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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. I'm just not seeing anything with Laurie.
  2. That was a pathetic action by McKay pushing the ball in May's face. Then he follows it up with a shank. What an atrocious specimen.
  3. Is that Kolt with no shirt on in the huddle?
  4. Hand up who loves a winger that kicks goals???
  5. He's a weathervane suffering a severe bout of recency bias.
  6. I'm penning Sydney's obituary as we speak.
  7. Billings has been a handy class injection too.
  8. Pickett nails a bomb from 50 after getting on the end of a low spearing pass from Rivers.
  9. Goal to Roo after a strong 2-handed mark.
  10. Gawd, Fritta is having a 'mare at the moment.
  11. If McKay wasn't his size he'd be playing in some suburban 3rds side.
  12. [censored] that's a harsh free against Riv. He was doing everything he could to wrest possession into a position to dispose of the ball.
  13. Doubt he's concussed. Contact looked mostly in the chest area, but McKay is a big [censored] so might have caught some of bowser's chin or lip too.
  14. It isn't going to arrive in time for this game - mine took ages to arrive last season.
  15. Nibbler that's two f-ups in 10 seconds. 🤬
  16. For gods sake. If you have the ball, get tackled, try dropping the ball onto your boot and you miss it, that's holding the effing ball. Doesn't matter that you're wearing a Carlton guernsey
  17. Does anyone know whether the VFL practice match will be televised anywhere?
  18. Christ what a bunch of whingers. Caulfield park is around the corner offering 64 (64!) acres of parkland.
  19. He also would have been handy in the back half of 2022.
  20. Love BB. Completed the last missing link in our team ahead of our triumphant flag year. Was one of my few favourite non-Dees players before he came across to us. It would be absolutely massive for us if what he is relaying here is true. Finger crossed.
  21. Mineral Resources Park... there are not enough face palms for how unhelpful these ridiculous sponsor-named venues are.
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