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  1. would have been a shame for him to kick on at another club still has a battle on his hands to crack the 22 but good back up. Hopefully he can do a Tmac
  2. My alarm in the morning. Jokes aside talk of Baily Smith's hair as my hair is slowly leaving me aha
  3. also just a Disclaimer: I only have 1 close mate that goes for Melbourne and he lives regionally so I go to most games by myself (or with opposition fans). Obviously those with family connections will be more disheartened than me than having to watch alone or without friend/family etc. I also would not have gone to the parade, as I do not care for that kind of thing.
  4. Hopefully we are up and about the next few years, would be nice to see the drought breaking event, but if it happens this year, it is what it is. To me, at the end of the day it comes down to the following (if we win); The Fear of Melbourne not winning a Grand Final in my lifetime is greater than the fear of not witnessing a Melbourne Grand final win live/in person.
  5. So it's not just the fans soiling themselves before the big game.
  6. I'm not against all players who played a game getting a medal but feel the AFL view it as too special and won't do it. Instead they should make a different colour/shape medal for players not involved/injured. So there is some distinction, the ones on GF still remain sacrosanct but other players get some form of recognition.
  7. Imagine the new three year deal may stretch some of his 2022 salary out a little?
  8. https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/1017557/mcdonald-signs-new-deal MELBOURNE forward Tom McDonald has signed a new contract extension that will see him remain a Demon until at least the end of 2024.
  9. Still to this day I have not watched the last quarter of the 2000 GF Managed to get through the entire 2018 Prelim, guess that was due to alcohol though aha.
  10. Harsh for JJ but think this should be the way to go.
  11. I like Melky but if he can get more playing time elsewhere then he should go for it. Obviously good signs for Laurie, perhaps with Petty developing well the club think Tomlinson capable of playing both ends?
  12. Have 2000's record, hopefully this year's edition brings nicer memories.
  13. Sounds like a regular weekend for me then
  14. Easiest thing for the AFL would be to have a Premiership Medallion, and then a different colour/or design for players who played during the season or were injured and missed the GF. It's recognition but still keeps the "importance" of the Premiership Medallion, certain people view that as sacrosanct so don't see it changing.
  15. A warrior who bled red and blue. Happy he got to the 300 mark with a full crowd and a win. Sad he can't be at the ground on Saturday but fully understandable and correct decision to be with his family. Looking forward honoring him somehow in 2022.
  16. In the event that the good thing happens (I am too afraid to type), what will you be drinking post game to celebrate? I need to buy a bottle champagne in the build up.
  17. Is it too late to nominate Natalie Portman
  18. Feel sad for anyone watching the game alone, I will not be watching the game alone, I will watching with 2 cats. Until I start yelling at the TV - then I will be watching alone.
  19. ATTN USERS WHO SIGNED UP FOR GF TICKETS I joined the site in 2018 in part fear of potentially missing GF tickets (Alas we all know what happened there). Demonland is a great site with healthy debate, helpful information and passionate discussions that go for pages about whether or Goodwin is indeed the right guy or not. Do Stick around. I'm glad I did ATTN EVERYONE ELSE Happy to see many Demonlanders ending up with tickets, good to see other users helping out with barcodes too. Now I'll try not open this thread again as it'll just remind me I won't be there aha.
  20. I'd rather the focus be on the Demon rather than featuring the opposition, guess it's just sort of mirroring this classic.
  21. Agreeing with a lot of comments, think Hibberd may be lucky and be retained. Expect a battle between Hunt & JJ for the MediSub which will be quite cruel on them both. Things can happen at training though, got lots of training to get through first.
  22. All for supporting our sponsors but the North Melbourne Mazda member offer is more my limit aha
  23. The GF Kit photos just made me think of Jaguar and how they stuck with us, which surprised me somewhat. Definitely a good gamble on their behalf
  24. Is that Easton Wood playing for both teams!
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