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  1. There's an idea there - do it like yacht racing. Have the line honours go to the highest vote getter, then have handicaps for various positions.
  2. Yes! That was the night's 2nd highlight behind Gawn's suit jacket pocket embroidery, "Christian Petracca 3 votes".
  3. To be fair, in how many games do you think Bowey was amongst the 3 top players on the ground across both teams? I can't think of any. Lever probably stiff, but there's maybe only a couple of games he probably could have polled in, but then there's his kicking which may have let him down.
  4. Yes agreed, Trac's vote-getting drop-off coincided with him spending more time forward with the petty and melky injuries. Pretty rough because he showed extraordinary power in several games to turn things our way.
  5. Yes against the Tigers, Petty kicked 6, JVR and Melksham both kicked 4. Pretty sure it was 14 straight between them that day.
  6. Jeez I'd love to read the fine print on that $1000 GF "guarantee". That sounds ridiculous. I'd muster a [censored], but seeing as it's Collingwood, I am all out of empathy.
  7. Did the siren guy die on the button just now?
  8. Waiting for about 80% of the after game coverage to be about how gallant Carlton have been, what a year they've had, etc., ignoring the lions.
  9. I wonder too if we may be waiting to see how things play out this trade period before perhaps paying one of them out.
  10. Current situation is a bummer, but in terms of list management BBB's contract terms got him to us and helped us win a flag, and pretty sure it was reported that TMac's last extension spread his money over more years, providing cap space to lock in our Tracs and Olivers, etc.
  11. The guy is being paid 20 grand a week! He was attending training, etc. and not injured. It'd be beyond unprofessional for him to declare himself unavailable for senior selection.
  12. Demonland changed the thread title to "Irrelevant tool calls the Melbourne Football Club fragile"
  13. They were flopping all over the place, milking frees and reversals that cost us goals, now we find that we've helped keep their best player on the field when he's leaking blood? Fyck our players are dumb sometimes.
  14. We should have contested the Kozzy suspension, if for no other reason than to cause Carlton distraction in the lead up to the Lions prelim.
  15. On TV to me it didn't look touched. I didn't see a any finger deflection as the ball passed by the hand. The shadow of the ball quickly passing over the hand may have given the impression it was touched, but I didn't see evidence of physical contact.
  16. On that, wouldn't the AFL be relishing the boon a QLD or NSW team's success would have for the growth of the game up there? Particularly a maiden GWS flag? Personally I'd love nothing more than seeing the Pies and blues fall short next weekend.
  17. He did. Literally the first words of his presser were "I'm feeling like probably every Melbourne supporter and all the players next door there - pretty shattered."
  18. Hope you gave 'em both barrels.
  19. I could see GWS knocking the Pies off. Port... no.
  20. A picture perfect day down here at Casey Fields. Skills are fantastic. We've built a hell of a Dees side here.
  21. Is Brodie going to dump his MFC gear in a Brotherhood bin on the drive home tonight?
  22. 6 May 5 Gawn 4 Smith 3 Spargo 2 Lever 1 Petracca -1 viney (undid great work with shockingly predictable last kick) -2 Fritsch (needed more) -3 Chandler (great early season but faded) -4 Pickett (so costly undisciplined acts) -5 TMac (sadly not physically able) -6 JJ (saw him maybe twice and did f-all)
  23. If he doesn't they need to pay him out. We can't afford to plan around him up fwd.
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