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  1. Promised myself….and it’s done.
  2. Yes….stems from the David Cloke management book of genius.
  3. Pretty sure it’s referring to him, being West Australian…not the newspaper.
  4. These cops are paid employees of the MFC to ensure he never, ever wants to return to Perth. Well played once again Gary Pert…
  5. I drank 57 beers during the game. Spooky.
  6. Thanks so much guys, managed to just grab one thanks to your help!
  7. Thanks guys. In bed with tonsillitis so I missed it. Shattered.
  8. Anyone got a link for the premium posters, I can’t find them anyway. Argh
  9. Not until the embracing on the bench with 2 minutes to go, did I start to well up. I’d had too much of an adrenaline dump after the third to experience any type of emotion until that moment. Kind of surprised me.
  10. My favourite quotes from BT during the game: “The melbourne fans in that pocket have gone unbelievably”. “Bailey Fritsch the only player to have kicked 5 in the 2000s”…as the screen displayed 5 other players who have kicked 5 goals in a grand final in the 2000s. In the last: Brayshaw “the crowd are calling for max to kick a barrel” immediately after: BT “I think the crowd were calling for the barrel”
  11. Approx 60cm x 45cm mate. I ordered a pre-framed poster from walltowall.net.au and that’s the size they’ve listed. https://walltowall.net.au/products/mark-knight-herald-sun-melbourne-demons-2021-poster?_pos=4&_sid=11c905ca3&_ss=r
  12. Got well wishes from almost every dogs supporter I know post game. They are of the same ilk as we are from a supporter perspective and I respect that.
  13. Going to set up two TVs side by side and play both of them at the same time….it’s that good!
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