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  1. I stand corrected - you are right.
  2. True, regarding hit-the-post decisions. But as for adjudicating whether a goal was touched, this is in relation to whether the ball had passed the back of the goal line, which is painted between the posts, not the back of the padding. (On replay the ball appeared to be touched while above the goal line, so correct decision appeared to have been made as far as I could see).
  3. Kozzy with the huge bomb from outside 50!and billings worh the quick follow up!
  4. Half of them are at Doggy Day Care today.
  5. Someone getting their money's worth out of their MCC membership it seems.
  6. Another positive with these losses is that soft receiver Nick Daicos won't be racking up the Brownlow votes.
  7. Angry Anderson getting poked in his leather-clad backside by the fin on that ridiculous batmobile was hilarious.
  8. Ummm... towards the end this video claims Waverley hosted the only AFL Grand Final outside the MCG in peacetime. I think not!!! 2021 says hello!
  9. Good to hear - he sounds like a promising future prospect.
  10. Just checked - couldn't see anything confirmed - Longmuir said he had to see a surgeon and there was a lot going on with his knee. I guess we might hear something more definitive tomorrow. Poor bugger.
  11. Just play a 48 week season + finals and be done with it.
  12. Loving the noise for clarry from the Members when he comes to the bench. ❤️❤️❤️
  13. Why the [censored] wasn't that downfield?
  14. Someone at MCG Ops is sleeping with someone at Citypower. No other explanation why the lights are on here in BLAZING SUNSHINE.
  15. Chandler had multiple open players in fwd 50 and kicks high to a contest leading to oppo mark.
  16. Residual vegetable oil from his Tiktoks
  17. Wasn't that largely theatrical, given they booed Hunter shortly before? Anyway, no booing from me for Harmesy. Huge soft spot for him, and hope he identifies as a dees fan after his career ends.
  18. We've also been cruelled by our home ground being the game's major stadium. Little coincidence that the MCG becoming home to powerful tenant clubs from Richmond in '65ish coincided with our protracted drought. This means we have no home base, and the most negligible home ground advantage in the league.
  19. I heard it was renamed the Triple-H: Harmes-Hunter-Hannon Cup. 🤷‍♂️
  20. Oh [censored] that old [censored].
  21. I'd laugh so hard if the Saints get over Geelong here
  22. What is the point of goal umpires? That poster deflected at almost right angles mere feet from the unobstructed goal umpire.
  23. And he's within half a season of Ooze.
  24. No way they didn't see it. Oh that's right, it was to Collingwood's advantage that the kick into Sydney's fwd 50 was arrested. That makes sense now.
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