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  1. Nonsense. It is a semi-infinite range, which is completely valid.
  2. With Zac Butters having devolved to Zac Margarines in recent weeks, this award is Trac's for the taking. Get it done CP5!
  3. Remember how % works. A narrow win to the lions will still erode their %.
  4. Could make the browlow count interesting.
  5. Gawd it is coming down to the line for Fritta with finals approaching.
  6. They had flags in the late 90s. They can wallow for 30 more years as far as I'm concerned. F 'em.
  7. Did his next post contain his letter of resignation?
  8. I'd be interested to know how many former AFL players migrate their support back to the team they supported growing up. Anyone know of any examples? I'd imagine playing at that level for another club would indelibly change the perspective they might have towards a childhood team.
  9. Incredible player at his peak. 1000+ goals is epic.
  10. Only noticed him after watching the replay last night when he bobbed up for a behind. Didn't see him at all when at the game live.
  11. Petty's contested marking and dead straight kicking today was just sublime. Fantastic stuff.
  12. Max has been absolutely huge this quarter if not this 2nd half
  13. I could've sworn it was only half time?
  14. Plenty of red & blue at the city end. Go dees!
  15. LOL at the tool who thinks we view this as our grand final. Sorry Tiges, you were great 2017-2020 but now you're sliding down the cliff back to irrelevance where you and your rabid bogan throng belong.
  16. That they're consistently 2nd to the ball?
  17. Love the Roo. Great mark and goal.
  18. Could maybe make the case for the 2020 season with fixture disruption and shortened quarters, but not 2021. Reality doesn't owe you or anyone else a grand final win at the MCG.
  19. What's a "paln"? 67k+ is outstanding, particularly given the global pandemic decimating two of those 4 years. I for one applaud the ambition Gary Pert demonstrated in setting the 75k goal.
  20. Super important game Sydney vs Freo in terms of our draft haul. Go the Swannies. Also can the Hawks get it done over Richmond? Unlikely I guess, but would be delicious if it happened. I'd laugh if Carlton got done by West Coast but not going to happen. I'd guess Bulldogs over Essendon, lions over Geelong at the Gabba, Pies over Port, GWS over Suns, us over Crows, Saints over north.
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