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  1. The best news is we are 5 games clear of 9th with 13 games to play. Dare I say it, looks like we’ll play finals this year guys. Fantastic.
  2. Players will be offloaded at years end.
  3. Wrong. He has a five year offer in front of him on very good money.
  4. That’s fine and I agree. But as I was originally asking you stated that we were coming off a 6 day break like it was a disadvantage? If it was theoretically the same as a 5 day break (like the Hawks) as you have stipulated, what was the point of the original post? No need to reply..as I said I wasn’t looking to pick a fight. The conversation isn’t going anywhere. Have a good night.
  5. I’ll be honest mate yes. I’ve played night and day football and always found running at night a lot easier than during the day. But that’s just me… edit - I’ll also be honest and say I unlikely ran 15km in a game as a half back. I am no Ed Langdon.
  6. No, not really. Our game finished 18 hours before them and they played in Tasmania. They played the next day, had less of a break than us but you said we had a six day break like it was a disadvantage? I don’t understand. I’m not trying to pick a fight, I’m just trying to understand what you mean?
  7. Hawks played a day after us.
  8. Just shows how important Petty is to our backline. When Petty plays Lever doesn’t need to be accountable.
  9. There’s plenty of love for Langdon on here and he is crucial for us…he just didn’t have a great first half. I thought he was sloppy, like a lot of our players, but he’s he made up for it with an outstanding second half. Saw the marking contest where May copped the corkie and the bloke is a superstar. Thought Brown looked a bit proppy also and continued to come on and off the ground. Thought Browns influence in the first half was very important…continued to make contests and bring the ball to ground despite awful delivery.
  10. Oliver May Bowey Hunt Sparrow Langdon Apologies to Harmes and Petty
  11. Cannot wait for the “what they’re saying down at Punt Road” thread.
  12. I will say this in relation to last nights game, coming in from Eltham on the Hurstbridge train line. As buses were replacing trains between Hurstbridge and Clifton Hill, I observed quite a number of Melbourne fans choosing to walk away when they discovered trains weren’t running. What is normally a 40 minute train ride to Jolimont became an hour and a half bus ride with a driver who had no idea where he was going to stop at every train station, all while empty stubbies rolled around mine and my kids feet. While I understand line works need to happen, it wasn’t a great start to our evening, especially when I rarely go with the kids and how excited they were. Anyway, we went, we had a great win and the family enjoyed themselves. Now time to rip into some hot cross buns.
  13. Weren’t on the Hurstbridge or Mernda line by chance were you? Absolute bloody nightmare coming in from Eltham this arvo.
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