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  1. I agree redleg, the fact that we are 17th will go in gold coast’s favour
  2. True, but I’m glad the board don’t act like supporters or follow the reactive and emotional advice of some
  3. Also, Bartlett “the team needs the support of members and fans now more than ever” it’s easy to rock up when we’re winning (90K at the G in 2 finals last year), not easy, but more important to get there when things are going badly. lots on here vowing not to buy memberships next year, equally I know (like me and my scarred kids), turned up week after week during those long dark days. Keep the faith and be strong!
  4. Bartlett, In response to our poor performance and the position we now find ourselves in, quote: “we are not going to be reactive and emotional “ unlike demonland
  5. It would be an unmitigated disaster for the club to sack Goodwin at this stage. This time next year if we are at the same level, then action should be considered. Of course if our season is anything like as bad as this one, he will go a lot sooner, as media and supporters will be relentless in their demand for it. Just remember our recent history with the strategy of sacking coaches. Let’s not go back there. Goodwin’s appointment was a slow and carefully considered one, there was no time pressure. He then served a 3 year apprenticeship under guru Roos. We narrowly missed the 8 in 20
  6. I feeling really down after that. Normally I’m on the optimistic side but now I really worry for next year and Goodwin. Neither is looking promising
  7. Eliminate west coast from the afl
  8. I have a new respect and admiration for Robbo, something I never thought would be happen!
  9. Powerful viewing. Shame those that should have watched, probably didn’t
  10. I heard this too, and while I don’t think we’ll trade him, it was nice to think, that for once, we brought in a player cheaply that could have a high trade value
  11. Thanks Percy, a very enjoyable read. I hope you dust of the old underwood more often
  12. Great initiative thanks Andy
  13. Very amusing mr onion. And yes M Hore is not bad at all
  14. Oh thank you LH, exactly what I was going to say.
  15. So... did Goody have anything else to say?
  16. No not an opportunity missed, but a courageous speech which spoke to the essence of the experience of indigenous Australians since Cook hoisted that flag.
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