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  1. Amusingly, that one was a percentage booster for us. I'll take it. 😀
  2. Pies must be salivating watching this.
  3. He thought Chandler was Spargo at one point.
  4. I confess to being mildly shocked he'd played 17 games in that time.
  5. I've just got off the phone to Gill. He's moving it to the weekend after next. All good.
  6. Come on Harmsey. Does a scintillating evasive spin then executes a shocking grubber of a kick.
  7. I'd love to see a Port loss to a coach-changing Tigers. Would soften last week's loss a little.
  8. Good thing DLand doesn’t have a graphical profanity filter!
  9. MFC statement re First Nations Voice to Parliament Referendum ❤️
  10. How can the AFL and the media not get this right? Every post-game press conference has the same issue, year after year - but to not even get it together for a press conference of this magnitude beggars belief.
  11. Gawd that's written like it's a 10-12 week injury. That said, I'd expect he'll be back straight after the bye at the latest.
  12. How about Rozee gets cited for headbutting Hunter. If players contest head first, they'll cop high contact and risk injury - but just like Spargo's self-concussion a few weeks back, it's their own fault.
  13. A stark visualisation of the inexorable march of time.
  14. How is that not a 50 for Lycett's dissent there?
  15. That Oliver handball will count as a stat for him but was absolutely useless and coughed up a goal.
  16. Isn't it not a high free if you duck into it???
  17. Well done WCW and the Demon Army, that's an exceptional display of empathy transcending football.
  18. What a legend. 🤣 He's risen another nitch in my appreciation of him!
  19. The match reviews should really be conducted by the MRO viewing ALL of each match's footage, without ANY commentary audio.
  20. Cleared!!! I'm ecstatic for the kid. Must be a huge relief, and great to see the game's original club taking a stand on the fabric of the game.
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