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  1. Just watched on the couch. I think Lyon represents the supporters views really well. In response to the Goodwin presser, he says - the supporters don’t want to be told we need to be a ruthless, uncompromising club, we want to know at round 16, why we are not and what you’re going to do about it.
  2. Its easy to make a difference bringing a club from the bottom to being mediocre, but a lot more difficult to progress to being a consistent, good team. Ask Carlton, Essendon, freo, St Kilda fans. Throwing out the coach without a plan of correcting what’s wrong is a waste of time, the problem isn’t just Goodwin. Even though he is part of it.
  3. Before anyone is sacked, a thorough independent review of football department is needed. Otherwise we’ll be here watching the whole thing on repeat in 3 years. Im confident Bartlett and Pert won’t be sitting back.
  4. Why does, whoever the opposing team is, clear the ball from our F50 so easily, then spread to our unmanned wing delivering it into their f50 with a series of uncontested marks. The Dees conversely struggle to clear if from our d50, kicking it to a contest on the congested wing usually losing possession. If we win the ball, we expend maximum energy doing so. Just seems an obvious flawed strategy. Can someone explain please?
  5. Yeah, not all of them though. Trac, Viney, Oliver were fantastic.
  6. Good win doggies, if the Dees are good enough, we’ll make it to the 8, but as we all know, we are not.
  7. No, but I think that Rhys Shaw looks like an alien.
  8. KLV

    Ben Gibson

    Just watched the interview. Max said he doesn’t really watch the ladder- really? Why not? Are you just looking at yourselves in your little MFC bubble? pretty disappointing
  9. Just watched Goodwin’s presser, every week, he relates what happened (we know, we were watching) but gives no explanation about why and either what could have been done to prevent the devastating loss or what was the difference in the win. It tells us nothing. and I’m fixated on the left leg scratch, tonight he tried very hard to try alternatives, like scratching his head. really, who would be a senior coach?
  10. Really? Is that all he came up with? Were any hard questions asked? Like, why does Melbourne fail continually to play consistently from week to week? How come the players put in extra effort for 10 minutes but not for the rest?
  11. GWS are giving their mums and dads (no fans) are difficult night too. You would have to question Leon Cameron, and whoever their goal kicking coach is. How many points have been kicked???
  12. I said this in the game day thread as well. When Buckley was struggling, Pert brought him an elite support group. He needs to do that now for Goodwin
  13. First of all wise, e hug straight back to you, we are all needing a bit of comforting atm. second, Wise you maybe missed the final brain fade of Langdon, resulting in a final swans goal, and his missed set shot from not much out, I think he undid a lot of his good by those mistakes. Meanwhile, I don’t think a few ins and out here and there for us, would have made any difference at all. The problem is coaching. Longmuir came in with a premeditated plan to negate our strengths and expose our weaknesses, while clearly selling the plan to his players, who again clearly trust and w
  14. Apart from the Covid numbers not going down fast enough (really, who the hell is getting this thing now? I can’t see how you can possibly contract anything under stage 4, and haven’t the health settings got their sh*t together yet to protect their workers?) and my Dees confirming their position as the AFL’s laughing stock, it’s been a great day.
  15. You’re obviously watching him, he’s had plenty of mates
  16. We didn’t deserve to win, papely has made it out of desperate pathetic reach
  17. That’s right May can be our full back and our full forward No one else seems able to take a mark or kick a frigging goal
  18. I’m going for the Giants for the flag, no one can go to the GF and they’ve got no fans, so works well
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