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  1. Yeh well done @Lucifer's Hero; i spend far too often looking at it so it's appreciated aha
  2. Is it too early to look into the Grand Final Guarantee, LIDS OFF!
  3. Happy with his performances, so happy if he stays. a club may be interested in a resurgent T-Mac? We'd likely fit some bill but could alleviate some pressure. Then you'd imagine AVB/Jones will bow out which should create a bit more but uncertain what they'd be on. Guess it all comes down to how we fit Salem/Clayton in and if they're willing to sacrifice a bit for the common good. So we need a good season to convince them
  4. Poor Gryan Miers won't get to compete in this stat
  5. Definitely has the CV to help push through the new facility. All the best Kate, someone get her a new scarf!
  6. Interesting prospect. Wonder what it may mean for Bradke's long term development plan if we can grab him. Also by the time he's ready for draft, Kalani White will also be 54124cm tall based off Jeff's recent IG post.
  7. More so the Hospital was released from Steven May.
  8. UEFA ignore these clauses nowadays, uncertain if they would back then. ‘Both the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Disciplinary Regulations contain clear provisions which strictly forbid any club to exert, or attempt to exert, any influence whatsoever over the players that another club may (or may not) field in a match. It follows that any provision in a private contract between clubs which might function in such a way as to influence who a club fields in a match is null, void and unenforceable so far as UEFA is concerned.” That’s what they said with Chelsea/Atletico situation
  9. I like soccer loans for player development, but it's the world game with a pyramid league structure in numerous countries, the complete opposite to AFL really. Whilst it may help in some circumstances it'd generally cause more questions; How does it work with the cap/player numbers ? - Are they just injury replacements? Can they play their parent club? - What happens if the parent club needs back - some loans have clauses for call backs, Can he play for 2 teams in same season? If he is playing for 2 teams in 2 seasons they may as well institute a mid-season tr
  10. "How Dons missed Pickett, McDonald draft heist Joe Daniher’s initial trade request bombed out. But how different would life be for the Dons had they done the deal with Sydney?" Article on HS about Dons potentially missing Kozzy and Logan McDonald due to their reluctance to trade Danniher to Sydney. Good to be on the other side of these articles for a change.
  11. Are we going with Kozzie, Kozzy or Kossie. Seen the press use them all.
  12. Whoops someone else already posted the PERT link CARRY ON
  13. Bayley has taken 9 marks inside the forward 50 after 2 games. Harsh to give him the boot even if his kicking a little off.
  14. The Agenda for the Council meeting is on the website, I had a quick browse but it's 60 pages long and my local club that i am involved with isn't in City of Yarra. The discount is based on the below Points scale and percentage qualification. Subsidy Level Subsidy Percentage Qualification Subsidy Level 1 50% Allocation Criteria Score between 20 and 29 Subsidy Level 2 60% Allocation Criteria Score between 30 and 49 Subsidy Level 3 70% Allocation Criteria Score between 50 and 69 Subsidy Level 4 80% Allocation Criteria Score between 70+ I'm involved in a local sporting club
  15. Their response says "Currently Yarra sporting clubs contributed an average of less than three per cent to the cost of running and maintaining grounds and facilities The changes to fees and charges still place Yarra at the lower end when compared to what other Councils charge." Would be helpful for the council to present some case studies to show how the subsidies/discounts would apply to current clubs, otherwise the information coming from both sides is not exactly painting the clearest picture. City of Yarra have debt, they're leasing out grounds/venue at lower rate compared to othe
  16. Yep, A lot of names here coming OOC, some seem surplus to requirements - uncertain if theyd be on big coin but you'd need to replace them for numbers. Main List: Baker/Bedford/Hore/Jetta/Jones/Lochart/Hibbered/ANB/Oliver/Salem/J Smith/Vandenberg/Weideman Rookies: M Brown/K Chandler/M Daw/J Jordon/A Nietschke/D Smith/A Bradke.
  17. It's stuck behind a paywall and i haven't read it but there was an article yesterday on the HS called "Goodwin’s band of brothers not easybeats most thought" which is about exciting youngsters and some axed players producing the goods early in 2021 (McDonald, Jetta, ANB, Hunt, Tomlinson). Reasonably happy with our bottom 6 given we're 2-0 and dealing with some injuries etc.
  18. It is a shame this thread has gotten sidetracked. Anything that promotes mental health illness/support/treatmewnt/awareness and advocates more discussion surrounding the topic should long continue. The AFL previously had a Beyond Blue round, but uncertain if that is a thing anymore?
  19. With Petracca's kick after the siren it was deemed play on as he deviated from his line. Hopefully there is some consistency here with Franklin.
  20. So far these injuries not as bad as "feared" Sam Menegola (Geelong) - AC Joint Jack Silvani (Carlton) - shoulder subluxation Nick Vlastuin (Richmond) - Corked Knee
  21. Reckon 95% of people would have had Rowell winning it this year. Will he able to do it in half a season?
  22. Maybe they want to keep the Saints guessing for as long as possible. Not the end of the world is it?
  23. Also GA Level 3, Nervous about this game (as going with 2 Saints fans). Glad to get around Spud's Game initiative also.
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