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  1. The Petty/JVR/Melk combination netting 14 goals against the Tigers was top shelf.
  2. I'd like to see a Brisbane win (and us obviously). That'd force the pies to have to go via a prelim vs Brisbane at the Gabba to make the GF. Outside that, my other preference is a 1 point Carlton loss by a kick after the siren that is touched on the goal line but incorrectly referred to video with the umpire's call as goal, where the video evidence is inconclusive because Charlie Curnow had run back into defence and did his lamo bicep curl fist pump blocking the camera's view.
  3. This call by Kingy is terminal to his credibility.
  4. Great hard comeback. Every digit crossed for Melksham. Great 2nd half Trac. Great seeing the feline Fritta back!
  5. I think it's just that the ground is only 37 metres long.
  6. Fritta foot taped up and he's back on
  7. F u u u u u c c c c k k k k k could this get any worse????
  8. Was that the year Gawn, Trac and Oliver were amomgst our All Australians, Trac and Oliver scooped up several individual honours throughout the year, and said midfield tore the Bulldogs to shreds in the GF? Yeah, good call there Champion Data. Oh boy.
  9. Poor thing. 😢 Life is really unfair sometimes. Much respect to the Club and all its personnel for giving him that experience earlier.
  10. My 7 yr old started going this year and loves it. Plenty of Dees outfits at Auskick clinics too. Vastly different to the 1980s.
  11. He's had terrible timing with his injuries, poor guy. Not the first time he's been injured when on the cusp of selection.
  12. As a former boundary umpire in the Southern Football League, it is unimaginable to me that boundary umpires in perfect position tangent to the boundary line neglected to make calls like that (and the Viney one yesterday). If ball over line, blow whistle - immediate and instinctive. It's not like field umpiring where there's pressure from crowds and players and decisions may be complex and subjective (e.g. holding the ball, etc.). In the Viney case I can only assume that the boundary umpire interpreted the play as warranting a HTB free against Viney before the ball crossed the line, thus holding off on the whistle. Huge error if so, the field umpire relies on the prompt boundary umpire's whistle as a signal that the ball is out of play - that then informs their adjudication of any free kicks. Terrible error.
  13. Lever Brayshaw ANB Rivers Milkshake Roo
  14. Where is our pressure inside our fw 50???
  15. Imagine getting pumped by 100 points by a team even on points when a top 8 spot is up for grabs. Dons pulled a heart muscle?
  16. So many comments here capturing so beautifully how magnificent Max is and his extraordinary contribution to our club and the game. It has been a privilege watching him grow into the greatest ruckman in the modern era. A unique personality and a talismanic leader. Well done Max on 200 games.
  17. He's listed amongst the followers on the team sheet on the AFL page for Sunday's game.
  18. Terrible bounce advantaging Pies not called back.
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