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  1. Bidding for the signed Clayton Oliver premiership guernsey has surpassed $20,000! Would think there'd still be plenty of bids to come to take Trac's and Gawn's higher than their current $10k and $15k, respectively. Great for the club!
  2. I was absolutely rapt with Sparrow's performance at the business end of the season. Really good signs to see a player thrive on the bigger stage.
  3. I'm not sure what it says about my mindset but all I saw when looking at that crab photo was a Premiership Cup.
  4. Love the modification to the Demonland banner, @Demonland!
  5. Damn. Class act on and off the field. Hope he stays involved in some fashion. Absolutely tenacious footballer that I loved watching. Best of luck for the future, Nev.
  6. Avg pts per game is problematic too - e.g. a BoG in a losing elim final team - but yes, definitely there should be a correction for teams that skip through to a prelim. The current system is a joke.
  7. Yep. Bucket list complete... ... but I also now want 4 in a row and 16 flags. Then a 17th to sit clear on top of the pile. I want us to be hated by every supporter base in the land. I want us to be so strong financially and well set up off field that we genuinely contend for decades. I want us to be the club that generations of kids defect to.
  8. How good was it to see Woey in the guernsey and genuinely looking delighted! It'd be awesome if his son plays for us! Fantastic too to see Allen Jakovich - great work by Gary to coax him into the rooms (and how good was his nervous f-bomb!).
  9. A blu-ray was on the site but appeared to have sold out by the time i tried to order it. Assuming more inventory will be coming. The club will make millions in merch out if this and I'm keen to contribute!
  10. Trac Oliver Jackson Salem Fritsch Petty [censored] it - bloody everyone. I love you all!
  11. Trac and Oliver just put the MFC and 50,000 members on their back and brought us right back into this. Come on!!!!
  12. Gets points for that early momentum-arresting bump on Hamnan though.
  13. Am I the only one that felt a sudden urge to take a nervous p!$$ when the teams were announced?
  14. If the Brownlow telecast and the ch 7 information is anything to go by, this will not work. Only 7+ apps on certain TVs etc will work. Android phones/tablets won't work.
  15. Are these of the Chandler/Bedford/Baker variety? I'd be loathe to see Jordon or Sparrow go. Jordon's been very good this year and Sparrow has gone up a gear in finals which is exactly what we want (c.f. Gary Rohan).
  16. I loved the 2018 Elim Final barrier he put up that stopped Selwood so rapidly that his spittle went flying.
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