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  1. Is there a bigger 'cat going round than Jordan Clark?
  2. 5 premiership players will cover them both put together :)
  3. I hate both clubs. Seriously hope they just hurt each other.
  4. I've never seen acceleration like Pickett's, he truly is a blur at times. The clean pick-up at top speed, the agility, the snap off either foot. Incredible!
  5. Did you listen to Simon Goodwin' press conference - there is no way we're drinking the bathwater and he acknowledged we need to improve. It was obvious the Giants would come hard with their season and coach's future on the line and they did. But we were already back on even terms before Cogs went down. Sure they had injuries but we had 3x the scoring shots and double their score after quarter time. I agree with Goodwin we have a lot of room and scope for improvement but enjoy the win and the journey. PS: we brought in some outrageous talent last year - Langdon, Jackson, Pi
  6. 50pt turnaround after qtr time.
  7. Time for the players to walk the talk. GWS will come hard. It's a great opportunity to make a statement.
  8. Even taking into account TMac's good start to this year I'd trade him way ahead of Weideman or Jackson if we need Cap space for Oliver and Petracca. We've got the makings of a sustained long term assault on the flag and they are hard to win. Keep showing up for the next 5-7 years and we'll have a good chance of breaking through.
  9. Yes, I'd like to see Melksham come into the wing and Brayshaw go to Sparrow's role. Sparrow's goal against the Saints was all class and he will get his turn.
  10. Oliver should sign for 2 years on decent coin up to RFA. We need to at least play off in the GF over the next 3 years, hopefully win the flag. He can make up his mind long-term then.
  11. Agree. I think this week is a big test for the players' reported resolve to be successful. GWS will throw everything at us and try to hurt us - they have form on this vs the Dogs. It's a great opportunity for the players to stand up and make a statement away from home.
  12. If the current trend continues here's your ready list of reasons: "... it's obviously Yze and Chocco driving the change..." "... happy to be wrong ..." - the all time favourite safety parachute "Goodwin's finally taking notice of what I've been saying all along" - for those who just can't use the one above.
  13. We smashed them but they were very gettable in R2 off a wet travelling match and a 6 day break. Marshall, Ryder, Hannebery and Crouch are big outs, bigger than ours. I'm very pleased with a Good win, but keeping the lid on.
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