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  1. Stefan Martin left MFC at the end of 2012 - I don't think it's the same Max Gawn as then.
  2. @Demonland - it would be nice to pin this thread. I'm a jumper numerophile
  3. Schache playing in the GF and Marshall played last week in the PF, but no interest in Weid - world has gone crazy ....
  4. I realise that is your point but it was the situation last week when you were 95% certain.
  5. That's fine, but our draft and trade capital hasn't changed in the past week ...
  6. Possible Spargo injury - Demonland's heart skips a beat - my, how times have changed!
  7. It's Western's class versus Melbourne's power. We can blunt their class with our pressure more than they can blunt our power. We'll generate more scoring opportunities. If we kick straight we win. Demons by 13 points NSM: Clayton Oliver
  8. You're kidding me right? Chris Grant 341 games, 554 goals and ripped off by Ian Collins of the 1997 Brownlow https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Grant_(footballer)
  9. Then I think it must mean "c'mon guys be charitable and give a couple of goals before half time to get their hopes up before we smash them in the 2nd half"
  10. What sort of bullsh#t is this? https://www.afl.com.au/news/676734/gary-ayres-award-if-anyone-can-catch-macrae-it-s-this-guy Dogs play an extra game so how can an MFC player possibly win it? Just win the Norm Smith Clarrie - that's all that matters!
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