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  1. It felt the same to me too. Perhaps naively I'd expected them to be briskly jogging as a group across to Gosch's, with some pep talk amongst each other, but wasn't the case. Fingers crossed for Friday.
  2. Confirmed - did not see him out there. No sign of Gus too (unsurprisingly). Was great seeing Petts and melky there, though wish the circumstances were better.
  3. BBB looked ok in that he didn't appear to be limping. His left knee was taped, but I saw him involved with the forward group in drills. He was doing warmups etc with the team too. Did not look like a particularly intense session though. Gawn did not take part. Instead doing selfies etc around the boundary. He ignored a query on Clarry's whereabouts from a supporter nearby.
  4. Harmes not training likely confirming hammy news from vfl practice match.
  5. Our sizeable share of his contract off our books?
  6. Frustratingly similar games. 🤑
  7. Absolutely shocking kick by McKay then
  8. Ouch. The thread title has changed to "vs Carlton" at half time. Over to you, Sydney...
  9. It was a worry to hear that Mark Williams was heard having to yell at the players to lift the standards during the open training session. Surely this is the tine of year to be razor focused and sharp in training, warm-ups and then carry that to the opening bounce.
  10. As you know, they grow on trees - get Jason Taylor to shake the orchard a little and 47 Curnows will fall out.
  11. Between him and Grundy I reckon. May come down to which of them is less on the nose in the eyes of the match committee. I'd go with Grundy as I think he'd have more of a crack and is a far better player, but as we've had drummed into us he's no forward, so creates structural issues. U In a parallel universe we have Petty and Melk playing and we're in a Prelim right now.
  12. Presumably will be Grundy in for JVR (suspension). Someone in for Gus - JJ I guess. Tmac looked so immobile, but a JVR suspension presumably saves him. Laurie almost unsighted, but apart from JJ it's hard to see who might be sub otherwise - maybe Woey? Room for Disco for a bit more height and youth down back? Maybe for hibbo? Love Hibbo but he's not super quick these days. [censored] I am gloomy right now.
  13. Straight sets to Pies and blues is utter nightmare fuel. Roo presumably will be rubbed out, so we'll be threadbare forward. Damn I wish we showed better composure there with a bunch of our shots on goal.
  14. On track to get bundled out by Carlton next week with Roo and Brayshaw unavailable. Ugh.
  15. Um... he got dropped after games where it could be argued he outperformed Gawn (neither looking great at the time, though fatigue/wet weather could have been factors), and has subsequently put his head down at the VFL culminating with a high-possession multi-goal game last week. Beside the point, though, because there's plently of evidence refuting the claim that it never looked like he really cared. One example being his devil horns hand sign he made after several of his goals this year. That has all the hallmarks of a player with 100% buy-in to a team.
  16. Fair enough. Clearly can't keep a barber's appointment for starters.
  17. Let's not rewrite history - he looked absolutely stoked to be playing earlier this season, celebrating goals and wins with exuberance, going in to bat for teammates, etc.
  18. Adrian Campbell. Played 30 games for Western Bulldogs & a couple for us apparently. https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/984378/georgia-campbell-to-join-demons-as-first-father-daughter-pick
  19. The Petty/JVR/Melk combination netting 14 goals against the Tigers was top shelf.
  20. I'd like to see a Brisbane win (and us obviously). That'd force the pies to have to go via a prelim vs Brisbane at the Gabba to make the GF. Outside that, my other preference is a 1 point Carlton loss by a kick after the siren that is touched on the goal line but incorrectly referred to video with the umpire's call as goal, where the video evidence is inconclusive because Charlie Curnow had run back into defence and did his lamo bicep curl fist pump blocking the camera's view.
  21. This call by Kingy is terminal to his credibility.
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