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  1. Hopefully the Cats have a few mediocre years to bring Chris Scott back to the pack a little.
  2. Phew, I thought you were referring to us in that first paragraph.
  3. Goodwin's presser reporting Petty as a rolled ankle. Hopefully that's accurate.
  4. If Petty doesn't get up, does Jeffo get a look in after his bag of 5 today?
  5. A bit odd- it is definitely a 3.20pm start, so not exactly a "night" game. But when they say access to level 1, that would be gen admission bays on L1, not Members reserved seating areas.
  6. The KB game will be a massive stress-test for the mental fortitude of our team. The media will be lathering up the Maynard/Brayshaw background and we all know how the filth supporters get emboldened by that. There will be feeling and physicality on field, and a hell of a lot of aggression from over the fence. Hopefully we can right the ship in the next couple of weeks to go in with confidence.
  7. I love this idea - have some kind of klaxon go off the moment a player runs over 15m. It'd go off regularly and players would be perplexed, being so used to blasting past that distance without penalty for years.
  8. I have, and he is showing some promising signs, so why ruin that by throwing him to the wolves before he's ready?
  9. But at the last moment that psychopath Parker drives upward to change his point of impact from torso to head. Not to mention the very sudden beeline he makes to the player, turning on a trajectory away from the ball. It is simply off the ball thuggery and has no place in a game that wants to survive in this millennium.
  10. Aarrgghh how could I forget Pig 😭
  11. Really want the two teams with "Melbourne" in their name to get the job done today.
  12. To me it has the strong whiff of a frustrated player taking his anger out on an opportune target. Reminiscent of Alex Rance whacking a prostrate Jack Watts in the back of the head after being beaten in a marking contest a few years ago.
  13. Lever, May, Langdon, and I'd add Ben Brown, each filled vital holes in our line-up leading to our 2021 success.
  14. Googled "Luke Parker Frankston" and just saw the incident - a disgusting act. I hope they absolutely throw the book at him. Disgrace.
  15. gs77

    The Overlap

    While there are perhaps few people consuming all 9 non overlapping games broadcast each weekend, not overlapping them maximises the hours per week that there is a game on, thus maximising the chance that people will watch at least some. From the broadcaster's perspective (who pay a lot of money for the rights), this is surely preferable to the alternative.
  16. "Historically" the key word there. Dusty was a bona fide great of the game, but we ruined him in his 250th on ANZAC Eve 2021.
  17. Richmond's crowd is pathetic. Don't you agree Caro? .... Caro? ... Hello?
  18. Spot on - the bling! It looks so trashy.
  19. How pathetically insecure is this competition that it desperately grabs at these garish practices from overseas sports?
  20. Utterly grotesque.
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