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  1. Richardson has earring hi money for the year by helping us with our narrow win against the saints, he’s sitting back now
  2. Just popped in to see the carnage and I agree with absolutely everything that has been said
  3. 6 May 5 Petracca 4 Langdon 3 Salem 2 Oliver 1 Tomlinson
  4. Massive complaining about lack of defensive effort from forwards, Fritsch out. St Kilda plays a tall forward line, Omac in. Worries that we’re not resting enough players, Lockhart - young player- out. Endless complaints about tmac, -dropped. Bemoaning - why isn’t Brown getting a game? Brown selected. Wagner has his playing career on the line, he will play the game of his life. Jones at the end of his, a proud man, will play out of his skin. Hold the negativity until we lose Demonlanders. Dees by 15
  5. Agree, plus kossie needs a rest, as does AVB- lot of footy on that dodgy foot. AFD for me
  6. I agree with Viney spending time forward. Yesterday particularly it needed his tackling pressure, with the other medium/small forwards being totally ineffective in stopping the rapid exits from our F 50.
  7. I hope you are right, Bid red. What I saw is beveridge changed things up at halftime, resulting in a match winning 3rd quarter. Goodwin on the other hand, had no move that countered their momentum, nor did our leaders on the ground.
  8. This is interesting. Genuine question, if one midfield move won’t have an effect, how come beveridge’s move of Bruce into the ruck in the third, proved to be the difference. And, if that wasn’t the difference, what was the Bevo move that did make it? Our midfield work rate wasn’t fantastic in Q2 but it was ok.
  9. ultimately it’s up to him, but I wouldn’t put money on it
  10. I agree Damo, why not mix those tap outs up a bit, every so often, smash it towards our goals?
  11. Crazy game for a Friday night, particularly how we’ve been deprived of football since Monday night 😀
  12. No, there’s reasons why he hasn’t been doing well. let it be
  13. Oh they’re into fake news now, are they
  14. Check this out, Hardwick’s response to criticism of tom lynch by David Schwarz https://wwos.nine.com.au/afl/tom-lynch-drama-gets-personal-as-richmond-coach-damien-hardwick-hits-back-at-david-schwarz-criticism/34108234-50cb-4e74-a9f0-e0e1886c4c3d I’ve held Hardwick in some esteem for his efforts with the tigers, but these remarks display, at the end of the day, a fragile ego and a nasty streak. Smugly sniggering at a football player showing emotion. Great message for the kids d***head. Didn’t realise there was already a thread on this. You guys are all over it!
  15. If you go down this path, you’ll drive yourself mad. The AFL fixture is always based on maximising revenue, with equity coming a very distant second. Given the logistic complexity, and whatever agenda Gil’s driving this year, I really think goody’s advice of “whoever, where-ever, whenever ” is the most peaceful place to be.
  16. Without much media attention and minimal fuss, the “level playing field” of the modern game is being dug up and becoming less and less transparent
  17. Bucks is referred to as “No flags Nathan”
  18. Stage 4 lockdown, somehow not feeling so bad tonight
  19. Made one really bad mistake, but other than that was ok
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