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  1. We don’t win the centre enough. Unsurprisingly when we do we kick quick goals. Our midfield as good as it is (supposed to be), continues to be beaten at clearance when it matters. A lack of depth doesn’t help. Fix this and we are serious contenders.
  2. Who is running the midfield structures? How can things not have been changed during the game.
  3. Lever Gawn Kozzy Windsor May Oliver Apologies to Ed
  4. The Zac Williams sub is to blame for that.
  5. My daughter just got a call from Trent Rivers. Was so star struck she forgot what number he was when he asked and couldn’t remember what games she’d been to this year. Lovely bloke on the phone and one very happy young girl.
  6. Could at least have got there an hour early with your blower vac WCW.
  7. Well they aren’t skin coloured now from sweat, put it that way.
  8. Maybe you need to take a break from the game day thread. Absolute relentless dribble.
  9. Remember the VFL? They played 3 games in 14 days, every Saturday.
  10. Can’t remember the last time we were man handled like this.
  11. Any danger of a stoppage clearance. Unbelievable
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