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  1. Poor bastar*. He’s sent to the other side of the country to earn a buck (or 400,000 of them), and has to feign interest in their vile fan base. We know you’re there under sufferance Jayden. You’ll always be a Dee to me
  2. Oh that’s so sad wcw, I hope you gave him a little cuddle
  3. Agree totally, very sad face
  4. While we’re waiting, I saw the Bowie movie a couple of nights ago. What an amazing artist and innovator
  5. Sucked in on day 1 of trade radio and heard the genius Brenton Sanderson give his take on how Grundy gets to us and Jackson to Freo. Pick 13 from Freo to Melbourne for Jackson Ontrade pick 13 to Collingwood for Grundy. And… he suggested pies may need something more from us, like second rounder or a player eg: Weids!!! to cap off his work, he says he can’t see how Grundy improves Melbourne. FFS
  6. Wake me up when a trade actually happens
  7. Correct, he’s looking very promising, except he’s another bloody western Australian
  8. Paddy McCartin, 5 years at the saints and 8 concussions, out of the game, career finished. I want the swans to win for him. (And cos I really loathe Geelong and their self satisfied, smug coach)
  9. Agree Diamond, this was merely an attempt to understand the reaction from Clarkson et al
  10. I completely agree, this is my opinion of what happened from Clarkson, Fagan, etc. I’m NOT sanctioning the actions of them at all
  11. I suspect the coaches believed they were doing the right thing by the players, hence the strident denial by those named. However, the advice, counsel, whatever you call it it, was given in 1. the ultra competitive environment of an afl team with a winning expectation, and 2. from a white man’s perspective. it is a sign of our growing maturity as a country that we are beginning to understand the indigenous experience of our white assumptions and “good intentions”. This independent investigation, with indigenous representation, is a good thing. Hopefully the truth it uncovers helps us in the white community to understand and learn.
  13. I met him a couple of times too and I agree he was a decent enough bloke, but he’s got a problem with letting go of his bruised ego
  14. Really glad I braved the conditions, rejecting the temptation to stay in front of the fire and watch it on the telly, to see Casey win the flag. Well done boys! Weeds looking good, milkshake classy and JVR, Turner, woewodin, and Laurie, promising. We were among Southport supporters, who despite being unprepared for the artic conditions were great barrackers- passionate and mostly knowledgeable.
  15. To make it hurt more and cement resolve for 2023
  16. Geelong fans booing like the best from Essendon and WCE
  17. Hope our players are watching
  18. Agree, it’s [censored]ing embarrassing we were beaten by Brisbane last week
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