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  1. I thought you were talking about Darren Jolly
  2. I agree, I doubt he’s really ready, training would have had an impact on recovery
  3. Bulldogs-team of the mullet
  4. Idk- don’t think the giants are that good, Toby greene excepted
  5. Be surprised, due to our 6 day break and their 9 days. but very happy, and in for a noisy celebration in Stumps
  6. We lived in the USA in the 90s and went to the baseball a lot (Oakland As), -there was this incessant‘entertainment’ in every break, no matter how short. We pined for AFL matches where the game was allowed to be centre stage. the AFL seem intent on imitating every nuance from American sport, without judgment on whether it’s actually it’s worthwhile. it’s like that [censored] Craig Hutchinson is running the place.
  7. I’m listening to abc Carlton v PA. My thoughts- Brendan Goddard is a miserable [email protected]
  8. According to Matthew Scarlett, Cameron will be back next week.
  9. We were sitting front row or 2 at the saints game that year. It was such a great, happy start to the season. We called big Max over as the team ran around high five-ing the crowd after the game, and took a photo of him giving my Mum a cuddle. I’d post it but it might out me 😎
  10. Love that he’s on fire, but making me extremely uncomfortable
  11. Simon, why didn’t we try him as a forward???
  12. Agree, it popped up in my podcast feed this week and I ignored it. Used to tune in regularly. Who dose it appeal to? Their teammates?
  13. My 18 year old daughter receiving the “adult” membership pack, for the first time, complained there was no pencil case and face paint!
  14. He’s a zealot, but a talented and well meaning one. I suspect his approach will be like a breath of fresh air to our players and an antidote to the calmness of Goodwin. However that unique approach probably loses it’s novelty after a few years and then, it seems, is when other clubs have moved him on.
  15. Probably recommended him to Essendon connections for the job, certainly number 1 referee
  16. No one ‘deserves’ a flag. Teams win flags
  17. Now Richmond need to spend another 30 years at the bottom of the ladder
  18. Dusty is a star, keeps head down and just plays footy.
  19. Just read in fin review that Fahour spent 2.5 million on employee gifts - Enjoying the London olympics
  20. Great rainy day Saturday morning reading. Thanks to all contributors
  21. Triple “like” this post!
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