g. Harmes, Petty, Melksham, TMac? Who of the young players looks to have had a big off-season and could therefore be capable of significant improvement Who of the recruits is showing something in match simulation and may press for a game - we haven't been shy to select 1st year players in the past
  11. Thanks for the update. Maybe you can post a mood update every hour so we can stay fully informed on where you're at?
  12. AFAIK Petty is in full training with defenders #19 = Fraser Rosman
  13. You said minimum 4-2 to have any chance of making finals. I don't think that's correct and I've explained why. I agree we must make finals but Goodwin won't be sacked if we're 3-3.
  14. Richmond and Geelong played in the GF and St.Kilda finished 5th and we're playing them away. 4-2 will be on target for top 4 and 5-1 will be on track for GF. 3-3 is on par for finals.
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