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  1. I assume they'll be cheapish depth for this year. Not the worst case scenario, hopefully the young brigade can push on and these lads can help at Casey and in the Seniors when/if called upon
  2. aha., Confirming I did not love the Neeld era. It's hard to explain, my first love is the game of Football (soccer). Guess they just reminded me of pacey wingers taking on opposition players and marauding up the field. So I've got a soft spot for players who exhibit a bit of dash and dare. Find it entertaining Also with Frosty you never knew what was coming so it was always exciting!
  3. Seeing as Lamb confirmed it I can now get the tissues out. When I signed up here I had Frosty and Hunt listed as two of my fav players. Love watching a bit of dare and dash even though the output was a bit inconsistent. We'll always have that Torp
  4. If it wasn't for the WC break, Haaland would have had the Golden Boot secured by end of this calendar year. Only took him 8 PL games to get 3 hat-tricks, next fastest is Owen (48 apps), RvN (59), Torres (64). Obscene player.
  5. I would be very surprised if Haaland was at City for more than 4 years. Strikes me as a modern footballer who wants to sample all the leagues, he also loves Spain. Also this It is claimed that at the end of 2024 – which would be at the end of his second year at Manchester City – clubs will be able to sign the Haaland for a sum of €200 million. Then, at the end of his third year of contract – the summer of 2025 – a club will have the opportunity to sign the player for a sum of €175 million. That being said, these figures cannot be activated by a club immediately. Although they are not specified, the availability of these release clauses in Haaland's contract are linked to achieving minimum sporting objectives at Manchester City. It is stated in the Marca report that once these objectives have been completed by Haaland during his time at the Etihad, then the player will then have the possibility of terminating his contract through either of the release clauses.
  6. Sooner Haaland transfers to Spain the better!
  7. https://www.espn.com.au/afl/story/_/id/34688291/afl-2022-trade-free-agency-draft-period-every-club-list-needs-ahead-2023 Free agency, trades, draft: Every AFL club's list needs ahead of 2023 Melbourne List needs: Classy midfielder/forward who can pass precisely to inside 50m targets Ruck depth Outside run and speed Who should they target? The major missing link for Melbourne is a classy midfielder/forward who can hit inside 50 targets reliably. 2021 Sandover Medallist, Bailey Rogers would fill the role perfectly with his versatility to play midfield and forward and his classy skills, strong marking and ball winning capabilities a bonus. With Carlton midfielder Will Setterfield in and out of Carlton's best-22, he may be someone Melbourne could make enquiries into as a further classy midfielder who could add improved balance to the Demons midfield. While Brodie Grundy has been heavily rumoured to be joining Melbourne, the Demons should be demanding Rory Lobb as part of any deal for Luke Jackson. While Lobb has requested a trade to Western Bulldogs, Melbourne arguably need Lobb more, not just as a ruck, but as a contested marking force close to goal and someone who does not relegate Gawn to spending most of his time forward. What makes the Lobb fit so ideal is that he is ideally suited to a relieving ruck role behind Gawn and gives the Demons the option if Gawn misses games at some point to take over as Melbourne's lead ruck. While Bradley Hill has been linked to North Melbourne, the wide-open expanses of the MCG would suit Hill much better as it did during his tenure with Hawthorn. With Melbourne a team featuring prolific ball winners, Hill for the Demons would need to do nothing more than just be himself which makes Melbourne his ideal landing spot.
  8. At least BT won't get confused in commentary if Hunt does move on
  9. Hopefully if Jayden goes he can donate all his headbands to Kozzy and not go the Lever approach aha
  10. Chris Doerre has him at #5 atm (Cadman at #4) https://www.espn.com.au/afl/story/_/id/34672755/afl-2022-phantom-draft-espn-early-two-round-breakdown-chris-doerre Imagine any pick we get we may look to move up to snare one the above.
  11. He was devastated to miss out on 21 and I was saying all the right things for 22. Thought he and the headband would kick on at the dees for a few more years. Would prefer to keep him, Love Hunty but can't blame him too much for chasing better job security given the life of an AFL footballer.
  12. AFL 2023: ESPN's way-too-early predictions - Can the Cats go again? Is it Carlton's year? https://www.espn.com.au/afl/story/_/id/34652969/afl-2023-espn-way-too-early-predictions-next-season-premier-runner-brownlow-medal Can click on the article for all the random other things (Brownlow/Sliders/Coleman etc) Found this interesting Jake Michaels - Premier - Melbourne FC Rohan Conolly - Premier - Sydney (Melbourne 4th) Matt Walsh - Premier - Melbourne FC Jarryd Barca - Premier - Melbourne FC
  13. I'd look at Premium Member Packages If i wasn't already paying $615 for the MCC. I am happy to support the club with the MFC/MCC Premium add on even though I personally don't get much value from that. Just needed a little vent, will cost me minimum $1,138 next year if you add both memberships and the GFG.
  14. Received an email about the auto renewal of the GFG this afternoon.
  15. Agreed it's a bit of a rort but I'm an Restricted MCC Member so I i'd have a very low chance of attending a Grand Final in the Reserve so need to rely on my usual add-ons to have a chance going to the big dance. So each year on top of the MCC Membership I get the following MFC/MCC Premium Member Add-On ($225) GFG ($229) So I definitely support the club with the above, just this increase sits a little uneasy with me.
  16. Seems the Grand Final Guarantee has gone up from $229 to $298 in 2023. Bit stiff given our 2021 success was in WA and we fizzled out this year.
  17. Was at a pub with a bunch of mates yesterday, felt a bit bitter about all the experiences we missed out on. Much better watching with pals than alone on the couch with a cat aha Cmon 2023!
  18. Don't mind him staying so we have some flexibility to move Petty around. But if he can get a longer deal at another club would be best to let him go for his sake. Relieves a chunk of $ for other areas as well.
  19. Who we submitting in the sprint tho? Kozzy? Hunt? BBB?
  20. Was good seeing Jeremy Cameron poll well. Not meaning to be pro-cat just pro-votes for non-midfielders aha
  21. Agreed, that was a great post @Hannibal Inc.. I am not a smart person but am definitely jumping sides on a daily occurrence aha
  22. Ben Rutten will be an assistant coach at Richmond for the 2023 season. https://www.richmondfc.com.au/news/1221955/ben-rutten-returns-to-richmond
  23. 2 great years! 40 goals last year, 41 this year . Would hate for him to leave us, especially the way he tackles aha
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