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  1. Pretty fkcn good with that goal just now!
  2. We look (dare I say it) ... possessed!
  3. Grundy gave a hug to a couple of our players including Gawn just now. Good to see.
  4. Terrible what Collingwood does to a person.
  5. In a rational world this should be an absurd post, but experience tells us this is an entirely plausible scenario.
  6. On one level, yes, but acts like that will happen when a naturally physical and competitive player is young - last week we saw examples of our forwards wilting from contests - JVR doesn't. He'll "take learnings" from this and will be better for it, be it this year or next. Frankly too he's looked like he could do with a bit of a mental if not a physical rest and reset.
  7. Sadly I rather suspect an identical incident with one of our players as the perpetrator would receive an entirely different narrative from the media, fuelling a tribunal hearing with damning interpretation of the actions and instructions to the panel leaving a guilty verdict as the only possible outcome. And virtually no one in the media would question the disparity. Disgrace.
  8. ... and it'd be on a weekend where there would have been multiple such instances, the others involving "big club" players that the commentators play down so the MRO can pretend they never happened. What a joke. And how can the AFL have the match review officer and tribunal chair both allied to the same club, let alone presiding over a case involving said club? So sick and tired of our players being made examples of. In recent years ANB, Chandler, the JVR one they tried earlier this year, May in that practice match where he literally just stood still while someone ran into him, Hunter this year, etc.
  9. Lord how many square metres of fabric went into that suit jacket?
  10. That will be good for their round 1, 2024 side.
  11. Compare the two acts. JVR cops a week, Braynard walks free. Unbelievable.
  12. That'd be a decent catch I'm sure we'd be angling for, but there may be a roe of potential suitors lining up just for the halibut.
  13. Put max at full forward as a tall target in place of JVR and bring Grundy in to shoulder the ruck duties. How.much do you want a premiership medallion, Brodie?
  14. Bleeding crabst. I love how a major takeaway from reviewing our 2022 season was the need for more rotation and management of our players so we could hit September with a fresh and fit list, which we implemented this year. And now look where we are. Ugh this fracking season.
  15. I seem to recall May was a fwd pre AFL but he's made a real hash of the few set shots I've seen him take for us.
  16. I hope the Dees overcompensate for their lack of viable tall forwards and pick Grundy. His selection is probably the best way to counter Gawn’s influence. High water mark for both cheek and accuracy, this one.
  17. Xander McGuire? Was he the one looking devvo next to Eddie when Shannon Hurn goaled to snatch the 2018 Premiership from the Pies moments before the final siren? 🤔
  18. He's professional so regardless of the behind the scenes manoeuvring I wouldn't expect any such statement by Grundy until our season is over.
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