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  1. Yes it was an interesting interview, thank you DL. I was impressed to hear him talk so passionately about our history and in that context, indignation that in the MCG precinct, there is no visual indication of the existence of MFC. collingwood can carry on all they like, but the MCG area is not their history or spiritual home. We need to exploit the fact that it IS ours. On the selection of Pert as ceo, the agenda for the position was to deliver a home base within walking distance of the G and grow membership base. Pert clearly would have been the better qualified and experienced ca
  2. I agree with you spalding. I suggest after a loss have a “Vent” thread and another for analysis of the game. Reading all that “sack the coach”, moaning and groaning is very boring.
  3. I agree with a lot of this. I’m worried too. We have a very good list, not great, but very very good. Imagine what Clarkson would do with it.
  4. Melbourne still have to prove to themselves as much as the football public how capable they are. On raw talent they're up there with anyone, but until they start doing it consistently, the question mark will (and should) remain. fair comment
  5. I can’t believe this conversation
  6. Fair enough Kennett, but give us all a decade or 2 of an uncompromised draw ; every team playing each once, with home venue alternated each year. The rationale behind the current inequitable draw, is that the huge cash that results from it, will in part be distributed to the clubs that that are disadvantaged by the draw. It’s illogical to suddenly draw a line under this era and suddenly evict clubs that have systematically been unable to build financially.
  7. Actually, someone mentioned Luke hodge is on ch 7, and C. Ling on abc radio, a demotion, surely
  8. It’s Been good listening on the radio today, (solid day in the garden), can hear the players, commentary not trying to become stars of the show. Well on the abc anyway.
  9. Brisbane big winners, Dees the opposite
  10. I’ve said here before, Jack and Col visit my son at royal children’s one year. They were amazing!
  11. KLV


    Kent was a party boy. Other reasons came into play.
  12. So true, they got Patton and Scully for basically nothing, but really, nothing is for free. Sorry Hawks, maybe you need to do your rebuild the traditional way and experience some pain of being rubbish. Enjoy seeing your supporters lose interest.
  13. Good form tonight jaded 😀
  14. How lucky you were. I was at the prelim, and had the complete opposite experience to you.
  15. Brilliant, evocative photos, great effort- thanks 666
  16. Doesn’t necessarily mean Viney is not co-captain, I don’t know that.
  17. Just heard, Max is captain 2020. confirmed
  18. Be good when this fashion of bad facial hair ends
  19. Listening to the interview this morning, I gained more of an appreciation of what went on within the 4 walls of the club this year. “Players doubting the game plan”, “players losing confidence”, “players questioning the football department ‘s whole strategy” Meanwhile, Goodwin a young coach is worried about the team’s ability to get it together at round 3. As the year progresses, he’s needing to keep the faith, the motivation and belief of the players, publicly provide explanations for every loss, and cop un-censored criticism from traditional media and of course social media, of which, w
  20. Not least of whom was the person responsible for the cowardly attack on Oscar McDonald. Very poor form.
  21. KLV

    Jack Martin

    Another reason to despise that smelly club
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