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  1. At the time Frawley was a big loss, despite him not bothering too much in his last season. losing him to Hawthorn and rivers to the cats, demonstrated very clearly the flaws of free agency. Top teams raiding the bottom ones. It stunk (still not over it, it would seem!)
  2. Agree with both. It is so predictable. There is a bye weekend and journos have to continue churning out the same volume of content as any other week. This is a gigantic headline with a very insignificant story behind it. As others have said, MFC would have presented a bad financial loss, and predicted another for next year. That would probably be it. Demonland, stop reacting to this pathetic attempt for relevance, by this pathetic man.
  3. Do you actually like anything about the club?
  4. Tom Browne said it on talking footy, would he know?
  5. Ok I did that, and I guess the premise Leoncelli 36 presents is plausible. I have no insight to his rating within the club for his captaincy, but do with his public persona. He is uninspiring and of limited intellectual capacity; embarrassing. I can only imagine what the likes of Tom McDonald think
  6. So it’s jack Viney and probably Todd as well...
  7. I’m glad J Cameron wins the Coleman. Ben brown was well beaten today
  8. I reckon they will in Adelaide. Infuriating performance this season, same with The crows
  9. Yeah, but from a crazy low base. Totally different dynamic with Goodwin As one of the “happy clappers”, I’m prepared to give Goodwin half of next season. He needs to show the group is playing for him and we are on the right path, finals or not, we need to win more than we lose. If he is unable to do that, then yeah, get rid of him. but to react on the back of this season and sack the coach, is just stupid. He got that team- young, inexperienced and with gaping deficits in key defence, into a preliminary final last year in the off season the club did what all of us and the gen
  10. Umm I think I spoke too soon...
  11. Looks like the Teague train may have reached its final destination
  12. I think a lot of people have that implant already. I saw most of them at the finals games last year.
  13. GWS are woeful, first tip for the weekend wrong
  14. True, but his pregame stuff is carefully worded. He uses the media to his and Hawthorn’s advantage, most of them inc Goodwin just aim to complete their duty saying as little as possible
  15. Did he though? Clarkson is the master of spin
  16. I know we are all supporters, members, fans whatever, and this season has been really hard, but the angst Goodwin’s media causes on DL really is unnecessary. The AFL community, whether it player, coach, club or head office carefully manage their message. It represents little of what is actually happening. Same with team selection, for example Preuss not being selected for most of the year had many on here yelling for goodwin’s sacking or worse, many pages on various threads were devoted to the subject. When Preuss was eventually selected, he showed manifestly that he is not ready.
  17. Rationale is... we’ll realistically end up with one of them.
  18. If hawthorn get him, he will make a full recovery, recapture his best form, improve some and be the 2020 Coleman medallist. If the Dees recruit him, he will be a dud.
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