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  1. Its been steadily raining here in Bendigo all day. What are the conditions going to be like at the 'G' tonight?
  2. I am not a BBB hater, but my issue with Ben is he doesn't really provide us with any other options apart from mark, kick etc. He is too frequently outmarked and unable to bring the ball to ground, his forward pressure, chasing etc is almost non-existent, he can only play one position, and at times, he is diabolical in terms of output. He is yet to kick a bag for us. If Turner gets a go, at the very least he will provide us with an improved contest and increased forward pressure. Yes, BBB has been good at times, but moving forward we need improvement in the areas he is deficient. Lets give Turner a go.
  3. You haven't covered the elephant in the room. May & Lever
  4. All I can do is tell you exactly what the actual player said when I asked him if he was playing against Richmond. He then again stated it to the assembled group at a function.
  5. I spoke to Clarry last night. Said he is a stone cold certainty to play.
  6. Give every putt early and nothing late.
  7. I’m surprised Sestan wasn’t named in the best. I thought he was fantastic.
  8. I get the feeling training is over, footys getting signed and handed out, autographs, photos, nothing special, only news is Viney not training. No rehab, all players in attendance trained fully. Trac finished session with no strapping. McAdam and Melk doing extra. Tholstrup is big enough to play AFL already!! May still showing signs of discomfort .
  9. Team doing full ground movement drill, 16 vs 12, everyone involved, moving ball out of backline, seems to be more about finding open player, no contest, every player involved, doesn’t seem to be any issues with injuries. Concentrating on running in waves, which the opposition seemed to do to us a lot last year.
  10. Trac has strapping above right knee, seems to be moving ok.
  11. At this stage, there is no rehabilitation group. All players participating in full drills.
  12. 28 players in warm ups, No Marty Hore. All players in boots. Chin right knee strapped. BBB left knee strapped. All players in boots, Melk joining full training. May in with group. No rehab group.
  13. I was actually really disappointed that I knew this was a prank. I'm retired, I definitely would have gone!!
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