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  1. Exactly. Generally the afl community loves the indigenous players while they weave their magic on the field, but get political like Adam Goodes did on receiving Australian of the year putting voice to the unfortunate truth of inherent racism in Australian society, and he is rising above his station. He made that award a platform for highlighting the plight , the miserable reality for much of the indigenous population of Australia, much like Rosie batty did for domestic violence. Courageous, both of them. im not indigenous, but the reason the booing was happening in those years,
  2. Picket fence, I think you need a hug.
  3. I’m afraid so. I tend to look at the positives, and have thought Oscar too often has been unfairly targeted. Tonight, though he was not up to it, his net effect was negative.
  4. Also josh Mahoney said the passing of brad Green’s wife had affected him significantly
  5. After they had won 3 flags.
  6. Good! mean spirited, I know, but really barracking for Melbourne, surely that’s an excuse
  7. AFL Football wasn’t meant to be for Paddy
  8. Unbelievably disappointing end to our best effort of the season
  9. This is making me sick. We have played better than the eagles, except for our goal kicking. They will win by 2 or 3 goals, with the help of th umpires
  10. How completely predictable, they snap accurately, repeatedly
  11. Still Melbourne supporters are the biggest group of MCC members, about 24%. But MCC don’t play any part in advocating with government on our behalf, that is not their duty. I want to know what pert is doing, I just hope that mfc board and exec are working their backsides off on this
  12. Not in my house Nasher, we are all celebrating the win, awesome 49 seconds! From absolute disgust to absolute elation, quite exhausting really
  13. I’m with you Cassie, I’m surprised at the negativity here, imagine if we had lost! That last 49 seconds showed huge growth with our group, we stole a win, go Dees! Flag’s up 2 weeks in a row
  14. Me too, a very depressing thread. I too hoped there might be some positive news
  15. I read yesterday that Labor have promised them $20 mill
  16. My thoughts at the end of round 6 - good to see the cats win another home game at Pork Barrel Stadium - had the unusual sensation this afternoon of barracking for the Blues - strangely relieved when said Blues lose by less than a goal. Long memories of insufferably arrogant Carlton fans - the Dees back at the bottom of the ladder. Now with expectations gone, can we expect a some flair and flash with our footy?
  17. Oh more good news. Thrilled The pies are getting are well deserved cash injection to upgrade their below par facilities. Me second favourite club after Hawthorn
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