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  1. The number of memes I currently have in my head involving Haymes white paint, which would in-turn result me in being banned (if created and posted) is frightening.
  2. Amazing what winning games of football can do....
  3. Out - Tomlinson, Baker In - Weid, Sparrow If Fritta gets rubbed out then Chandler or Harmes.
  4. Could not kick a drop punt that [censored] head.
  5. Bloke plays with zero intensity. Like watching someone in slow motion.
  6. Best 6 possession game I reckon I’ve seen.
  7. 6 Salem 5 Petracca 4 Oliver 3 Jackson 2 Langdon 1 Neal-Bullen Sorry Rivers - I love you.
  8. Just trudged home as [censored] as a mule from Eltham Station. It was a bizarre experience tonight. I went in slightly nervous, but un-Melbourne like calm before the game. I expected a loss but was prepared to wear it knowing we were 5-0. I just wanted a strong performance and to get within 3 goals In the first 15 minutes I prepared myself for the absolute worst and for a barrage for messages from Tigers mates who I had been baiting all week. Well...FMD. All of a sudden the feeling I’ve had for the past 5 weeks overwhelmed me. The feeling of confidence in knowing the boys would
  9. This bloke turned the tide of the game in the second quarter.
  10. I finally got around to renewing my MCC/MFC membership this afternoon. That’s our fourth for the household. Girl I spoke to said they’ve been very busy.
  11. Gawn Lever Salem TMac Hibberd Langdon
  12. Let’s hope Petty never has to play again.
  13. Can confirm this continued on after the game as Selwood attempted to have some dinner.
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