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  1. Just when you thought you couldn’t hate that [censored] stain of a club anymore.
  2. All good everyone, the games going to be moved to Darwin where we have a massive home ground advantage and an excellent record the following week.
  3. Guys I know it was only Richmond at near full strength but you can only beat what’s put in front of you.
  4. I just had the first of the two injections. No side effects so far......then again I’m still on cloud 9 after we won the flag last year.
  5. “Invited to train”....(for a potential rookie spot). .....minds lost.
  6. Without wanting to speculate too much, pretty sure he had a bit going on, on the home front around that time...could explain a few things.
  7. Can confirm he has lost 6kg and is absolutely flying on the track. Goody considering playing him on the wing next year.
  8. How many clubs in total laughed and hung up on Lamby when he attempted to move us further up into the first round?
  9. I’m mates with someone very high up at Caulfield Grammar. Said he’s an absolute ripper who has worked his guts out to improve after getting a scholarship in year 10. Freakish skills that remind him of Caleb Daniel with how he uses the footy. Comes from a great family with great values. He also added Will Phillips will play 200 games and captain the Roos.
  10. Could be the voltaren I’ve applied to my groin, but I’ve got a good feeling about this kid.
  11. All good mate. Mahoney will get us back into the first round.
  12. Yes. It finishes next Monday.
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