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  1. I'm in a gloomy mood, much like the weather here in lovely Melbourne. Reasons: (in no particular order) 1. 15 new Covid cases today 2. Trump appearing to recovered unscathed from Covid 3. Oliver wanting to leave the Dees 4. Having no control over any of these factors.
  2. Wondered where Brett had gone, he was great on SEN at trade time, assumed he was another hutchy cast off.
  3. That’s interesting. Also the fact that he played so few games and wasn’t picked in the second half of the season, pinpoint to what must be real concern about his footy.
  4. I've been saying it for years too Rod! An alternative to your solution is for free agents not allowed to be traded to teams having finished in the top 4, or a team that has won the flag in the last 5 years or similar. Players' Association wouldn't have a bar of it though.
  5. Wake me up when there’s a decision please
  6. You would think he would want to hang around at Freo, coach seems to know what he is doing and the future looks bright. The Dees , on the other hand...
  7. GWS don't like getting their hands dirty
  8. bit off topic, but my husband is a carlton supporter (not committed), says that no carlton player has obvious tatts. Can anyone help me prove him wrong?
  9. it's all over, saints will win, umps on their side
  10. Don't get it. Don't they (us, God willing) have to travel to Perth?
  11. yeah, good point Ed. But as it's a good idea, it's one that the AFL will ignore
  12. The main reason, I don't want him to go, is that Geelong get exactly what they need to replace their A grade inside mid, Selwood, without having to spend even 5 minutes outside the 8. I can't stand that club
  13. McClure and Matt Clinch we’re talking about this on the abc sat afternoon? How the tap out by ruckmen is ineffective and does not result in a clearance. Why don’t they occasionally just bash the ball towards F50?
  14. Loved how Oskar Baker took control of his destiny. Hard to delist after that performance
  15. Sounds like a good find CHF, lovely Syrah in that part of the world too.
  16. Exactly. She’s stirring trouble. Past players; influential, big donor supporters; MFC supporting MCC board members past and present; all unhappy with the current performance of the Demons? Really? What a surprise? Hey Steve Smith, mfc past player and recent past president of the MCC, successful lawyer; how about you run for president? Yeah but no, I’m too busy with my law practice. Let that loser Bartlett work through this bad patch. This is sh*t stirring with a capital S!
  17. When I first saw the topic, I thought - here we go- and pretty much that sums it up. Can you imagine if we had culturally stuffed up like richmond has, Caro would be front page everyday. We are a soft target; underperforming and unsurprisingly subject to coach, football dept and board murmurings
  18. I have no doubt that Pert has a crystal clear view on the risk of retaining Goodwin and he was never going to share that view with the Deebrief or any any media for that matter. He and the board are in regular contact, the increasing damage being done to membership and sponsorship are being weighed up against stability and keeping faith with the plan. In my opinion, Goodwin will stay but assistants will be shuffled in and out. 2021 will be the test. good interview and well done to the deebrief boys.
  19. Jennings also criticised Goodwin’s tactics against freo. Having Fritsch play as a man extra behind the ball, should have been abandoned once it started to rain, 5 minutes into the first quarter, for a man on man game. This wasn’t done until halfway thru the last quarter, when goody suddenly showed some emotion and urgency, as did his players. Melb are trying to play a game plan that relies on great skills, not Melbourne’s strength. He was pretty clear that their are clear flaws in strategy and game plan. We have 6 million to spend on our footy department and we need to have a lose look at h
  20. Well that’s just excellent, Carlton win. Last time I looked swans were belting them. They’ll end up higher than us on the ladder. Good on you MFC
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