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  1. Anyone remember Cerra being impressed with our presentation but we were never really in the frame because we didn't have the trade currency. Ugh.
  2. We need to milk multiple flags out of our current team. I'm [censored] over teams like Geelong nabbing a quarter of the flags contested over the last 16 seasons.
  3. Absolutely atrocious. Last year's was far better. The sonic equivalent of a butcher's bin.
  4. Absolute disgrace that you can't get the GF on either Kayo or Channel 7's own frigging app.
  5. Agreed - Oliver's year this year was miles ahead of Trac's - certainly moreso than their Brownlow polling this year suggests.
  6. Munro is emotional - great interview - what a legend.
  7. But had he stayed then every ladder position, trade and draft pick we'd have chosen since then would be different. It's not like we can look at our current team and just swap a fringe player with Jurrah and declare we'd be that much better. That path would be completely different. We could have not quite bottomed out then not gone through the transformation that led to the '21 flag.
  8. At the start of the year the curious stat went around that no premiership line-up ever played together in full thereafter. I recall chatter on this site about how we could be the first, which was dashed by injury prior to round 1. Then later in the year it was mentioned that we were almost back to our best 22 (being the flag 22). Here's hoping going forward we embrace the evolutionary philosophy required to remain at the tip of the AFL spear.
  9. Lever, May, Langdon, Ben Brown, Dunstan. 4 were vital elements of our premiership team.
  10. My worry with this is the Cargo Cult Science issue. There's no point duplicating a program outputs if the inputs have changed - player conditioning, injuries, schedule, etc. I hope the 2021 program wasn't being followed blindly, but rather the methodology for its construction was being followed, allowing for evidence-based evolution. The talk earlier in the year that we were being flogged even harder on the training track and that we'd be even fitter than 2021 worried me. We looked knackered as this year wore on. Sparking out of the blocks, getting leads mid-game, and being steadily reeled in and overrun. Week after week with few exceptions.
  11. Guaranteed he'll play just one blinder next year, no points for guessing who it'll be against.
  12. The algorithm would have the result in miliseconds, yet the AFL would still dribble the selection information out over 2 laborious nights of coverage.
  13. Maybe he's preparing for 40-odd exit interviews to be held in a couple of days?
  14. Nope Ok, Oliver, Fritta, Petty - that's about it
  15. Thought he'd cracked a shin he seemed in so much pain. Relieved to see him out there.
  16. I'm having to rehydrate something fierce to offset the nervous peeing already today.
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