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  1. I raise you Jason Castagna
  2. Watching the second half again now. The midfield finally stepped the [censored] up which caused Brisbane to rush kicks forward allowing our backs to take control. We rebounded hard, linked up and as the game opened up, it allowed us to kick forward to an uncrowded forward line. Game over. Right now I am in unfamiliar territory with this win loss ratio, so don’t know what to do with myself. I love it. Go you Demons.
  3. 6 Petracca 5 Gawn 4 McDonald 3 Oliver 2 Petty 1 Pickett How anyone can not have Tom Mac in their votes is beyond me. Changed the game, but each to their own.
  4. Are they just standing him Behind a goal post?
  5. Serious question. Where the [censored] is Weideman?!!
  6. They were also made to look second rate at Marvel by Carlton for 3 quarters. We will need to be at our best, but they are certainly beatable.
  7. My mistake. I still see no benefit.
  8. Sorry Rusty but as far I’m concerned if Mitch Brown comes in, regardless of form, with all of our tall forwards available for selection then we may as well give up. Either stick with Weid or bring Ben Brown in at Marvel. I know both were garbage this week but I just can’t see any silver lining in bringing Mitch in for the Bulldogs, especially given he hasn’t played a game this year. edit: in fact I’d rather drop Weid and go with the forward structure we had at the start of the year.
  9. I’m trying to make the correlation here.. ...and can’t. they have also lost games by more than one point surprisingly enough.
  10. I actually think Lever was hardly done by. His intention was to handball further to his left towards (I think) Petty, but his left arm got shifted in the tackle which caused him to miss hit the ball with his right fist, sending the ball straight towards the boundary.
  11. One thing’s for sure, the more you win the less you are prepared for a loss and how you will react. I think it makes you look at things more irrationally than you probably, normally would. This day was coming, I just don’t think any of us expected it to be against Adelaide. But that’s ok. Some new perspective this week for a big game. How we come out of the Bulldogs game will tell us plenty about the resilience of our boys.
  12. Excellent post and agree on all points dazzle, but geez you poured some mayo on the 3 minutes to go part. Haha Was 7 minutes to go. I would have put a hole in the TV and would be now living on the streets if we conceded 3 in 3 minutes.
  13. I think a lot of players tonight tried to do too much, instead of making smarter, more basic decisions.
  14. Don’t get me wrong BBO, it was an incorrect decision and the Spargo decision was a howler. We just didn’t deserve to win that game IMHO. We were out worked, made crucial errors and had players well off their game which proved costly. To be 16 up late in the last and drop it, just shows where we were at tonight. I look forward to seeing how we react next week.
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