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  1. Hardwick surprisingly magnanimous: https://www.afl.com.au/video/631335/hardwick-we-just-lacked-composure-we-couldn-t-adhere-to-the-plan-?videoId=631335&modal=true&type=video&publishFrom=1623588209001
  2. I think about the only player they are missing is Cam Guthrie who is closing on 29 and probably replaces 22yo Brad Close so they can go older still ...
  3. Cats fielded the oldest ever team to win a game this week ... http://www.uselessaflstats.com.au/
  4. But I heard over summer here that Ratten is a coaching genius and St.Kilda have zoomed past us with their inspired recruiting, despite the fact that we beat them last year?
  5. Remember the old adage: things are never as good or as bad as they seem ...
  6. I think it probably just gives Robert Harvey a little more runway to get used to the job with the bye next week.
  7. No doubt our cap is tight, that's why TMac and ANB were on the table last year. IMO no-one big comes in without someone big going out ...
  8. Robbo and BT - the apex of AFL commentary ...
  9. Bucks on Robbo: "Can you mute him?"
  10. Great speech and presentation by Buckley - he's good.
  11. yeah bulls1te - but I don't expect or want us to tip our hand ...
  12. You're right, since and including 2001: Ess: 204-6-237 - they are underwater MFC: 172-3-272 - minus 100 wins Cartoon: 156-4-287 - we have a loser!
  13. Essendon are in the running there too.
  14. I really hope Clarkson stays on at Hawthorn - 2 years of suffering is not enough. They haven't fully bottomed out yet and have at least 3 more years in the bottom half and are 5-8 years from contending even if things go right. I want him to be part of the misery.
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