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  1. What TF was that Catman [censored] doing in the stands just now?
  2. Thanks for that - gave me a literal laugh out loud in the office!
  3. A couple of years ago we took the field against Sydney, and May moved to shake hands with Buddy Franklin, who ignored him and walked straight by. It [censored] me off at the time but in reflection it was a solid F-you psychological move. I would have felt much better had this been our modus operandi regarding Thug Maynard against the Pies.
  4. Whoever his manager made up.
  5. Can someone get Schwarz to give him a courtesy call on the danger in returning from an ACL prematurely?
  6. Gawd this is a cholera-level bed-[censored] by Adelaide right now.
  7. Oh good, Gerald feels there's enough of a pile on that it's safe for him to jump in too. It is Melbourne after all, not a big club, so he won't get blowback from AFL HQ. Does he really want to bring out the "duty of care" card when this was absent from several incidents of which we've been on the receiving end in recent years? Kicking in danger breaking players hands, low pushes in back tearing players hamstrings, feigning smothers to end a player's career? It's not like in this case a player just waved a doctor away after an obvious head clash, or a club ignored footage of a head clash and didn't follow up with a concussion test, or one of many other instances we've seen of a club's failure to exercise duty of care. We have doctors assessing likely broken ribs and acting accordingly as per the symptoms, including ultimately subbing Trac and sending him to hospital well before the game was over.
  8. I'd rather we win the wooden spoon than give them their first finals win in decades.
  9. We'll have a good firdt round draft pick then.
  10. We have completely fallen to pieces.
  11. Give them a big enough thumping and we could be back in the top 4. ❤️💙
  12. It is pretty frustrating. If his knees preclude him from playing in the seniors, why have him grind bone on bone for casey instead of actually resting, and freeing up space for Jeffo, etc., as you noted?
  13. Could be - though could simply relate to whether JVR has got over his injury, or similar.
  14. Taller than the door - good stuff 😀 Good luck, Luker!
  15. If there's an asterisk next to our 2021 flag, there would be a star the size of Rigel against Richmond's 2020 flag, given the shortened quarters and reduced season length. Can't believe people are buying into this "your flag has an asterisk" [censored]. If not winning successive flags is a fluke, then what's that make it - 75 or 80% of the VFL/AFL premierships across all history are flukes? What a stupid suggestion.
  16. I thought that discussion was forbidden?
  17. To me it looked to be towards a nearby player closer to the boundary who wasn't in a position Trac had expected them to move into. Gameplan not clicking I assumed. We just looked so disconnected today.
  18. Maybe he was just last in the room and everyone else had filled the chairs from the back to be as far from the spray as possible?
  19. Duty of care. Turning a player around and pulling them backwards in a tackle puts them at your mercy regarding contact with the ground - and here the head indeed makes ground contact. A silly tackle.
  20. Or they've received calls from Goody, JT, seen and shared the club's social media post, fielded texts from Trac and other players, and have been contacted by our media dept to tee up a welcome video?
  21. Hopefully the Cats have a few mediocre years to bring Chris Scott back to the pack a little.
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