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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. No wonder his kicking is so wayward.
  2. Here is the map from the Gary Pert letter to members just now, which is not a finalised plan but part of the feasibility study.
  3. Not married, but partner's pregnancy was announced a few months ago. https://7news.com.au/sport/afl/afl-premiership-forward-kysaiah-pickett-makes-sweet-family-announcement-our-next-chapter-c-12939113.amp
  4. So of players that have played 200 games, "almost half" have been suspended. So Mr Cameron is NOT in the "unusual" category - he's in the majority. Moreover, this is an utterly fallacious self-fulfilling prophecy. A player hasn't yet been suspended. Therefore they have a good record and we downgrade suspendable offences when they front the tribunal. Thus they continue to have a "clean" record ready to note the next time they get reported. Yet take another player that happens to cop a week for a minor incident early in their career, their fortunes in front of the tribunal are open to snowballing into further and sometimes longer suspensions. AFL, fix this corrupt mess!
  5. In that universe, how funny would it be if the Govt mandated that they share Kardinia Park 50:50 with the Cats due to the significant taxpayer funds thst have gone into its development. 🤣
  6. Round 21, August 6, 2023. Injured foot when it caught on the turf and bent back under him while being tackled from behind. It was at that [censored] ground down in Tassie where Tommo did his ACL in 2021.
  7. The MRO is a joke. He simply waits on the media hysteria to work out what incidents to cite.
  8. Recent social media posts indicate we are 7-0 when Woey Jr has been named. Given that goes back to his debut mid last year I'd imagine we're about even on win/loss when he hasn't been named.
  9. How is Petty being named in the fwd line "on form"? And agree, Nibbler and Sparrow [censored] all over several of those selections.
  10. I dunno, I'd take South Australian fritz over any of the similar manufactured meat products we can get here in Melb.
  11. Yes, Billings had injuries across the last two years - restricted to 8 and 3 games across 2022 and 2023, respectively.
  12. He may be starting to hear the sound of steel sliding over a whetstone from the Crows boardroom.
  13. Great game by Trac. He is truly something special. Huge kudos to Sparrow, who had a very good game tonight and really looks to have taken his game to another level this year.
  14. So proud of the team getting the job done across these two games in Adelaide. Ferocious performance against Port, outclassed Adelaide despite clear fatigue. I'm delighted we've got to here 4-1. We look so united onfield and in the rooms post-game. Compare that to the shenanigans befalling Brisbane, etc.
  15. Never had the misfortune. Can't imagine it'd be fun if you needed to force one out
  16. Trying not to get Peter Wrighted for 4 weeks.
  17. Fritta would need to kick goals with a gut, a dart in one hand and a VB in the other to appeal to that bogan.
  18. Power Tools 🤣 love it. What a win - still buzzing.
  19. According to the Fox commentators just now, it is Priority Picks. Despite WCE netting a flag merely 6 years ago and digging themselves into their current hole skewing their list profile to try to add to their 2018 success.
  20. Would be disappointed if ANB didn't get at least 2 votes - he repeatedly stood and delivered for us when the game threatened to go Port's way in the 3rd.
  21. No McAdam = no Adelaide? 🤣 They were woeful this weekend against Freo. 4 goals, and virtually evaporated in the 2nd half. Where's Burgess? Hope we smoke them.
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