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  1. Made one really bad mistake, but other than that was ok
  2. Jackson has been ready sooner than expected, hence brown has not been needed, ...so far
  3. 6 Petracca 5 Lever 4 Brayshaw 3 Jackson 2 Oliver 1 Kossie
  4. We looked the vastly superior team all night, including the first quarter an excellent finish to the weekend Go Dees
  5. I agree, amazing self control by Max. I would have belted the little sh*t
  6. Oliver May Viney Weids Petracca Langdon plus a very good last quarter by Brayshaw
  7. Forward of centre- continues to underwhelm
  8. Great, sounds intriguing. Look forward to hearing from Adrian
  9. 6- Viney 5- Salem 4- May 3- Petracca 2- Langdon 1- Hibbard
  10. Viney was immense. We should have won, but for the missed set shots and Harley’s. We are a whole lot better than we looked after round 4, which is a reason to be cheerful
  11. We would been good company for each other last night LH, my thoughts precisely
  12. Mine not quite, had to scrounge my husband’s hotspot
  13. Solution- sound down, radio up
  14. Why are the Hawks coaches wearing gws colours?
  15. hope you’re embarrassed clarrie, that last effort was arrogant
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