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  1. Agree, it popped up in my podcast feed this week and I ignored it. Used to tune in regularly. Who dose it appeal to? Their teammates?
  2. My 18 year old daughter receiving the “adult” membership pack, for the first time, complained there was no pencil case and face paint!
  3. He’s a zealot, but a talented and well meaning one. I suspect his approach will be like a breath of fresh air to our players and an antidote to the calmness of Goodwin. However that unique approach probably loses it’s novelty after a few years and then, it seems, is when other clubs have moved him on.
  4. Probably recommended him to Essendon connections for the job, certainly number 1 referee
  5. No one ‘deserves’ a flag. Teams win flags
  6. Now Richmond need to spend another 30 years at the bottom of the ladder
  7. Dusty is a star, keeps head down and just plays footy.
  8. Just read in fin review that Fahour spent 2.5 million on employee gifts - Enjoying the London olympics
  9. Great rainy day Saturday morning reading. Thanks to all contributors
  10. Triple “like” this post!
  11. I assume (bloody hope) that Bartlett has done appropriate due diligence and can see tangible benefits of Brad Green joining the board
  12. Not in his final season with us. He gave nothing, he had already gone
  13. Don’t often agree with you gourmet chicken, but yes, it would have been a PR disaster if he had left
  14. Why do so many key players want to go there? Williams, Saad and apparently Oliver, what’s the attraction?
  15. I'm in a gloomy mood, much like the weather here in lovely Melbourne. Reasons: (in no particular order) 1. 15 new Covid cases today 2. Trump appearing to recovered unscathed from Covid 3. Oliver wanting to leave the Dees 4. Having no control over any of these factors.
  16. Wondered where Brett had gone, he was great on SEN at trade time, assumed he was another hutchy cast off.
  17. That’s interesting. Also the fact that he played so few games and wasn’t picked in the second half of the season, pinpoint to what must be real concern about his footy.
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