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  1. One of if not Taylor’s most inspired selections to date. Will never forget his debut against the Saints at the G where one of his kicks literally ran along the ground sideways. Since then the bloke has been a pillar of strength. Will finish as a Melbourne champion. My fave currrent player.
  2. We will come back with a vengeance next year. Unfortunately this team succumbed to being completely banged up. One dimensional coaching didn’t help… Gawn hurt his groin in the warm up tonight and it showed. Sums up second half of the season really.
  3. Changes needed yes…but I’ll reassess next year. Blind Freddie could see how banged up and out on our feet this team was tonight. The club will make changes and players will have the chance to come back refreshed. Book the required surgeries immediately.
  4. And yet relentlessly throw the ball every single game.
  5. Copping it hard and trying to remain positive. Win next week and we are one of four still with the same equal opportunity. That’s all keeping me sane right now. Hopefully a kebab on the way home helps ease the pain somewhat. Props to Clayton and Steven (minus the momentum killer moment).
  6. Brisbane are not built or coached for finals. If they manage to pinch this, they are simply doing the world a favour in eliminating Richmond.
  7. The Royal, Punt Road. See you there. Make sure you have a collar though.
  8. The fact that you even have to ask this just demonstrates that you have a problem.. You should already be half way through the third.
  9. Footage of the Essendon board arriving into the 'Hanger' car park today to decide Rutten's fate.
  10. Doesn’t matter. We don’t lose interstate.
  11. Freo will likely beat GWS so if Collingwood beat Carlton, we will drop to 6th.
  12. If other games go as expected… Win - likely Sydney in Sydney Lose - likely Richmond in an elimination. Calm thoughts, calm thoughts…
  13. I said last year that if we won a flag in my lifetime, I could live with us never winning another game. How wrong I was. It purely creates higher expectations and a thirst for wanting more. In saying that, I am remaining positive and as I said after last weeks I am backing us to still win the flag, provided we sort the forward line issues out. This all comes from a life long eternal MFC pessimist. I’m trying to shake the veil of negativity as best I can.
  14. Haven’t hugged random strangers like that since Jack Watts’ goal on QB in 2017.
  15. We need another tall forward. I don’t care about Weids ongoing form, I think we need him.
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