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  1. Channel 7 “news” is a contradiction in terms.
  2. Jayden hunt fractured finger the west Australian
  3. No they said it was sustained at training today. If it was someone important , it would be out by now, fingers crossed
  4. Just reported, details “coming up” ADMIN EDIT: ANB Suspected Corked Calf Reported by Channel 7 after vision emerged of his calf being strapped.
  5. Surely ch 7 can do better than James brayshaw
  6. GWS have good hair styling skills
  7. Some great acting by both sides, worthy of BAFTA nominations
  8. Have you heard Adam Tomlinson?
  9. Now I’m getting worried about playing Port… MFCSS?
  10. Good on you Hawkins you legend 🤮
  11. I’ve turned off ch 7 commentary, it really is unbearable. Bradshaw following is usual stupid script. abc not delayed Meanwhile Port’s pressure not good enough
  12. Great idea, good luck Skuit, hope it comes off!
  13. And long may it continue
  14. That’s a hilarious story WCW, also I assumed all this time, you were a bloke! I was also born the year of our last flag, and was 94 days old
  15. You can bring the az forward don’t have to wait the 12 weeks. Academic though, there is no way Vic will get numbers down in time. 80 cases today. 👎
  16. The age real footy podcast doesn’t waste too much time talking about the Dees
  17. Michael Gleeson, wasn’t it?
  18. Love it Doug, look forward to the update. I was able to smile at the last frame, knowing the story of 2021 so far. great music.
  19. I understand that newcomers will not understand our experience of enduring disappointment for 57 years; but whatever, everyone’s welcome. It is, however, sweeter for those of us who have suffered the most.
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