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  1. On TV to me it didn't look touched. I didn't see a any finger deflection as the ball passed by the hand. The shadow of the ball quickly passing over the hand may have given the impression it was touched, but I didn't see evidence of physical contact.
  2. On that, wouldn't the AFL be relishing the boon a QLD or NSW team's success would have for the growth of the game up there? Particularly a maiden GWS flag? Personally I'd love nothing more than seeing the Pies and blues fall short next weekend.
  3. He did. Literally the first words of his presser were "I'm feeling like probably every Melbourne supporter and all the players next door there - pretty shattered."
  4. Hope you gave 'em both barrels.
  5. I could see GWS knocking the Pies off. Port... no.
  6. A picture perfect day down here at Casey Fields. Skills are fantastic. We've built a hell of a Dees side here.
  7. Is Brodie going to dump his MFC gear in a Brotherhood bin on the drive home tonight?
  8. 6 May 5 Gawn 4 Smith 3 Spargo 2 Lever 1 Petracca -1 viney (undid great work with shockingly predictable last kick) -2 Fritsch (needed more) -3 Chandler (great early season but faded) -4 Pickett (so costly undisciplined acts) -5 TMac (sadly not physically able) -6 JJ (saw him maybe twice and did f-all)
  9. If he doesn't they need to pay him out. We can't afford to plan around him up fwd.
  10. I'm on the verge of laughing because that outcome was virtually inevitable. Danger signs all year - the Brisbane debacle in rnd 2, the essendon debacle, etc. But in the end the weight of losses of personnel, the inability to get the Grundy combo working and our widespread lack of foot skills did us in - exemplified by Vineys clanger in the dying minutes to turn the ball over and gift them a goal.
  11. Sub him off already he's been in dry dock this game.
  12. We will wear them down. They were pathetic in the 2nd half last week.
  13. Pretty fkcn good with that goal just now!
  14. We look (dare I say it) ... possessed!
  15. Grundy gave a hug to a couple of our players including Gawn just now. Good to see.
  16. Terrible what Collingwood does to a person.
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