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  1. Saw the thread title and thought this was about a kid currently tearing up the U14s called "Jackson Haul".
  2. We traded pick 42 for a future 3rd near the start of tonight.
  3. Welcome aboard Koltyn Tholstrup!
  4. Bugger. O'Sullivan picked by the cats two spots ahead of our next pick.
  5. Wait, shouldn't Freo have had a pick by now? 🤣
  6. McKercher picked by North at #2.
  7. Christ when do the draft selections actually start.
  8. The "Possessed" bollocks was the very encapsulation of cringe. Trying to suggest we were in everyone else's heads, then to crash out in straight sets, to the Big Clubs with their 19th Man and all that. Terrible.
  9. Maybe Dillon is a C programmer?
  10. Less wrong on the upper levels though. 😀
  11. I'm not sure how this would work from West Coast's perspective. Our picks aren't high enough to get Curtain, so why would they trade out 1 to us, thus missing out on Reid, while also missing curtain. They'd be mad not to trade with North for 2 or 3 though. That way they'd secure curtain plus other talent with what they get back.
  12. I fear he'll be in his 40s by then.
  13. Anyone who refers to us as the Mighty Dees has my tick of approval. 👍
  14. As a side note, does Billings have a rather worse-for-wear painting of Dorian Gray in his attic? The guy rivals Bernie Vince in the perpetually youthful appearance department.
  15. I look forward to reports confirming that he is undertaking the 1140km round trip to and from training several times per week after he bails for the Crows.
  16. Studies have shown [citation needed] that AFL players have a statistically significant risk of an unusual comorbidity combining homesickness and chromophobia - fear of certain colours - that conveniently limits their options when it comes to relocation to one's home state.
  17. There was that time mid season in 2016 that Jesse Hogan posted a photo of him at the Perth house he'd just purchased? https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/freo-target-jesse-hogan-buys-perth-house-may-not-be-dockers-hero-any-time-soon-20160624-gpr1l8.html
  18. [censored] him off. Been at our club for half a decade. Premiership player. Yet talks like we're some day job he begrudgingly puts up with. Don't give me the "not media savvy" [censored] either - he's been in the system for 5 years already - he's not some green draftee. As if he's not aware that playing golf with players from the team trying to poach him during that very trade period on a badly injured foot is provocative and a shocking look.
  19. At 21 surely we give him one more year to see if he can take that next step?
  20. SWF? Blast from the past there!
  21. Nah. Hawkins' arms are much oilier.
  22. But is someone really the best player for the season when they miss almost half the year? Where should the line be drawn? Get 60 possessions and kick 10 in round 1 then miss the rest of the season with injury? Maybe a team's best player on paper, but not the best player for the team over that season I'd suggest. That said, regarding the Flower winning only 1 matter I'd agree there's scope maybe to tweak the scoring system.
  23. He's waiting in the limo. He may yet be subbed in for the dessert course but no guarantees.
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