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  1. 1. It’s his wife 2. Who cares 3. Good luck to all of them
  2. The Storm won, that’s all that matters.
  3. They were hopeless with mine last year as well. I had to ring the club and provide them with the payment receipt. They said nothing had been received and they’d “follow it up”. Didn’t hear back from them so rang the MCC and it was fixed within a day. Problem lies with the football club.
  4. All the best Dunny, thanks for your efforts and enjoy retirement. Just a shame you couldn’t have gotten to the Pies ten years earlier like you wished..
  5. Me either. I hear there’s a ban on metal heads.
  6. Couldn’t happen to a better bunch of ****wits. Worst club in the history of mankind. It’s beautiful.
  7. That club are so incompetent they legitimately think they are making a statement, yet are single handedly removing any form of success or hope for the future. I gather they have finally come to the to the realisation they will never attract a decent free agent or out of contract player, therefore have no choice but to start with bare bones. I’m not sure a club like North (or us for that matter) can afford to do that.
  8. Good player yes. $650k - $700k a season player? Give me a spell. Good luck to Carlton. I’d love to see their books next year if they also manage to land Williams. They’ll be leaking players more than GWS in two years time.
  9. Forget the years, had to happen. Heart and soul player. I feel better for the signing. Good on you Jack.
  10. Bruce is absolutely putrid.
  11. Geez will West Coast just completely [censored] off in regards to everything please?! All I ever read in relation to WA kids is “West Coast are keen to lure him back”. The powers that be at Freo must just sit there playing Twister every day at head office.
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